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What's The Fastest You've Ever Gone?


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How fast have you guys gone? List your top speed, vehicle, and level of modification. Don't tell us where. We're all going to assume it was somewhere legal (track, strip, German autobahn :P). I'll start


120 MPH

1999 Honda Accord 4 cylinder, 5 speed

Completely stock


I could have made it faster, but my tires are only rated for 118 MPH and a turn was coming up (195/65R15's tend to roll a lot :ph34r:)

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280km/h ( too scared to push it further ) on my mitsubishi evo 6.5 (tomi makinen edition).


-using Greddy e-manage ecu

-using Greddy profect E-01 boost controller link with the ecu

-apexi RSM, apexi turbo timer, etc

- got boost gauge, oil presure, fuel presure all by Defi

and lots more....



look exacly like this:

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