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  1. Yeah thats what im trying to figure out too, the red drives are considered "nas drives" http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822236343 were the exact ones I was looking at I just thought these would perform faster.. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822178380
  2. First I would like to start off saying thanks to overclockers club I am now a IT professional and work for a great company. If it wasn't for me asking questions and actually trying things I wouldnt be where I am today. Okay ranting done. I havent been able to get a good answer for my question so I decided to post on here. I have a thecus nas N7510 its one of the very few 7 bay nas made by Thecus. I am trying to turn my JBOD setup to a Raid 5 or 0 my question is what is the best drive to get for the NAS I know its beneficial to have the same time of drives but before I shell out close to 700 or so for drives what is the best one to get I think the seagate hybirds seem great but not sure if thats the best NAS drive. I also know they make NAS drives specifically for nas's but are those any good? As far as what I plan on using this for is my main media hub, pictures, streaming so performance is a must! Thanks in advance I believe it has has been 5+ years since I have been on here.
  3. Hey guys I have been fixing computers for quite awhile now, I used to be a very active member here on this site. I just wanted to share with you guys a company I'm hoping to launch after january for tax purposes I'm 23 years old and new to all this and looking to build clients. I wanted you guys to check out the website and tell me what you think, ideas would be appreciated right now most of the links are dead so a little heads up. I have really nice buisness cards that look professional and a ton of time went into that. I also have flyers which I'm hoping to pass out with coupons on it for a free data backup. Any ideas or questions please ask. Let me know what you guys think. My website I'm not a pro with websites but learning as I go along.
  4. Title says it all I did a few google searches total commander doesn't automatically remove/ignore permissions im trying to download opus disk and still no luck, what is a good file transfer software that works on windows 7 64 bit.
  5. I cant seem to find a link to a fully sleeved one did you happen to see one on thier sites i see cables that can be used as adapters
  6. I just emailed them asking if they sell complete PSU's that are sleeved I have had bad luck sleeving myself and am truly looking to build something great. any other suggestions or company that might do this?
  7. Hey guys thanks for taking the time to read this I'm starting my dream PC build and looking for a custom PSU wattage can be near 1000+ or below 800 minimum anyone know where I can get this kind of power supply where all the wires are completely sleeved or is it only a custom job that has to be done by hand? Im reffering to the sleeving done in Million dollar pc. I attached a link for you guys to take a look at. Basically each wire is fully sleeved. Sleeved example Thanks for looking!
  8. I have a bunch of cheap tools which usually end up stripping screws.... I really want nice high quality stuff that grips screws and does a good job I checked out that website kinda looks like home depot
  9. Hey guys havent been on here in awhile, had a few questions which is the best tool set to repair computers looking for a high-end set to tell the wife to get me for a birthday present! I can't say enough about having the right tools to do the job maybe something automatic and of course solid screw driver set... what is a good toolset to have for working on both laptops and desktop?
  10. just emailed them hopefully someone will get back to me, but does anyone know of a website that might sell these?
  11. nah they have square holes lol I would have tried that i know its wierd it has to be a clip its so garbage for chieftek would do that
  12. Im all for the chieftek style cases there really good I was cleaning the case and now it seems that i miss placed the purple fan adapter to hold the fans in place do you guys know which ones im talking about I cant find them anywhere to buy them the back of the case that holds the fan's that thing is mis placed and right now the fans are being held by garbage bag ties does anyone know where to get them I googled myself to death and cannot find them. Thanks in advance if anyone does find them i tried to google purple fan adapter fan holder alomest everything
  13. yeah most of the major movie theaters I could not find one movie theater that did not use them so I'm pretty sure at most there was a lit on the back of it its like a 8x11 peice of paper you have cut it out when it arrives
  14. GUJU i thank you and FlashStar because of you guys I have won! FlashStar i won movie tickets and now Guju! it let me choose between movie ticket or Itunes I chose some Itunes! it was 10$ hey it was free
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