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  1. capthowdy575

    Official OCC 2017 Christmas Contest

    merry xmas everyone I hope everyone is having a great end of the year also.
  2. capthowdy575

    Official OCC 2017 Christmas Contest

    Thanks again bosco for a great contest good luck to everyone and a merry xmas.
  3. good old life always having its fun with us lol.
  4. capthowdy575

    [WTS] Two Asus GTX 980ti's

    i pmed you about a week ago?
  5. hey everyone happy late Xmas and a happy new years sorry been super busy trying to catch up on games I've missed out on.
  6. capthowdy575

    for sale or trade AZIO MGK1

    bump really looking for a small form factor case i can throw some cash in with the trade.
  7. capthowdy575

    for sale or trade AZIO MGK1

    I'm looking to sell my AZIO MGK1. Its a nice keyboard I just prefer my blackwidow is all. keyboard hasn't been used just plug in and tested to ensure no dead keys or lights. I'm asking 50 bucks shipping only to 48 states. I'm also looking to trade for a small form factor case. email at [email protected] thanks
  8. capthowdy575

    for sale or trade AZIO MGK1

  9. capthowdy575

    I had a feeling I should've waited for Pascal.

    man 980ti in sli sounds pretty good but dx12 is starting to pick up this year and if i go sli i wouldn't upgrade for another 4 years or so. so either get two 980ti's or 1 1080.
  10. capthowdy575

    I had a feeling I should've waited for Pascal.

    I've been waiting for pascal to come out for some time now I bought a 280x at a great deal to hold me over since I was still using the 4850x2 that I won from here (thank you again btw for that awesome card). kinda at a stand still do I go with 980ti sli or 1080 and wait till the 1080ti comes out ( if it does) and pick a second one up when the price drops a little. guess I'll just wait and see what kind of deals I can get.
  11. capthowdy575

    Annual OCC Contest Thread

    i received my keyboard i just want to say sorry I've had if for about 3 weeks now just been super busy with the jeep expedition build and life. I just want to say thank you OCC and AZIO for a great product.
  12. capthowdy575

    Annual OCC Contest Thread

    Thanks occ and azio for the keyboard.
  13. capthowdy575

    Annual OCC Contest Thread

    glad to see the contest going on. so many great prizes like always. good luck to everyone.
  14. capthowdy575

    Case Fans on TOP pull air in?

    my tops fans exhaust out due to a rad being up there. i have two fans on the side panel pulling air in over the graphics card area then one main fan in front for pulling air in. also a fan in the back pushing air out. if you want to keep dust down you can have all the fan pushing out. I think that's correct since you wouldn't want them all pushing in I could be wrong.
  15. capthowdy575

    Dying Light Patch Adds NVIDIA PCSS

    I'm glad the devs are still bringing new tech to this great game. I recommend this game to anyone who's looking for a some intense moments.
  16. capthowdy575

    [WTS] CanadaGUY's For Sale Thread

    you have pm.
  17. capthowdy575

    Home security cameras?

    not bad I would at least get 720p for a clear image.
  18. capthowdy575

    Home security cameras?

    i use http://www.amazon.com/Foscam-FI9831P-Wireless-26-Feet-Viewing/dp/B00LVQ7IWA/ref=sr_1_5?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1443024648&sr=1-5&keywords=foscam really nice picture and night vision isn't bad either. I use Ispy to monitor 5 cams all with email alert and live viewing you can also schedule times to come on and off. have a sound option also I also only pay 8 bucks a month to use ispy {free without email alerts}. there is also blueiris which i have never used but have heard decent things about.
  19. According to reddit all the employees at frozen cpu have quit meaning orders are not being filled. Just wanting to warn people.http://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/comments/2wczsr/unofficial_statement_released_by_wife_of/ sorry on my phone right now. Also here is a link on more http://www.overclock.net/t/1540656/official-frozencpu-shuts-its-doors
  20. capthowdy575

    Cleaning out the PS3

    correct me if im wrong but doesn't a vacuum create static when using the plastic attachment I mean you could tape it up with electric tape inside and out. also I use just a air compressor with the air turned down a little and hold the fans while blowing them out. I also do this out side so no clean up lol.
  21. capthowdy575

    How many cores?

    welcome I'm glad we could help. Have to love those drivers lol.
  22. nice layout. alphacool makes some really nice copper rads. also ekwb are some really nice blocks. The best way to get bubbles out is to run just the pump after you have liquid in and just filling the loop. you want to shake the case slightly and tilt it. also I usually let my water cooling system run for 24 + hours with out turning the system on. also missing metals and water is never a good idea but they make chems and kill coils to help fight it. I'm going with a all copper build which should up. also I would look into a D5 pump.
  23. capthowdy575

    How many cores?

    the asus website stats you must install the new vga drivers from there website for full compatibility. you want to install Version under vga http://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/Z97PRO_GAMER/HelpDesk_Download/ there is a link to your board and os is windows 7 64 bit. the driver you need should be under vga. if you click on the link then click on the cpu supported list you'll see where it says you need the newest vga driver also make sure you have the newest chipset also.
  24. now that's some PETG bending lol. Yea i always check mcmaster since we order from them daily. Great prices and fast shipping. also if you want to do some spiral designs in your PETG get a 1 inch or even half inch how ever big you want honestly and bend it around it going up you can make some wicked looking designs just by looking around your house lol. I've seen people take a some wood and route it out to spell things or crazy shapes.
  25. capthowdy575

    Official GUNS Thread --

    Its so pretty lol. one question though is it a model 70 or 80? I'm looking into getting a 45acp I own a couple sigs in 9mm and a ppq in 40. but shooting gods round is so fun lol. I've been looking at the para double stack models for sometime now I heard that the para was having feed issues due to the mag spring. I think its fixed by now though.