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  1. This is the only network it does this with. Both at home and in university I have not had any problems... I've updated the Apple AirPort already, so I would rule out old software as well...
  2. And what exactly is that going to do? I'm not voiding the warranty on this brand new laptop to try a different adapter, that'd be pretty stupid. It works just fine with other laptops.
  3. A clean driver install did not fix the problem, does anyone else have an idea what could be the issue?
  4. Yea I have read that as well, turned that off already. It doesn't seem to fix the problem. I'll do a clean driver install in a minute, see what happens then
  5. Yea, all other devices work fine with the router. This is however the first Windows 8.1 machine, maybe that's got something to do with it. I'll do a clean driver install in the morning, too tired to bother right now.
  6. I keep loosing my internet connection with my new laptop. The problem is so that the WiFi stays connected, but I cannot load any websites. If I click on the network diagnosis, it fixes the problem but says that the default gateway was not available. This happens at random intervals, sometimes every 20 minutes, sometimes hours without a problem. All the research points to old drivers for my network card (Intel Dual Band Wireless AC-7260), but I have updated it to the newest from Intels website already. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  7. The only option I have is to disable AV Mode on the display itself, which helps, but doesn't fix the overscan completely. Various forums suggest it should be found in the catalyst control center etc, but I have an integrated Intel HD4400 card. I've been searching through the options of the configuration utility but I don't think there's an option for overscan / pixel-to-pixel mode
  8. Yep, just installed those. There's another problem which I have just realized: Every time I start I have to reset the display scaling on the Samsung, since it makes the picture larger than the screen can handle...
  9. Yea, I did change the ClearType, which also seems to have made it better. I think the contrast to the WQHD IPS panel on the laptop just makes the 24" Samsung seem a bit old and out of focus... or maybe I am imagining things... still, the DVI connection from the old laptop had a better picture quality than the HDMI connection on this ThinkPad, which is quite annoying actually...
  10. Hey Waco, thanks for the reply! I think that was part of the problem. I changed it back to 100% scaling, which is ideal for the 24" screen, however the icons etc are now tiny on the 14" laptop. As far as my research goes, it is impossible to change the DPI per monitor in Winblows 8.1 which sucks... Also, the text is still not exactly ideal. It still hurts my eyes a little bit reading on the big screen. While it does seem to be better, it's still slightly blurry... not sure how to properly explain that?
  11. Hey guys, it's been a while since I logged in here, but I need some help! I just got a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon and the OneLink docking station to go with it. I have connected a Samsung 2492HS screen through the HDMI port on the docking station and was trying to use dual screens. So far, I have set the screen to the native resolution of 1920x1080 60Hz, but the picture quality is absolutely horrendous. It seems like it's somewhat out of focus in Firefox, like hurting my eyes when I read out of focus. Also, Windows configured it so that the desktop symbols are humongous, which I can't seem to change? Up until last week I was using the same monitor with my Samsung P480 Laptop + DVI and the picture quality was amazing! Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks a lot!
  12. I was in Scottland over the weekend and finally found a Whisky that I actually like: The Glenrothes Special Reserve Single Malt, spectacular taste!
  13. A Pilsner Urquell is pretty nice, Peroni is a little too watery in my opinion. But then again I am a North German, which means I like my beers a little stronger in taste
  14. Hi lads, I got a Samsung P480 laptop and the Samsung P-Dock docking station and it's been a beautiful work combination ever since! However, since a few weeks ago, it sometimes randomly shuts down when in the docking station. I don't mean like a BSOD or just regular shutdown, but it's a hard one. Suddenly the screen goes black and poof its off! The first time this has happened was after I have installed jDownloader, but I removed that since but it makes no difference. It happens most often when the laptop is under stress, however I have also gamed Battlefield 2 for like two hours and that hasn't phased it much? I'm at a loss as to what it could be? I've run a chkdsk /r just to make sure... Thanks a lot for you input guys!
  15. Ahh beer! One of my favorite topics! As per Germany (my home country), I love a good Flensburger and our somewhat local brew, Wittinger (only available in the area north-east of Hannover, the L
  16. The problem fixed itself... sort of... a reboot of the laptop was all it needed
  17. Yup, I've been on the go with this laptop for a while, it works fine with other networks.
  18. Wireless is turned on and I have tried to manually connect to it... I'm running Windows 7 Pro!
  19. I've just moved to my new place in Kopenhagen and the landlord has a wireless network installed in the place. My iPhone and my flatmates MacBook connect just fine, however my Samsung laptop doesn't even find the network in the network list. The router is an Asus RT-N56U 2.4GHz and my laptop uses an Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter. Thanks for any help guys!
  20. Pulled the trigger on a 2-drive box last night, had another think about it and decided I want something a little more compact. I currently don't fill all of the 2.5 TBs anyways, so I'll just use the 2x 1TB drives and have the others as backup / put them in something else. Lets see how that scenario pans out!
  21. I've found a few options: Raidsonic IcyBox IB-3640SU3 (4 drives, eSATA, USB3.0) http://geizhals.de/raidsonic-icy-box-ib-3640su3-20640-a847133.html Lindy 43104 (4 drives, eSATA, USB3.0) http://geizhals.de/lindy-43104-a830698.html Lian-Li EX-30 (3 drives, eSATA, USB2.0) http://geizhals.de/lian-li-ex-30-a496914.html SilverStone SST-TS231U (2 drives, eSATA, USB3.0) http://geizhals.de/silverstone-sst-ts231u-dual-bay-22201-a900456.html
  22. Thanks for the input, but sadly I can't find these in Germany... Loads of Vantec stuff, but not the good stuff! Thanks also, but I would prefer to have one box with 3-4 drives in it, instead of having 3-4 boxes...
  23. No, not really, I just use the drives as they are... I used to have a Raid-0 array and that crashed after a while, since then I didn't bother with that stuff...
  24. I'm currently looking to disassemble my PC because it's a pain to have some files on there and then some others on the laptop. However, I can't live without the 2.5TB storage I have in there, so I'm looking for an external HDD enclosure that can take three to four 3.5" SATA HDDs. It needs to have eSATA and preferable USB3.0 connectivity. The options are large, I've searched a little but can't really find anything sticking out of the mass. It shouldn't be too big, something that can stand on the desk or somewhere in a cupboard... do any of you guys have experiences with such solutions? Any better ideas? Cheers!
  25. I just logged in for the first time in a while, heard about the loss of Dale from Daves Facebook page... I really haven't been on OCC in ages, used to be an extremely active member and also a member of the news team, but this is roughly 5 years ago. Still, despite little contact with the site it brought tears to my eyes when I read the message and I would like to express my deepest condolences to his family, his friends, but also very specifically to you Bosco. RIP old friend!
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