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  1. Avast! + Malwarebytes for me!!!
  2. BF3, Crysis 2 and Skyrim, most entertaining games of 2011. MW3 sucked and so did dead island...
  3. would you say the corsair 400r is better???
  4. i think you should wait for the radeon 7000 series, because it would have a smaller fabrication which would mean it would use less power and run faster...
  5. contacted the place of purchase and they told me to bring it in
  6. i used crystal disk info and it said caution, current pending sector count =current: 98 = worst:98 WTF??? HELP!!!
  7. i didn't mean it like that, its just when i visited blogs and forums they said the 6850 would barely play it
  8. ohhh, did you have to fill a form and reason or something for RMA
  9. no oc, do you reckon i could even go to high?, i cant run crysis 2 on the max but i can play it on extreme with the DX11 + High Res Texture pack
  10. hey....do you think i could send Samsung a message about the HDD, what would i say??? and just note i love you guys from sweden
  11. hi, after the past few months or so my F3 1tb slowed down! i would run windows normally and when the HDD activity light is just on for ages i cant open file explorer or any app, it would usually just take a long time and load when the light goes off WTF????????????? sometimes windows would not respond and i would have to forcefully reset please help!!! please explain what i can do and what the issue is feel free to add suggestions i wanted to purchase a new HDD but LOOK at the prices
  12. hi guys, i just want a simple answer on wheter or not my system can play BF3 as i will be recieving it next week, AMD phenom II X4 955 gigabyte 6850 4gb ram 1280x1024 Res what settings? THANK YOU SOO MUCH
  13. AVAST! + Malwarebytes= Best COMBO! seriously, never had an infection!
  14. but there are many crysis 2 gameplay vids, is there a way to make it stand out?
  15. i will be playing bf3 multiplayer soon! QuikQuestion how would i play BF3 on 2 PC's (not at the same time) without uninstalling? how many times can you install BF3? THANX
  16. dont worry you are getting one of the best prices on the market (un-like EB) Revelations is now 38.99 i wanted to preorder RAGE but didn't have the chance and the price just increased by $10 enter your email when the product is out of stock, i think it makes them restock (i dont know, but when i do it, it usually becomes 'Instock' after a week)
  17. hey, i just preoredered BF3 a week ago from ozgameshop and it was $52 AUD but now it's 59 AUD. you should preorder its cheaper still waiting for BF3
  18. hi will Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 work on my win7 64bit PC? i want to make more youtube vids and really enjoy Vegas so will it work and which video editing software is better Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 or PowerDirector 9 Ultra 64 Edition? Thanks
  19. wow, great! i thought 18mins was way to long thanks
  20. STALKER, Great game, but so is Crysis 2. yeah my vids are sort of walkthroughs but i tried to make them gameplay, but still i hope they get a lot of views n=because they are big (in size - 1.97gb all)
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