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  1. Wow. In the frustration of it all, I forgot to post prices. I'll edit the op. Sending pm, now, though.
  2. Edit : prices lowered Yes. You read that right. The unavoidable has finally happened and I am now in need of family legal counsel. The pain of taking this computer apart is horrible, but the sacrifice must be made. All prices are negotiable, within PM's, please. I am listing it all, package deals greatly appreciated. But I don't plan on selling everything; whatever remains I'll use as a foundation for a future build. Shipping will likely be USPS, but UPS or Fed Ex isn't out if the question, I'll cover shipping within reason. Intel I7-4960X 6 core cpu LGA 2011 $800 ASUS X-79 Deluxe motherboard $200 Patriot Viper 4x8GB, 32GB matched set RAM $225 Kingston HyperX 3k SSD 240GB (sata 3.0) $110 Thermaltake Performer 3.0 Water cooler $60 Thermaltake Toughpower Gold Cert 1475 watt PSU $205 Coolermaster HAF Stacker 935 case XFX R9 280 Video card(budget downgrade from the Titans) $185
  3. I want to chime in on this and add http://www.amazon.com/Genius-GX-Gaming-Cavimanus-Virtual-HS-G700V/dp/B008EQ1FVU. It's the headset won in the OCC Christmas contest. Don't let it's cheap price mislead you, the quality is there. I have an unusually large head, and wear glasses. Headphones usually make my ears and head ache after a short period of time. Not with these. The cups fit over my ears and comfortably against my head as not to press on my glasses. I've worn them for a couple 3+ hour stretches so far with no discomfort. They have a 40mm driver, but also have a "vibration" feature to simulate low frequency response. I thought it would be gimmicky, but the effect it has on everything from gaming, music, and movies is very impressive. I put in Transformers, and during the scene in Qatar, when the A-10s are firing at the enemy with the rotary cannons, just blew me away. I "felt" each round being fired. The mic is rather short, and folds away (this is how you mute it.) The only drawback I've found is when listening to loud music or such, the mic tends to pick it up and your conversation partners can hear it as well. The cable is 8+ feet long.
  4. Let me know if you're looking for something in particular, I might have something I could cut you a deal for. They'd be monsters for folding, and even CUDA mining. Well, I game for maybe 10 hours a week, mostly WoW these days. So raw power isn't the biggest priority. When things settle back down again, I plan on getting a higher res monitor like the Korean QHDs. So my needs are relatively mild.
  5. Sold already. Now in the market for a decent downgrade. TY HBC.
  6. Sold* As much as I really, really hate to do this, I must sell some things to drum up cash for real life emergencies. So, up for sale is one or two of the Titans (2013 ed.) won in the OCC Christmas Contest.I am "asking" $450 each, but obviously would cut a break if someone wanted both. I'll cover insured shipping to continental US. As I've expressed in the thread, I love the computer. The case, mobo, ram, everything. But, when the [email protected]#t hits the fan, it makes a big mess. This is the first place I've posted. I figure the opportunity would belong to the family here first. These cards are OEM, and will be shipped in the anti-static bags they came in, inside a well padded box. They have maybe 25 hours use, not over-clocked yet, either. As for previous sales experience here, I've bought a few small things, but never actually sold anything. PM me and we can talk. Sold*
  7. I've been slow to post, but here's the final result. The GX Gaming accessories are amazing. I haven't been able to game with them yet, but I already love the Gila mouse. You'll notice only two Titans in the picture. My ex moved my kids closer a month or so ago and my oldest had been gaming on his A10 APU. So I gave him an insane upgrade. I'm having internet installed Tuesday. Then I'll get to running benchies and getting real world feedback on everything. Again, I cannot thank everyone enough: OCC, Bosco, all the sponsors, and all of our members here who make up our community for all of this. It was a seasonal blessing that I cannot repay.
  8. I'll find out whats going on, u should have got your TT Cooler already I swear they said it was sent. I will email GX Gaming right now. Sorry for the delay. You're staying on top of things in a good way. I posted (post #51) about not getting my prize yet on the 5th, and got the Kingston drive just two days later. Thanks for your time and efforts Bosco. Thanks I try my best, thankfully mistakes were minor this year. GX gaming is checking into why it wasn't shiped. Cooler should be shipping tomorrow. More reason that Bosco and OCC are the greatest.
  9. Don't worry Bosco, I've plenty of patience. Something like this I'm more thankful for every day anyways.
  10. Thanks. The case makes running wires much easier than my old Lian Li. It's not perfectly neat, but very acceptable. I can't wait to finish and get it booted.
  11. PSU arrived last week and I got most of it wired up. Was just too lazy to post. SSD was waiting on my back steps yesterday. Only thing left is the cooler from Thermaltake and the accessories from GX Gaming.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. I'm waiting for the PSU to start assembling the rig. What fans would you suggest I look for in the meantime?
  13. Holy crap that's a big box! My Coolermaster HAF Stacker arrived today. This thing is beast. Again, thanks OCC and Coolermaster.
  14. Haha. My brother finally received some new part for his gun that has been on backorder for months, yesterday. Luckily for me he checks the mall at lunch and just the outer box was wet. Again, I can't say this enough, thank you, thank you, thank you OCC, Bosco, and all the sponsors. And the reviewers and editors and members for keeping us all coming back year after year for all this great content.
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