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    Xeon Help

    not all xeon mobos require ecc ram. That's up to the chipset used on the mobo.
  2. EMT64 and AMD64 are the same thing. That's marketing for you.
  3. No, xp pro will work on dual HT xeons as well. Check out the review of the smithfield EE chip over at hardocp...they're essentially running 2 HT chips in xp pro. It correctly shows 4 logical processors.
  4. They tend to perform pretty well in benchmarks, but it's really due to the extra 1mb of L2 cache and not the 64-bit extensions. For the most part, the cpu scene didn't really change much...amd's still own at gaming, intel's own at encoding. No extra instruction sets are going to change that. What I DID find fascinating, however, was the performance gain seen by both chips when they enter a 64-bit environment. The A64's tend to gain more performance from going 64-bit than the intel's do, probably because the A64's were designed from the ground up to be 64-bit, while intel had to add the support later.
  5. Eva_Unit_0

    Out Of These 3 Which One?

    PT880, PT890, K8T800 Pro, and K8T890 all have them. The one on K8T800 pro was kinda flaky, but the one on K8T890 works fine.
  6. Eva_Unit_0

    I Wonder When The World Will Run Out Of Silicon

    Silicon is the second most abundant element on earth, right next to oxygen. We're not going to run out. go to the beach and look at the sand...1/3 of all the atoms there are silicon
  7. Eva_Unit_0

    Out Of These 3 Which One?

    I have the AX8 and I love it. You guys can slam via all you want, but I'm running 250htt 1:1 with my 3200+ winnie on the ax8, stock voltage on the NB. I'd definately recommend it to anyone.
  8. you don't need a server os to run dual cpu's. 2000 pro, xp pro, and linux/unix of any form will all take dual cpu's.
  9. Eva_Unit_0


    pure-ftp works great...that's what I use on my gentoo-based server. Ditto on the apache as well.
  10. Eva_Unit_0

    My Tortured Cpu

    ...why? I have one of those in my ftp server. Just because it's *gasp* a few years old *gasp* doesn't mean it sucks.
  11. Eva_Unit_0

    Drive Partitioning

    I run a 32 mb boot partition. It doesn't need to be big at all...all it does it hold the kernel boot image. You can see for yourself how much you're actually using...just type "df -h" from the console. I've never used more than 15 megs of mine before.
  12. Eva_Unit_0

    Wut Is Thermal Throttling

    You can't detect thermal throttling without a special utility...the clock speed doesn't actually decrease. It just throws idle calls into the cpu to sort of "nullify" some of the cycles. It's not like cool 'n quiet or anything where the lower cpu speed shows up in cpu-z or wcpuid. You were probably getting it and just not realizing it.
  13. Eva_Unit_0

    Check This Out Decrease Cpu By The Clock

    Yeah, there's something else going on here. Thermal throttling is the most likely cause.
  14. Eva_Unit_0

    3rd Party Drivers For Sb Audigy 2 Zs Platinum

    eh...I honestly don't know, as I've never used digital out. But they allow you to tweak pretty much EVERYTHING about how the chip works...the kx's really shine in that regard. If it's possible for the chip to do it, the drivers will let you.
  15. Eva_Unit_0

    Nb Cooler

    I honestly don't think it's your northbridge, marty. You say it fails after just a few seconds...there's no way the nb could overheat that quickly, short of having no heatsink at all on it. You've got something that's not quite right in there...maybe a bum stick of ram, maybe a failing mobo...who knows. But it's not a heat issue if it occurs that quickly. I actually had a scenario like that once...My 2400+ tbred b on an A7N8X deluxe couldn't finish a sandra arithmetic test or pass prime, even at stock speeds. But it was stable through benches and games all day at 2.4ghz...I never did figure out what was wrong with it.
  16. Eva_Unit_0

    Desk + Alcohol

    Haha you crazy brits and your guiness! lol I much prefer the canadian goodness...labatt and molson. But yeah exeter, I don't have bottles sitting out unless the caps are off and the bottom is facing the ceiling.
  17. Eva_Unit_0

    3rd Party Drivers For Sb Audigy 2 Zs Platinum

    KX audio drivers They work fantastic. I've had nothing but troubles when using the crappy creative drivers...these, however, work fantastic. :: braces for the 10 people who will yell at me claiming the kx's hosed their systems ::
  18. I had a volcano 11 and it really wasn't that great...it didn't cool well enough to compensate for how loud it was. I definately like my Venus 12 (A64 version of the Volcano 12) a LOT more. If you do get the 11, make sure you take that retarded fan grille off. It blocks airflow like no tomorrow.
  19. Eva_Unit_0

    Intel 478 Quick Question....

    I hope you're not saying "yes, they're compatible." Because they're not. Technically, 915 and 925 can support a 478 pin socket, but no boards actually use it. If you want to upgrade to a 925 based board you need an LGA775 cpu.
  20. Eva_Unit_0

    Axp Agp Voltage

    On some intel chipsets (865 and 875 most notably...I'm not sure about 915 and 925) the agp voltage is also the reference voltage for the northbridge. So raising it on these chipsets will help stabalize extremely high fsb speeds. On other chipsets, all it does is increase the signal voltage to the agp card. It does NOT increase the voltages on the card itself...it will not increase the overclockability of your card like a volt-mod does. It just increases the voltage of the agp signal itself. It doesn't really seem to do much on non-intel chipsets. My 6800gt wouldn't run stable with it any higher than 1.6V, though, so apparently it affects something. Now I'm pci-e and don't have to worry about it, lol.
  21. Eva_Unit_0

    Desk + Alcohol

    heh well my Labatt Blue, Bacardi Gold, and Peppermint Schnapps are well hidden in my dorm room (dang RA's) But whenever I can, the good ol' bottle/can is out! lol BTW bishop, I've always loved your avatar
  22. Yeah, don't spout off info about brands that you haven't used...Geil overclocks very well, and it responds great to increased voltage. (Geil rates most of their modules up to 3.1V) I had some Geil Ultra pc3500 that would do 230fsb at CAS2 and about 250fsb at 2.5. (with only 2.85V) I now have 2 x 512 of their Ultra pc4000, but I haven't had the opportunity to push them too far yet. (my winnie is running 250htt 1:1 with it right now)
  23. Eva_Unit_0

    This Is Rediculious...

    When I was in high school and still living with my parents, they didn't really care what I did...they trusted that I wasn't going to do something dumb and end up dead in a gutter somewhere, lol. I'd usually come back maybe 2-ish...sometimes I wouldn't come back at all...whatever. They were cool about it. As long as I came back within the next few days it was all good. Now I'm in college...people care even less now, lol.
  24. Eva_Unit_0

    Are You Still Using Internet Exploiter?!?

    I use IE for one thing: To download Firefox. And that's only if I'm using windows...
  25. Eva_Unit_0

    Linux File Server

    My major complaint with Suse is that it tends to be very slow, as far as distros go. They don't do a good job of optimizing it for performance.