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  1. Hey all, long time no post! My boss's computer is running extremely slow. He uses Adobe CS4 on a daily basis and come to find out, he is using a whopping 512Mb of RAM, 80GB IDE HD (2GB free space), and a Sempron 3400+!! I couldnt believe it even opened illustrator lol. Anywho, I went and purchased some minor upgrades such as a matched pair of 2GB DDR2 PC2-5300 RAM (4Gb total) and 2 WD 320GB drives to be set up in RAID 0. I will also be overclocking the 3400 but here's my problem. I am running an Asus M2NBP-VM CSM board and in the BIOS, I have no voltage or multiplier control except for 9x and lower. There is an option in the BIOS to adjust CPU functions but the enable/disable part is blacked out. Is there a way to unlock this board or am I stuck with basic overclock settings? Thanks in advance! Newport
  2. Wow thanks a bunch. My issues started when these programs started displaying as "stopped" so I think that might be the cause. I just never really noticed them until today. When I get home from work, I'm going to try that. Thanks again!
  3. I'm still trying to find solve me issue on this damned computer without erasing my data. I can't even create an FTP server to transfer files over to another computer and I will be damned if i sit in front of this computer for a week burning all of my data onto hundreds of CDs. Anywho, I noticed something weird today in my MSConfi screen. Why are all of those important services not running? How do I turn them back on?
  4. I worked through everything and even went to my dad's work. Hes in charge of all of the phones, internet, satellite, everything electronic for the Government of Kansas City, Kansas. He called up 4 of his IT minions and they helped me out. It was awesome. Anyway, here's what the finished program looks like. :thumbs-up: Thanks for your replies though. :-) The 2 bolded statements were where I was having trouble. At first, i placed "itemName" with all of the variables and assigned it as a double even though the input for that variable would never be a number. So i created its own string. I also screwed up the part where the item cost was to be converted to double. That was fixed and besides a few missing tabs and line spaces, the program worked fine.
  5. The part that I bolded and underlined keeps poping up as my only error: Error 1 The left-hand side of an assignment must be a variable, property or indexer What does this mean? I am completely baffled by this error. It is a variable as stated in my input.... Any ideas?
  6. Some of you probably read my post a few weeks ago concerning a safe mode boot gone FUBAR. (For those of you who didnt read it, here it is) http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=75874 Well, I kinda lost the drive to get this computer fixed until today. I did some research and found a new audio driver for my notebook that might solve the issue. (audio is the only thing I really want back) Well, halfway through the installation, I get an error message: "Microsoft Bus Driver should be loaded into your system before installing Realtec HD audio driver!" Does this have something to do with the fact that nothing shows up in my Device Manager window? How can I solve this error message? Thanks, Newport
  7. Yea im still about... just not nearly as much as i used to. I always had master selected for the CD drive and slave selected for the DVD drive. Let me go try this out...
  8. After sitting for months without being turned on, I decided to buy a wireless network card for my desktop so i could start using it. I turned it on and put the driver CD in for the card. However, My Computer shows no CD drive at all. Its not in Device Manager or in the BIOS. I have a CD drive as the master and a DVD drive as a slave and it worked the last time i used the computer. Now nothing... How do i get it to work again? Anyone have any ideas? I cant even reinstall the mobo drivers since it wont recognize the CD drive. Abit IC-7 Max 3 board Windows XP pro
  9. Thanks a million! I will give it a try first thing in the morning. On a side note... It looks as though i have a random computer out there in cyberspace that is still folding. haha. I blew up my last notebook from folding 24/7... Overheated and melted the solder points where the power cord plugs in.
  10. I see OCC has not wised up and kicked your foreign butt outta here yet. <_< lol I lost my windows repair CD when i moved (for the third freakin time this year) so i guess thats outta the question Thanks for the ideas!
  11. I thought so too but i hardly ever use Limewire anymore. In fact, i have not opened it in many many months. And the .exe file for it is never active. Can something still be active causing something to be downloaded?
  12. Few weeks ago, i booted up my notebook in safe mode to run some virus software. As the computer booted up, explorer.exe failed to start up. So i opened task manager and tried to start explorer that way. The desktop would flash for a second or two and then it would disappear while an error window would flash once for a fraction of a second. I restarted into normal mode after several failed attempts at booting explorer. When i started the comp up in normal mode, i realized that i had lost all sound except for the error beep that one might hear after holding down a key for too long. Also, there are no icons in the wireless connections window. When i try to run ipconfig /renew, an error message says that i need to turn on internet connections. But here is the catch, i am posting from this problematic notebook right now. When it first starts up, it picks up the wireless connection from the house but if it were to loose the connection, i have no way of reconnecting unless i restart the computer. Also, none of the USB ports are recognized. (web cam wont be picked up when plugged in.) Also, the Windows XP theme has been replaced by the standard Windows 2000 theme and there are no other options in the windows customization window. And lastly, nothing shows up in the device manager window. I attached a picture showing a few of the symptoms listed above. Any help would be awesome. If i left anything out, ask and i'll answer.
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