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  1. I'm not having a problem with Bioshock Infinite , I would probably never switch to Intel anytime soon unless AMD fails (doubt it). Was never a fan with intel and their obsurd prices (2010, when I was choosing a CPU for my Comp). FX 8350 is awesome, having no troubles with it and plus my GPU is fine (lol just got it like 2 months ago.), I can basically play everygame maxed out @ 1080p above 30 fps. So far no regrets
  2. I'll have to look into that, not sure how many cores were being utilized. My bios is currently f8 or 9 lol I'll have to check on it (990fxa ud3)
  3. Anyway..rendering times where good but I did notice that as I was rendering the CPU usage was ~30 - 40 % O.o ....I dont think sony vegas movie studio utilizes all 8 'cores'. Movie studio 11 platinum is 32-bit aye? While rendering 5mins of 720p gamesplay it took 12mins, with my 955 it took i think ~40 mins (dont hold me on that)
  4. Ok guys sorry for the late reply (testing my new 8350 ) anyway from what I've seen temps are a little dodgy (12 C idle :/, using a hyper 212+) but I've seen some improvements in gaming such as a ~5 to 10 fps boost in crysis 3, ~10 in Far cry 3. The 8gb ram helps with my crazy multi-tasking (over 15 tabs open in firefox, sony vegas (not rendering), listening to a music video in WMP, 1 word sheet open, hardware monitor in the background and origin open in the background lol). I'll be doing a rendering test soon (it won't be 100% correct but bare with me). Anyway I'm impressed with the performance of this chip, I now have enough spare parts to build a second comp (phenom 955, 4gb ram, 6770, 160gb HDD ). I don't see why people are so harsh on the FX series (pretty good price/performance). TC out
  5. Got the fx 8350 and 8gb Kingston 1866mhz ram =D ...so excited!!
  6. I imagine that my rendering times would be cut in half? I'm not the biggest fan of overclocking. I probably will pick up an 8350 and 8gb ram today, I'll do some research today
  7. Sorry for my late reply (I had an assignment lol), well my CPU is not OC'ed, I was thinking of picking up 8gb ram tomorrow and an FX 8350, I do render some vids for youtube and play games at 1080p on MAX but some games lag (crysis 3 ). Will I benefit from upgrading my CPU and RAM in these departments? Also does an Athlon X2 250 cpu bottleneck a Radeon 6850? Thanks
  8. Hi all, I have a problem. Should I upgrade my current CPU (Phenom II 955) to a FX 8350? is my 7950 being bottle necked by my Phenom II? If I upgrade my CPU should I see an improvement in FC3, Crysis 3, Bioshock Infinite? If I do upgrade my CPU what CPU cooler do you recommend? (for OCing). Also will I notice an improvement overall in windows? (windows 7) I currently have a 990FXA UD3, 4gb ram (8gb soon), 650w PSU and an Sapphire 7950 Vapor X THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
  9. Personally I would say [email protected]*k off Iphone 5...I just hate how it's so popular, the features aren't even worth the price. Now i would say compare the Lumia 920 and S3. I have my eyes on the Lumia 920 since it has so many good features such as the 1.5GHz Snapdragon Dual core processor and the high res screen, these features are pretty good and this might be a come back for Nokia . I also like the fast booting on Windows Phone...but i'm not a fan of Windows phone but I would give it a go. The S3 seems quite good too...My attention is directed to the Lumia 920. I believe people should give Nokia a chance... Anyways just my opinion
  10. Gaming Desktop: Firefox Study Lappy: Chrome (since I can't install flash or Java) & Firefox Nokia phone --->> Opera Mobile Other laptop: Firefox I Luv Firefox
  11. Apple is trying to "Sue the big players" out of the game.
  12. i doubt he would wanna buy a Nvidia GPU...lets say he is more of the "hey is it a ATi Radeon" guy he barely knew nvidia existed
  13. very nice case! the airflow is good once you installed some more fans, i went with the black and white theme (that is why i bought two fractal design fans), cable management is great. airflow is good enough with the vents no point opening the door
  14. lol. well the whole point of the thread is dedicated to convince him to spend the money on the custom not beats or alienware!!!!!! it was the same friend teehee
  15. oh yeah, the only bad thing about living in australia with a fractal design r3 is the fact that the r3 starts to heat up in summer, but it's defiantly worth it
  16. thank you all! i'am getting the idea of cable management now and i'am planning to buy two noctua fans for the front...now all i need is the piledriver cpu (since i bought a 990FXA Chipset Mobo) and a 7850 or 7870
  17. beats are good looking but are they comfy, on friday my friend told me he wanted to buy beats instead of the comp, and i was like *rolling eyes*
  18. my friend has a sennhiser headset which i think you can remove the ear pieces, good sound. well i have plantronics 367...i think. well they a really good for gaming and songs, i can literally hear everything that you are meant to hear in a game eg. footsteps, and songs, i had to adjust the bass to get it going really good headset for $40
  19. hey guys!!!! i forgot to tell you guys that i got the fractal design R3 USB 3.0, 2 months ago i bought it. of course i chose the right colour titanium grey heres a pic, tell me what you think thanks
  20. people are paying $500 for a headset? i know it has great bass. but anyway.
  21. well hope my pc lasts longer than that, that is amazing. New build looks nice
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