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  1. Its about time Intel started making something worthwhile again. A big thank you to AMD for lighting a fire under their ass and scaring them a little bit. 8th gen is a big improvement and 9th gen is promising.
  2. Thank you everyone for the generous prizes as well as the work you put into organizing this. Hope everyone had a good holiday season!
  3. I've been debating getting a GPU to add to the mix, but given that I'll be moving abroad sometime in 2018, I'd rather not buy things I'll have to deal with the hassle of selling later on. Some cards would definitely speed up the mining process though that's for sure!
  4. I've been thinking about switching to another cryptonight coin, Monero profits are starting to slow down drastically now that its value has spiked. I'll check out Verium and perhaps others, thanks for the tip.
  5. Congrats to the lucky winners, and good luck everyone for tomorrow's drawings!
  6. I just thought I'd share my very different setup. I'm mining Monero on three dual-socket HP servers. I have 70-80 threads running on 3 Debian VMs depending on load. I mine with cpuminer-easy, a fork of cpuminer. At full tilt, I can get 2000 H/s. It doesn't make much money, especially with the diminishing Monero rewards, but I don't pay for power as my servers are racked at work. Here's a screenshot of CPU resource usage on vSphere.
  7. Well, this certainly may not be the weirdest, but I am definitely proud of what I've accomplished. Here is the French AZERTY keyboard in my wife's laptop. She absolutely hates it, so I purchased a QWERTY model online to swap in. All went well during the swap, but I forgot to account for one huge issue. I purchased an ANSI QWERTY and the bezel on the laptop is for an ISO keyboard. I did what any sane, level-headed being would do and busted out some files, clippers, and got to work. Making some pretty good progress... Finished product. Looks nearly OEM to me. Wife is happy, and I didn't have to purchase another keyboard so I'm happy as well.
  8. Sold my cluster of Dell 7040s and replaced them with some real server hardware. Bought an HP DL360e G8 (2x E5-2630 V2, 32 GB DDR3) and 4x WD Re 4 TB drives. Slightly higher power draw, but much better overall. Only came with 32 gigs of RAM, gonna be getting some more soon...
  9. Manjaro is a pretty good one. This conversation reminds me of this old meme:
  10. Arch for a beginner isn't the best idea. Things will break and the poor guy will be left with a non-functional OS and not enough knowledge to remedy it. It might be a great distro (and I agree) but it isn't suited in this case.
  11. I'll throw another suggestion in the pot - Fedora 26. It is the only OS on my laptop and I am extremely happy with it. Updates are frequent, meaning you tend to get the bleeding-edge stuff before other distros. Runs on gnome which is great (so great that ubuntu decided to abandon its unity desktop environment in favor of gnome for the 18.04 release). It is based on Red Hat linux and is sponsored by Red Hat, so you really get a damn good OS.
  12. Finally took the time to do it and got my RHCSA certification. Cost a pretty penny, but hopefully it'll pay off when I job hunt later this year after I move.
  13. 4x WD RE 4 TB drives for RAID 10 in the server.
  14. HP Z620 workstation with 2x E5-2660s (8 cores 16 threads each clocked at 2.2 GHz and turboed up to 3.0 GHz), 96 GB of DDR3 ECC ram, and a quadro 4000 GPU. Storage is just a couple old SSDs for now, but I'll have some HGST 4 TB drives in there soon. Kicking up the home network a couple notches and using this bad boy (paired with ESXi) as a file server, plex server, seedbox, webhost (love the gigabit fiber at home), domain controller, and much more! The majority of these services were running on my desktop PC and prevented me from doing any gaming for quite some time.
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