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  1. dling

    Mozilla Browser

    Good to hear. I wish I could fix the menu color to old default.
  2. dling

    Mozilla Browser

    Seems like they kept fixing it until it broke.
  3. dling

    Mozilla Browser

    So when firefox updated it caused the browser menu as well as bookmarks to turn all light grey now. I cant find a way to restore the old look.(blue menu) I have looked in tools/add on and themes/manage themes. All I have is light or dark grey and black options. Any suggestions on haw to fix it ?
  4. I have three devices. All three ca send email. But my phone and deck top are the only ones able to receive. I cant get laptop to receive email. Tired of fighting with it. Any suggestions. Its outlook.
  5. I'm in the same boat. Willing to wait due to the fact that my current pc is fine for now. Hope next year bares cheaper fruits.
  6. Or start for the first time.
  7. MAN!!!!! Was just looking at the available of 3K series of vga cards. Seems their all sold . So I looked at the available of the card I paid 799.00 for at release . The 2080ti. Mine is the nvidia FE. These cards are now retailing for over 2k each if I saw right. If that's the case. What the he11 is going on ? Did I see the prices correctly?
  8. That $hit is too funny. But unfortunately not far from the truth.
  9. dling


    Just looking for location for the moonshiners that need milkweed. cant find them. Thanks.
  10. dling


    Could someone please help me find the 2 moonshiners that needed the milkweed. I dont remember where they are located.
  11. dling


    I plan on getting the game. Although wasn't really a fan of GTA.
  12. dling


    Thanks . The graphics look great in the trailers.
  13. dling

    Steam game Gifts

    My son purchased me a game on steam. I have not accepted it yet. If I decline it will he get his money back or not be charged ?
  14. dling


    Red Dead Redemption 2. What type of game is this. Single or multiplayer ? FPS or not I cant seem to find any good info other then it's pretty.
  15. Merry Christmas too all as well. let's hope 2021 is better.
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