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    Cpu- I5 2500k at 4.6 at 1.3V H60 corsair
    Mem- Gskill 16gb 1866mhz
    Video card- MSI armor 1080 (2015 core - 5005 mem)
    Mobo- ASUS p8p67 pro rev 3.1
    Power supply- toughpower 650 watts
    Case- Cool Master HAFxm
    keyboard- black widow ultimate
    mouse- kone xtd
  1. merry xmas everyone I hope everyone is having a great end of the year also.
  2. Thanks again bosco for a great contest good luck to everyone and a merry xmas.
  3. hey everyone happy late Xmas and a happy new years sorry been super busy trying to catch up on games I've missed out on.
  4. bump really looking for a small form factor case i can throw some cash in with the trade.
  5. I'm looking to sell my AZIO MGK1. Its a nice keyboard I just prefer my blackwidow is all. keyboard hasn't been used just plug in and tested to ensure no dead keys or lights. I'm asking 50 bucks shipping only to 48 states. I'm also looking to trade for a small form factor case. email at [email protected] thanks
  6. man 980ti in sli sounds pretty good but dx12 is starting to pick up this year and if i go sli i wouldn't upgrade for another 4 years or so. so either get two 980ti's or 1 1080.
  7. I've been waiting for pascal to come out for some time now I bought a 280x at a great deal to hold me over since I was still using the 4850x2 that I won from here (thank you again btw for that awesome card). kinda at a stand still do I go with 980ti sli or 1080 and wait till the 1080ti comes out ( if it does) and pick a second one up when the price drops a little. guess I'll just wait and see what kind of deals I can get.
  8. i received my keyboard i just want to say sorry I've had if for about 3 weeks now just been super busy with the jeep expedition build and life. I just want to say thank you OCC and AZIO for a great product.
  9. glad to see the contest going on. so many great prizes like always. good luck to everyone.
  10. my tops fans exhaust out due to a rad being up there. i have two fans on the side panel pulling air in over the graphics card area then one main fan in front for pulling air in. also a fan in the back pushing air out. if you want to keep dust down you can have all the fan pushing out. I think that's correct since you wouldn't want them all pushing in I could be wrong.
  11. I'm glad the devs are still bringing new tech to this great game. I recommend this game to anyone who's looking for a some intense moments.
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