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    120Gb SATA maxtor 7200rpm 8Mb -cache, 120Gb IDE maxtor 7200rpm 8Mb -cache, case: Coolermaster wavemaster. Cooldrive 4 controlled
  1. "History is a lie agreed upon."; Napoleon.
  2. I'm not going to make a big point here but afro-americans, like said above, aren't the ones who actually got oppressed.... But they carry the burden of it. Every afro american carries an English name like Jackson, WHite, and so on. Slave owners used to give their slaves their last name, so an Afro American called jackson, had an ancestor who was owned by a white Jackson. They lost their culturen language and names. There fore i can understand some people find themselves because they have no roots anymore. They feel disconected, that's why initiatives like black history month, parades and stuff are made to reconnect those people or at least giving them them feeling of reconnection with their past. Although i agree no form of segragation of any kind (white on black or black on white or whatever on whatever) should be accepted. The world would be a better place if people were more tolerant and respectfull to eachother.
  3. from 1998-2003: Resident dj in a high (160$ a night) Guest appearances in other clubs(250$ per 2hour gig, once a week) made me about 570$ a week, sweet times, good money but hard work; longest set: 14hrs straight, no drugs, minimal alcohol; 2days of sleep afterwards, whole week of ear sizzles. Stopped cause i felt like going old at 24 (the been there, done that feeling)+ felt like my life was going in circles. Completely left the music scene, and the nightlife (way too demanding) Now i'm a production manager in a plant that manufactures cleaning products. I'm in charge of the broom handle manufacturing division (wooden and metal handles; capacity: 50000 units a day, 8hrs day.
  4. Belgium offered help the first day, but the us refused, all they wanted was medical supplies. Afterwards US changed their minds and accepted the help. And i don't think it was Belgian responsablity to come and help from the first day. If you want i can dig up something americans like to use saying; we came and rescued europe in WWII. Well why didn't the americans stop Hitler from day 1? They did not wait days, weeks BUT years before they helped so....
  5. Loarmistead posted: Make him say 'Nuclear'.....;result Nucular...;ROFL http://www.bushnews.com/bushiq.htm I rest my case
  6. Nothing about the Belgian government is criticisable..... Joking. I don't "ONLY" show up here to criticize americans; it's just the way loarmistead's way of posting got on my nerves. Now a word from the US media: http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/09/04/times.pic...rial/index.html
  7. stop assuming for a change. And stop talking like YOU ARE there at the moment..... (nah, feels beter) I'm not from the UK, I'm Belgian; probably, in your opinion, another .... grrr.... L......llll...Liberal! country (ok, i dare drop the word!) On what do you base your belief that those reports are exagerated? .... yet again i don't believe you are there now... (or in the past 7 days for that matter). Note that i didn't post any of my opinions in my first post, i just dropped a link, and narated something out of that article. Yet, just those few lines are enough for you to assume a whole lot. as for , let's call it: the liberal-not-owned-by-massive-oil/media/financialholding/communication/corporation-excercising-free-journalistic-WITHOUT-censor UK media, this'll maybe more accurate. DOn't think i'm mad at you or anything for that matter, it's just i've reading some of your post, and you almost only post in political topics (if you don't post in them, you start the threads yourself) and you always have to push your opinion (backed up with the needing quotes/links/articles; you do your homework). But take note; 1
  8. US rescue effort a shambles You might find this interesting, its an account of how the US police acted dispicably during hte rescue operation, in one case police asked several girls to lift up their tops, when they refused the police simply drove off.
  9. let's put it like this An opinion is like an butthole, everybody has one. And mostly, nobody else cares about yours, but yourself!
  10. go for a dfi lanparty 875 pro rev b, it's the best skt 478 mobo you can get! Ask anyone here about dfi.
  11. Isn't dust a big issue in such case???? i do my best to filter all air going in my case.
  12. went from 1gb to 2gb in dual channel and saw an even bigger improvement, especially for games like BF2. If you're a hardcore oc'er don't go for it since so much ram needs more cpu power to juice it up, if cpu is oc'ed might not be able to handle so much ram (or so i've heard...)
  13. why are all oil-resources in iraq being exploited by us companies? BTW just calculated gallons to liter conversions and dollar to euro exchange rates: In Belgium, we pay 6.384 us dollars/Gallon (prices do vary from one European country to another)
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