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2011: Official What Are You Listening To Right Now Topic

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Normally when people create a new mix here on OCC they start a new topic for it but I figure anyone willing to listen will probably come to this thread anyway. My first mix I would have rated a 3 or 4. This mix I'm pretty proud of. I spent all of last week when I got back into town working on it. I heavily modified two songs (Afrojack - Take Over Control and City of Kings). Even though I like those remixes there were parts that just didn't fit the flow I was working for.


I have to ding my mix a bit because I had another song in the mix but YouTube blocked it 238 countries just from that 1 song so I substituted two songs in its place. They work but the flow wasn't as nice as it was with that other song in it. I will probably post this in Girls section of the forum too since some people might like the video for the girls I put in but don't neccessarily check this topic out. While it may sounds cheezy I also wanted to make a video with some hot girls in it. So even if you don't like the music, you may want to check it out anyway. :P



The remixes in this mix should reward people with better than average audio gear. :popcorn:





00:00 Afrojack - Take Over Control (Adam F Mix) ** * NB EDIT * **

02:35 Drunkenmunky - E (Extended Mix)

03:27 Fragma - Memory (Klass Vocal Club Mix)

05:48 Ron Reeser & Dan Saenz - City of Kings (DJ Kue Remix) ** * NB EDIT * **

07:35 Alex Guadino - Destination Calabria (Club Mix)

10:11 Art of Noise - Moments in Love (Anthony El Mejor Mix)

12:15 iiO - Rapture (Club mix)

16:09 Hadouken - M.A.D (Plastician remix)

18:07 Sub Focus - Last Jungle (Original Edit)

21:37 Alex Clare - Too Close (Nadastrom Remix)

24:07 Imagine Dragons - It's Time (Cherry Cherry Boom Boom Remix


NB EDIT = Niteblooded Edit ...major edit of the song versus the typical slice.

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I wanted to make this a separate post instead of editing in this question. So I got a really nice PM in YouTube in regards to the mix I uploaded to YouTube yesterday. (^ ^ post above). Evidently he was the first one to see the video as he said he couldn't believe my videos don't have more views. He recommended this website called - becomeviral.com. Initial google search shows it being a legit site. I know some people here maintain YouTube channels and some people are in the radio industry (ComputerEd) so I was curious if anyone knows anything about this site and if they would recommend to use it or recommend against it.


I'm not trying to go big so the thought of spending money to get more views is immediately a big turn off for me, but I did put a lot of time and effort into the mix above so it would be nice to get some actual feedback on it. I noticed that no matter the video on YouTube the View to Comment Ratio is very low. You see a video with over 9000 comments and you think its a lot ...then you notice it has 6+ MILLION views on it. So I need views in order to get feedback. It's nice someone out there thinks my videos are better than the viewcount I get, but I'm not sure if sites like becomeviral.com are the only ways to get a good view count or what.


Right now I am just creating this stuff for fun, but if anyone has any thoughts on this subject ...or even some experience please let me know.

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Let's see if simply posting a youtube link works!  I won't be able to edit my post if it fails, so if it fails and you are wondering what the video is I will post after this.   I will also put the video in the media tags then put that in spoiler tags so I can see which method(s) work.  It is...


paperclip - whom i belong [place 2b & paimon remix]





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If anyone is into EDM, check out this thread on Head-Fi - Electronic Music Exchange


Even if I started a similar thread here I wouldn't duplicate all the good posts there.  There are free song download links, electronica of all types (Liquid DnB/Dub, DnB, Dub, Glitchstep, ambient, dark ambient, progressive house, electro house, and even some trance etc.), people who promote some big name artists, people who run events, and just tons of good discussion and suggestions.  People listen to the stuff you post and post relevant stuff you might like as well.  It really is a good discussion going on there, and if you're just a lurker you will find tons of stuff there to keep ya busy.


I go by Niteblooded on Head-Fi.


We can start a similar thread here if there is interest but I won't be porting over all the free DL links and other posts from there.  Here is one from my last post there.





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