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  1. I haven't been here in a while.... old skool ftw...
  2. I'm selling my mountain mods ufo case as I don't use it anymore. It is a bit dusty and scratched a bit as I haven't used it in a while. does not come with any fans or water cooling parts or anything but the case. it does have wheels on it now. it is a great case for water cooling etc it is aluminum. I paid like $400 bucks for it, selling for $150 + shipping or best offer I could include a few of the orange fans and standard fan grills.
  3. I just did a clean install of vista 64 bit on my system. seems to run much faster on my somewhat older hardware. it was crashing a ton at first, which caused me to find a bad mem stick that didn't crash in 32 bit. I only have 2gigs installed now and it does eat that up quite fast. the only problem I have is no driver for my dtv-350 tv card. I will just move it to another pc for now.
  4. there is just a picuture on top of the cube. I would like to upgrade to lighted fans they are just expensive. Maybe I will do it I have 7 in there. problem the IDE cable is not an Ide cable. it is for the audigy 2 front input. anyone seen one that is round I will be all over it. maybe I haven't searched hard enough though my tv is piece o doodoo. it has broken like 6 times. 5 under warranty. the last fix was at a small mom and pop shop and has lasted for a good while now. it like 8 yearss old anyway.. I like to multitask lol
  5. I think I am done for a while on my mountain mods case i just put in a 250 gig hard drive and the audigy 2 with front inputs. pretty happy with it so far although I would like some more lights any suggestions likes dislikes.
  6. urvaius

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    i'm a private. What's that lol. I have not pvp'ed in a while
  7. I would vote for black then do some nice airbrushing. i still need one more person to sign up on my freeipods and I get mine. anyone ???lol almost there
  8. I just got my dell 24" a few weeks ago. it is great. I do wish I could figure out how to watch movies in widescreen with out the bars. I know it is because of the way they are filmed but the bars bug me.
  9. nice choice. I had a Hyundai l90d 19" for about 3 months. It is a great lcd also. i just bought the dell 24" widescreen. it rocks.
  10. Glad it arrived in good order lego. It shall serve you well. hehe for a while anyway. gpu's get outdated too fast these days.
  11. Shipped it out today Lego. they said it takes about 10 days to get to you. so hopefully that is all it will take. Let me know when you get it
  12. The card is ati or saphire I forget. I am pretty sure built by ati. It already has ram sinks on the back.
  13. ouch does lego live in the uk... lol farthest place from me wins hehe
  14. Winner is Lego..... pm me for your address gratz...
  15. drawing coming up ina few minutes just got home!!!!!
  16. It is a great card man. I just upgraded. contest time ends in 3 hours 5:00 pacific time. any posts after that time will not count. I won't be around until later tonite though. drawing will take place tonite most likely. no need to be present to win haha. I will post winner ... good luck. if you arent on the list until later tonite don't worry I will add you on before I draw.
  17. Sorry for the grammar. I'm just a regular joe. Shouldn't you try spelling your words if your correcting my grammer or was that being sarcastic. as stated earlyer please post if you need it as in to upgrade your main rig. not I have 3 rigs and i'm rich and i could use it in another one i'm building. Trying to give to the less fortunate ya see. I won't pull anyone out of the hat that want's in though. That would just be wrong. good luck. add your name till 5:00 pm sunday drawing monday. good luck
  18. I would say as long as you upgrade within 6 months and use the card that would be ok. not like I could do anything to anyone as they will already have the card well maybe a few of those :angry2: :angry2: :angry2: i have leave work and do some stuff so i will update anyone that adds on tonite or tomorrow.
  19. I have the lanparty ultra-d no-sli. it works great. My patriot memmory would not run windows with the default memmory timings the bios gave it. I had to manually set them. I am running timings at 3-4-4-8 now on a athlon xp3800 x2 2.7ghz
  20. Yes I want it to go to someone who needs it but can't afford. I know how that can be. if its going to be sold or something please don't enter. I could have done that myself I won't be leaving anyone out that enters, but its a moral thing or something like that. hehe
  21. I bought the xfx becaust it came with call of duty 2 and was 329 after rebate
  22. Thanks verran. I'v built 4 systems for peaple this last month and made a little money. I owe alot of my motiviation to the community. I just received my Nvidia 7800gt in the mail. I'll be installing that tonite. I havent had a nvidia card since my ti4200 hope it is sweet. I hear good things about it. I could not justify buying the gtx though...
  23. No need to justify why anyone needs it. Not that picky. If you are going to use it in the near future thats just fine. My daughter will draw the name so I won't pick anyone.
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