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  1. sdy284

    MSI N760 Hawk Reviewed

    are the load temps for stock and overclocked switched? I would've thought the OC'd temps would be higher... not lower /shrug
  2. Wow, that's terrible. Dale was a great guy. RIP Dale.
  3. sdy284

    in the market for a netbook/laptop

    well after walking around best buy and playing with some of these things, I really like the 13in form factor, so try and base any recommendations on that please
  4. sdy284

    in the market for a netbook/laptop

    yea that laptop you have is definitely more along the lines of what i'm looking for
  5. sdy284

    in the market for a netbook/laptop

    the egg has a very nice asus with gtx 260 for $595 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834220794 and it's over budget
  6. sdy284

    in the market for a netbook/laptop

    that's a good idea still looking for recommendations tho
  7. so i'm toying with the idea of buying a netbook/laptop. I've got around $400 to spend but will spend 500 if I can really get a lot more for the extra $100 requirements: ** i'd like a screen larger than 10" ** HD space doesn't matter ** best CPU i can get for the $$ so go ahead, recommend away
  8. you're dating the wrong women then. Ugly is still ugly. No amount of glitter and paint will take something like this and turn it into something like this: I appreciate the time and effort you put into planning it, But I personally think it's hideous. You're going to see all of the cables from the I/O panel to you various devices. (unless I missed where/how you said you were going to address that) But what you've ended up with there looks like some CoolerMaster - Mountain Mods bastard child
  9. sdy284

    Angry Birds lite for android

    ya that's great, but the graphics are terrible and it isn't as polished. Just because the concept doesn't exist, doesn't mean that somebody else can take it and create a superior product
  10. sdy284

    Angry Birds lite for android

    no but i'm saying this isn't some stupid fart app or something. Obviously it's a quality game that it's ranked #1 in so many countries and it's average rating on itunes is 4.88/5 that's pretty damn good. so obviously you're in the minority for not liking it
  11. sdy284

    Angry Birds lite for android

    hmmm, it's the #1 paid app in like 20-30 countries... so i'd say it's pretty successful for being a "ripoff" http://www.rovio.com/index.php?page=angry-birds
  12. sdy284

    Angry Birds lite for android

    in case you guys don't know angry birds for android came out today & i've setup a little competition thread over at TalkAndroid download the game and let's see what you got
  13. sdy284

    Samsung Captivate

    look into doubletwist for your media syncing needs