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2011: Official What Are You Listening To Right Now Topic

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another one of my favorites



Been in a Maynard Ferguson mood all week.... sucks most of youtube videos dont have any live video of him most just show a picture while playing music

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34min Run-time


I created my first mix. Took longer than I thought it would, picking songs and trying to mesh them so the transition isn't so horrible. My software is pretty basic, but it at least lets me see the wave path and change basic properties for transitions and such. If you have the time give it a listen. This is the only forum I go to so it won't get much exposure.




Right now the video is telling me it might be blocked in Germany. Not sure how true that is and what I need to do to fix it. No songs are original, all are remix and sliced/mashed up.

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Oh cool Kingdingeling still comes here. Can you do me favor real quick, you don't have to listen to the whole thing, but can you tell me if my video really is blocked in Germany? Not sure why some of it is flagging out as all the music is either remixed/mashed up/sliced in various fashions, but YouTube is saying it "might be blocked in Germany". :dunno:


Got a cool compliment on it though I don't deserve, so at least I know its not blocked everywhere.


Dammn, you really know your stuff, i wish you would make a new channel and make more videos, i'll gladly be the first one to subscribe. Let me know if you? do such thing or make a new video like this one ;)!

Guess he doesn't like my gaming videos lol. Though he isn't the only one.

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