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  1. Looks good lady and gents - keep up the good work!
  2. I have a full set of the states (and one other set missing a single coin), from when I went over the US a couple of years ago. In Vegas, it's pretty easy to find most of the quarters, but I struggled a bit in Miami! Cynical, but true, is that these sets are an excellent way of generating revenue for the Government. If a 25c quarter costs about 10c to make, every time someone collects a quarter and takes it out of circulation, the Government is generating 15c profit instantly. Hundreds of millions of dollars can be made in profits very, very quickly I think they're great! But wish full sets to buy as collector editions were cheaper here in the UK.
  3. Kind of meaningless data in a way, when Ford and Vauxhall (GM), each have more cars tested than Kia, Nissan, Jaguar, Volvo, FIAT and Chevrolet combined. The data doesn't state what the failure is for - remember, that if a bulb, wiper blade, tyre, brake pad or disc is spent, it will fail the test. Surveys are often funded by manufacturers themselves (though not always) and are subjective to how someone wishes to report the data. Take all of these surveys with a pinch of salt, namely for response bias amongst other things.
  4. I hired a Caterham (1.8 K-Series, slightly modified) the other week for my birthday. Bloke in an RS Focus thought he would try and do one on me, and was left for dust on the straights and bends. The guy was a bit pissed off and overtook myself and about three cars behind a tractor "to prove a point". Well done, sir! (and I drive a diesel Focus that I love - so not a Ford hater ) So yeah ... RS is nice, but lots of quicker and more raw cars for a LOT cheaper these days. Can get a brand new Focus RS, a Caterham and a couple of years' running costs for the price of the GT-R Still, I'd take a bike for speed any day of the week, if only roads were safer here. Drivers in the UK are dreadful - my dad was a bike instructor and practically begged me to not take my bike test, for fear of other drivers wiping me out.
  5. Yay another car thread deviating from the original subject matter!!
  6. Did you get Project C.A.R.S. yet?
  7. Cases are more and more directly comparable these days. I thought it was quite a nice case, all things considered. Still love Fractal Designs more than anything else right now though ...
  8. Indeed! Some people do get a bee in their bonnet about it, but I just appreciate good sound in general. Doubt I have the mythical "golden ears" to discern subtle differences these days anyway!
  9. Hey I'm quite partial to my headphone tube amp! Horses for courses I suppose It would be a shame if we all agreed!
  10. London is expensive. We're talking $130 a night for somewhere reasonable and not even "up market"! Don't hire a car - the underground is sufficient you'll spend FOREVER sat still going nowhere. We don't drive smaller cars because space is an issue, we drive smaller cars because we don't see much point in huge cars (and fuel costs more)! There's a lot to see and do in London ... you'd need more than two weeks to do London and Paris the justice they deserve.
  11. Not yet - it was meant to arrive before Christmas day, but German efficiency has let my dad down
  12. I am awaiting a Santoku knife arriving from Germany actually - Global are really quite excellent, but the handles are a touch too light for me (even sand filled).
  13. They're cheaper than ever to be quite honest, but I can't quite justify one just yet ... not long mind you ... soon ... I will have one ...
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