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  1. dling

    Mozilla Browser

    That's a great suggestion. It's certainly worth a try. Not really happy with Chrome. It's the bookmarks or favorites management. Dont like it.
  2. dling

    Mozilla Browser

    I found that Firefox wasn't keeping any of my logins. Its weird. Still works fine on laptop. I was just used to firefox but chrome is fine. Anything other then Microsoft is good.
  3. dling

    Mozilla Browser

    F it. I went with Chrome. All is well.
  4. dling

    Mozilla Browser

    I cant get Mozilla to keep my home page any more. It started with I was getting the Yahoo redirect and did some research . Followed the instructions. Now I cant get it to open back to my chosen home page. It works fine while I have the browser open. When I close it it will open to the yahoo log in page but not to the page that I use when I'm logged in. I have stay logged in in yahoo . It worked for years and still works on lap top. I have compared the laptop setting with desktop and their the same. I'm baffled and frustrated. Any suggestions ?
  5. "Dreadlock holiday" What a great song. 10CC 1977-78 time frame . Wife and I had room booked for 6-19 in 6-23 out at the crown plaza in Santo Domingo. Really hoping we get to go. Man I really need a get-a-way trip.
  6. dling

    sniper elite 3 problem

    So having the problems with SE3 I thought I would try SE2 the remastered version . Not really liking it so much. Can't save game. Can't tag enemy while playing at sniper elite setting . There's a few other things that SE4 has that 2 is missing that I liked about the game. After playing SE4 and liking it a lot going backwards is not that good. The game is very weak. All the thing I liked in SE4 dont exist yet in SE2. I guess it's true,you can not/should not ever go back.
  7. dling

    sniper elite 3 problem

    Computer just crashes and restarts.
  8. Thanks. Hoping to go there this summer. They make some of my favorite cigars. Hoping to bring some back with me.
  9. Has any of you guys been too DR in the past few year's ?I have a few questions about safety.
  10. dling

    sniper elite 3 problem

    Thanks for the reply. Thats good news.
  11. dling

    sniper elite 3 problem

    Well the older driver didnt help. I only get about 30mins of game play before it crashes. I dont understand it. SE4 played without any problems, 3 is a different story.
  12. I was able to play SE4 without any problems. Even played over clked using MSI AB. Now I'm playing Sniper Elite 3 and the game keeps crashing giving me the blue screen of death. I dont understand it. I'm downloading and getting ready to try an older version nvidia driver. I'm not willing to set my system OC back to default o be able to play this game. It took to long to get where I'm at and I dont want to jeopardize what I have.5.2g 24/7 on an I7 8086K proc
  13. dling

    Sniper Elite 4

    I feel addicted .I may play some of the others after this.
  14. dling

    Sniper Elite 4

    Has any of you played this? Just started it yesterday. Your character movements are a bit clunky but the game is over all pretty fun. I really enjoy the slow motion bullet shots showing the target being hit. Got it for 11.99 steam. Good for the money game for those of use who like playing sniper. Back when I plated team fortress two I always played the sniper . Lots of fun.
  15. dling

    COD Modern Wareare

    Didn't play the multiplayer.
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