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ciddono parting out Christmas Contest grand prize*prices lowered


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Edit : prices lowered

Yes. You read that right. The unavoidable has finally happened and I am now in need of family legal counsel. The pain of taking this computer apart is horrible, but the sacrifice must be made.


All prices are negotiable, within PM's, please. I am listing it all, package deals greatly appreciated. But I don't plan on selling everything; whatever remains I'll use as a foundation for a future build.


Shipping will likely be USPS, but UPS or Fed Ex isn't out if the question, I'll cover shipping within reason.


Intel I7-4960X 6 core cpu LGA 2011 $800

ASUS X-79 Deluxe motherboard $200

Patriot Viper 4x8GB, 32GB matched set RAM $225

Kingston HyperX 3k SSD 240GB (sata 3.0) $110

Thermaltake Performer 3.0 Water cooler $60

Thermaltake Toughpower Gold Cert 1475 watt PSU $205

Coolermaster HAF Stacker 935 case

XFX R9 280 Video card(budget downgrade from the Titans) $185


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This guy is a good seller! I bought the titans from him a few months ago. They came and worked just fine :)


I would buy everything else but my money is tied up.

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