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  1. love this cover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zuh29Xu5nSw
  2. bilcliff

    Xbox One

    I'm sure we all remember the whole TV, TV, TV, TV, Sports, TV, thing. They've pretty much confirmed what we were expecting in that the TV functionality on your Xbox One will only work if you're in the USA. It "might" come to other regions at a later date
  3. bilcliff


    One more year then it's all down hill my friend. Happy Birthday mate
  4. +1 to Bioshock Infinite. Not really millitary though. It can be played almost entirely without using vigors (plasmids from the first 2 games) Can and did go wrong with Hard Reset. Played the demo & on 2 separate occasions the camera shaking from running gave me a crippling headache. I'd also throw up COD 4 Modern Warfare. From memory ~6hrs. One of the better military campaigns. If you're also into 3rd person shooters too I'd recommend: Spec Ops: The Line - very good narrative. One of the better games of 2012 for it. Binary Domain - Instead of soldiers you're shooting robots (almost i Robot). Gets all philosophical as to what a human is & isn't
  5. Jim Sterling gave it a 3.5/10. Can't say that i agree with him, but at this stage i'm only a couple of hours in. I got sidetracked chasing collectibles. Early impressions: Combat feels off. Initially i thought it was because i was a bit rusty having not played AC in quite some time. But Bats doesn't seem to target as well and the timing doesn't appear to flow as well as prior installments. Frame rate drops when more than 8 enemies on screen at once which happens rather frequently (PS3 version) Multiplayer. Tacked on and unnecessary. Not to mention microtransactions like Mass Effect 3. Tried to play it around this time last night. sat in a lobby for 25mins before i gave up Villain list seems C & D list. Admittedly AA & AC ran through all the mainstream villains and Origins is stuck between a rock & a hard place in rehashing some of them for a 3rd time vs having less known villains. Enigma (Riddler) collectibles again! some of them have almost identical challenges to collect them as what was in AC Sections of map re-used from AC Prequel yet has gadgets not used in subsequent games. On flipside has some gadgets unlocked from start that were progression upgrades in AA or AC 4 $%^&ing codes to redeem preorder / collectors edition content (skins & deathstroke maps) so far feels more of a 6. No glaring technical problems (aside from the frame rate drops) so far. But it feels like more of the same and doesn't really feel different enough from the previous entries. Very hard to see where to improve the franchise going forward but also very hard to see value in another title without any inovation
  6. order shipped should be here tomorrow or saturday. hard to believe that its the 24th already.
  7. bilcliff

    Watch Dogs

    It'd be nice just to have a placeholder page though so can add it to my wishlist. Especially seeing as there are games with other uncertain dates like Murdered Soul Suspect has "2014" as the release date. I feel sorry for those who have pre-ordered the watch dogs PS4 bundle. they thought they were getting a game & PS4 at launch now they'll need to fork over more dough for another game in the mean time. Never had any Uplay issues either. However i hate having to remember another password & account. Its just another hoop to jump through before i can play my games. Download steam game, install / update uplay, launch game, download game update via uplay. That & the lack of steam achievements.
  8. bilcliff

    Beyond: Two Souls

    Jim Sterling (Destructoid) gave it a 5. Mainly describing it as a victim of too much hype and simply put David Cage is not as talented as he thinks and shouldn't be in control of all that he is. I quite enjoyed Heavy Rain for being a story driven "game" with a story not often attempted in games. it had plot issues but i was willing to overlook the majority of its holes. it did suck going for the platinum trophy though. I think i might wait for Beyond Two Souls to hit the bargain bin ($20-$30) before i pick it up
  9. certain stores / chains have that one for order too. I just preferred the one with Bats in it & it was about $20 cheaper.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRKb29CIOYY I found out about the song by clicking one of those FOX Newtork youtube promo videos. It is the worst thing to happen to music since Rebecca Black. Even worse is the fact the nonsense lyrics get stuck in your head . I fear the future of the music industry
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