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  1. dling

    Windows 11

    Do notice any performance increase?
  2. dling

    Windows 11

    El_Capitan Quote . "I feel like Windows 11 is going to be pretty bad, but at least Windows 12 will most likely be good! " That,s funny and sad at the same time. It seems to be the way it goes.
  3. So I was wrong. There's still a problem with RDR2 and MSI AB. Makes me angry.
  4. dling

    Windows 11

    I would like to also if theres a performance boost. Other then that win 10 is fine for me.
  5. dling

    Windows 11

    How many of you are planning on the upgrade too win11 ? Just like Christmas,it's coming.
  6. I know. It's sad. I've been a member for a very long time. Seems that computer building has slowed to a crawl. PC's are so much more powerful and last so much longer. There was a time when I would do one too two builds a year. And this is where I came for advice.
  7. Just installed the latest nvidia driver . It fixed the problem. The last update was the problem.
  8. Thanks. It worked for a long time. Not sure if it's the last nvidia driver update . Just know it's broken.
  9. For some reason I cant run MSI afterburner with RDR2 anymore. I have used it for OCing as well as just monitoring temps and FPS. Now the game will not play at all with MSI AB open. Have looked on ling and haven't found any answers. Anyone else having the same problem ? Have the latest nvidia driver as well as MSI version.
  10. Not willing to risk it right now.
  11. https://newonder.shop/product/evga-geforce-rtx-3080-ti-ftw3-ultra-gaming-12gb-gddr6x/ What are the chances of this being legit?
  12. dling

    Mozilla Browser

    Good to hear. I wish I could fix the menu color to old default.
  13. dling

    Mozilla Browser

    Seems like they kept fixing it until it broke.
  14. dling

    Mozilla Browser

    So when firefox updated it caused the browser menu as well as bookmarks to turn all light grey now. I cant find a way to restore the old look.(blue menu) I have looked in tools/add on and themes/manage themes. All I have is light or dark grey and black options. Any suggestions on haw to fix it ?
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