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  1. My brother has a tuning shop in Danbury, which is right next to Newtown. So crazy how something like this can happen so close to home. We live in a sick eff'n country when stuff like this can happen to KIDS. R.I.P. to all those who died. P.S. Don't make this into a stupid gun control thread or whatever. This is a grieving and general discussion thread.
  2. MJCRO

    Far Cry 3

    Haha, I have to admit I did binge last weekend with the game. But I can't lie though, it's been a while since I've played a game as good as this one.
  3. MJCRO

    Far Cry 3

    Beat the game yesterday. DEFINITELY worth buying.
  4. Same haha. Think I ate one once...
  5. This. Unions made sense back in the day when corruption and worker mistreatment were rampant. Today it's useless with all the laws and civil protections the law provides. Good job to those idiots who put themselves out of work. Now no one has a job.
  6. MJCRO

    3dMark 11

    When 2013 comes, I'm starting a new 3DMark11 thread. Freaking no one updates this thing.
  7. It's really neck and neck between the 680M and the 7970M. I would go with the 680M if it were me. Benchmarks for HD 7970M here. Benchmarks for GTX 680M here. Whichever one you go, neither is a bad choice.
  8. Look into getting a GTX 680MX. It's the newest mobile Kepler GPU out now. It features the full 1536SP's found on the desktop GTX 680. Not sure if they started shipping laptops with it though.
  9. Haha yeah, I actually got a text from AT&T yesterday. Chances are they probably did waive the fees.
  10. I tethered my GNex those 3 days and blew the 3GB cap in the first day.
  11. Wow. Thank god it's wasn't anything worst. By my house we only lost power for like 3 days. A tree came down just around the corner from my house and was hanging on the power line. Took 3 days for some guys to show up and cut the tree down, then bam, we got power back. But it wasn't till another 3 days we had internet, TV, and phone back. This storm was retarded haha.
  12. Really happy for you dude! From watching News 12, I can see it was a real mess out the island with that joke of power company LIPA.
  13. I'd honestly go for a 4GB GTX 670 if it were me.
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