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  1. I have a problem where after setting the bios sleep option to s3 from s1, my computer does not go to sleep automatically. I can however make it manually sleep. It does go to sleep automatically in S1 with the same settings in windows. My motherboard is listed below in my sig and im using vista. Can anyone help me out? [the thread desc should say can manually put to sleep.. not but to sleep.]
  2. wouldn't really consider that a super computer... what is your major?
  3. I've been trying to write a program that replicates how you would type in a series of commands that pipe into one another in linux. I've gotten the program to work with just 2 commands but when i try 3 or more, it does not output anything. If anyone can provide any help with this, that would be great. This is what i've written so far and is very much just for testing... but if I can get this to work then i can probably write the whole program. # include <stdio.h> # include <stdlib.h> # include <unistd.h> # include <sys/types.h> # include <sys/stat.h> # include <sys/wait.h> # include <fcntl.h> # include <string.h> # include <ctype.h> #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { pid_t child = 0; int rotate = 0; int pipe1[2]; int pipe2[2]; pipe(pipe1); char string[1000]; /* char *arg1[] = { "cat", "text.txt", (char *) 0 }; char *arg2[] = { "sort", (char *) 0 }; char *arg3[] = { "uniq", (char *) 0 }; */ char *arg1[] = { "ls", (char *) 0 }; char *arg2[] = { "sort", (char *) 0 }; char *arg3[] = { "grep", "test", (char *) 0 }; /* char *arg1[] = { "echo", "hi buddy", (char *) 0 }; char *arg2[] = { "grep", "hi", (char *) 0 }; //char *arg3[] = { "grep", "hi", (char *) 0 }; */ int numcommands = 3; for(int i = 0; i < numcommands; i++){ child = fork(); if (child == 0) { //cout << "I am child " << i << " " << rotate << endl; if (i == 0 or i == numcommands -1){ //first or last if (i == 0){ //only needs input //cout << "this should happen first" << endl; dup2(pipe1[0], 0); // read end of pipe and stdin close(pipe1[1]); } if (i == numcommands - 1 and rotate == 0){ //does not need input but needs to put something something out //cout << "this should happen last" << endl; dup2(pipe2[1], 1); // write end of pipe1 and stdout close(pipe2[0]); } if (i == numcommands - 1 and rotate == 1){ //does not need input but needs to put something something out //cout << "this should happen last" << endl; dup2(pipe1[1], 1); // write end of pipe1 and stdout close(pipe1[0]); } } else { if (rotate == 1){ cout << "this should happen 2nd" << endl; dup2(pipe1[1], 1); // write end of pipe1 and stdout close(pipe1[0]); sleep(1); //read(pipe2[0], string, 1000); cout << "testing" << endl; dup2(pipe2[0], 0); // read end of pipe2 and stdin close(pipe2[1]); } else{ //cout << "this should also not happen" << endl; dup2(pipe1[0], 0); // read end of pipe2 and stdin close(pipe1[1]); dup2(pipe2[1], 1); // write end of pipe1 and stdout close(pipe2[0]); } } //cout << "about to execute "<< i << endl; sleep(1); //this is a test if( i == 0 ) { execvp (arg3[0], arg3); } if (i == 1 ) { execvp (arg2[0], arg2); } if (i == 2 ) { execvp (arg1[0], arg1); } } else { pipe(pipe2); if (rotate == 0) { rotate = 1; } else { rotate = 0; } //cout << "I am parent" << endl; sleep(1); } } return 0; }
  4. I was trying to avoid find and replace as that would be manual and i would have to do thousands of these but I found a perfect solution. Check out the following if you guys are interested. http://pubs.logicalexpressions.com/pub0009...icle.asp?ID=307 and http://www.cpearson.com/excel/vbe.aspx
  5. Is there a way to have a macro do a find and replace of code that is in a project? I'm changing the names of a bunch of bookmarks and I would like to automatically change the names of the bookmarks in the code to what I am changing them to. Does anyone know if this is possible?
  6. Hey guys i have $190 to use towards my step up from an 8800GT. For only $10 i can get the 9800GTX+ and for $110 I can get the GTX260. My monitors are only 1680x1050 max res and I even plan to play alot of games on my 720p tv. Which of these cards would you guys choose given the situation.
  7. i'm looking to get it to but only because im sort of obligated to since i still have the evga step up. If i didnt... i would EASILY go ati.
  8. yea that would be a clever way to oc since i have a pci card to reflash back just in case. I'd still like an app to control i though so i can get temps and read fan speeds.
  9. I just installed a radeon 9250 as a PCI card so I can run 3 displays. This worked fine. However now when i go to OC my 8800GT it doesnt show up anymore in any program. Ive tried ATI tool, rivatuner (it shows up but it doesnt give me any option to oc it) and even nvidia's own ntune with no luck. Does anyone have a solution to this?? Thanks
  10. Augh... if thats true... that's bad news for me.
  11. What are you guys using to measure your temps on C2Ds? Ive got coretemp .99 and .94 as well as real temp 2.60. Real temp reports the lowest temps at 10C cooler than CT .99 (at around 56/53 for each core) The two core temps report different temperatures as well. One is in the low 60's and one is in the mid 60's. I'm not sure which one of these programs to trust? What does everyone else use?
  12. 1.65 cooling on air.... uhmmmm... something sounds terribly wrong with that. I just got my e8400 to 4ghz... it needed alot more voltage that i expected. I'm at 1.4v right now.
  13. Were you able to put the sticker back on without signs of tampering? I have a zalman passive flower style nb heatsink that I'd like to put on.
  14. Why don't you get a new board instead of a new cpu? You could buy one for like 100 bucks that is more oc friendly. With my current setup im running my e6300 at over 3.3ghz and im still pushing for more. This way u benefit not only from frequency increase, but you will have 2mb of cache instead of 1mb which will no doubt help.
  15. Im overclocking my e6300 on this board right now and i would like to know what kinds of settings everyone is using. Ive been orthos stable for about 18 hours at the following settings: fsb: 474 mult: 7 VID: +.05 Dram: 2.1 NB Core: 1.37 CPU VTT: 1.25 Clockgen: 3.6 Stock NB cooling because of that pesky warranty sticker. If you have this board, please post information about your voltages and etc. AFAIK, only these voltages affect stability and the SB voltages should not be touched (correct me if I am wrong). Also please indicate what type of cooling you have. Thx
  16. the only things i see are these splitters that cost like 400 bucks... im looking for something preferably that is about 10 dollars i think a splitter may be what i need instead
  17. I have a dual dvi video card that I'd like to hook up to 2 LCD monitors and a LCD tv. I'd like to have either 2x monitors or 1 monitor and the TV on at a time. Is there a way I can do this without having to keep unplugging and plugging stuff in while using just the dvi outputs on my video card?
  18. didn't work i was prompted to type and retype a password but im assuming it didnt write it to the right place or something. the second method didnt work at all.
  19. hey, i stupidly messed up my password for my remote desktop in ubuntu. I can still SSH to my server though. Anyone know how I can set the remote desktop password from the terminal?
  20. My prof decided to give us a buffer overflow assignment for my comp security class... alot of how it works deals with assembly language and c (never learned c... seeing as our curriculum is primarily java based... go figure). We were givin this site http://insecure.org/stf/smashstack.html and on it is the following: first question.. where the heck did the the hex stuff in char shellcode[] from from? second question... what is the main doing? like i said im not familiar with the syntax in C so im not sure what putting a * next to a variable does or what the & sign does.
  21. used for about a year and still performs decently. asking for $90
  22. ok well, figured out the problem... shoulda been using version 207. Second question now. How should i go about ocing this... when i have SLI enabled does the clock i oc to correspond to ocing both cards? Do i have to disable sli and OC individually?
  23. Hey I just got my hands on a system with 8800GTS 512mb in SLI. I'm trying to oc this thing and im having some problems. The os is vista64. For some reason i am unable to use rivatuner. Ive patched it so it works for 64bit. I think the driver may have something to do with it... im using 169.25. What drivers can/should be used with this? Also is there another tool i should use?
  24. Hi guys, im doing a project on web access security and im pretty much a newbie to both php and html. My current setup goes like this. I use an html form which takes a password and then passes it to another pages which uses php and does an md5 hash on the password and stores it in a database(txt based) when a user creates an account. The problem with this though is the password is transfered as cleartext before it gets hashed so people sniffing the line could pick it up. Is there a way i could encrypt the password on the clientside before it is sent server side to be stored into the db?? As a note, i can't use SSL which is pretty dumb.
  25. 1950... figured out the problem i needed the wdm driver too.. bah
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