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  1. TTfanatiC

    Well, At Least The Song's Catchy...

    The song In Lego.. LEGO man this dance group rocks....Linky
  2. TTfanatiC

    Well, At Least The Song's Catchy...

    Very good song, Japanese song? Thank You Kurosen for the link of stupid video.
  3. TTfanatiC

    Hardcano 13

    I need a feedback on this item, Coz i really2 want to buy one..
  4. TTfanatiC

    Major System Lag

    try using hijack this and post your log here.. and go to cmd prompt type chkdsk to check your hdd
  5. TTfanatiC

    Really Dang Nice Car

    I think it was the citroen commersial in Uk or europe,.....
  6. TTfanatiC

    Really Dang Nice Car

    Play the video! Video
  7. ermm just remember my sister's psu blow up on cheap psu Linky
  8. TTfanatiC

    My Christmas Present

    If u put this monitor on pc and play games, then u should back alittle like 10 feet to view all the screen instead on 1 feet.Lol
  9. TTfanatiC

    My Christmas Present

    Wow, so huge.. I want one!
  10. TTfanatiC

    I Need This Acrylic...

    U can use a car miror tint to the acrylic, I forgot the brand though, but It does just what u want..
  11. TTfanatiC

    This I Like

    *deleted* (my son messing with my computer...sorry)
  12. TTfanatiC

    Gonna Be A Long Night

  13. TTfanatiC

    I Win...

  14. TTfanatiC

    Life Has Hard Times Sometimes

    shees.... nowdays cancer is everywhere, my grandad died because of lung cancer..