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  1. iluvstrats2

    Official OCC 2017 Christmas Contest

    Thank you for the game!!
  2. iluvstrats2

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    Pair of Asus 1080 strix oc.
  3. iluvstrats2


    Played the beta for 5 minutes. Wasn't that great. GLad to see ID catering to the PC crowd. Looking forward to it
  4. iluvstrats2

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    A new stand to hold all of my stuff. 6 single stands take up too much room.
  5. iluvstrats2

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    Didn't really need the head and cab for my small place so I got the combo. Plus my guitars take up too much room haha. Mark V combo
  6. iluvstrats2

    i think the day has come

  7. iluvstrats2

    Official GUNS Thread --

    After having two factory adjustable sights break after 30-50 rounds each. Got a different sight that had to have the slide milled a bit to fit. Then got a fiber front. magpul grips. Had some wilson combat parts fitted. Bushing, slide release, mag release, thumb safety, hammer, trigger along with some trigger work. OMG does it shoot good. Locks up better than stock parts. Feels like a completely different gun. Had this for a year and not even broken in lol. Been a long road but finally finished. Never will i buy a kimber with an adjustable sight.
  8. iluvstrats2

    Official GUNS Thread --

    Limp wristed that first shot.
  9. iluvstrats2

    Official GUNS Thread --

    That's one of the better 7.62/39 ar's. Seems a lot of companies are putting them out now.
  10. iluvstrats2

    Official GUNS Thread --

    I am pretty much at this point with my 10/22. The only real upgrades left are a barrel and bolt. I could essentially buy a custom receiver at this point and have two different functioning rifles. We could end up selling the stock rifles haha.
  11. iluvstrats2

    Official GUNS Thread --

    That sounds like a good build! I may just eventually end up with the stock gun again if I change barrel and action lol.
  12. iluvstrats2

    Official GUNS Thread --

    Wanted to start from the ground up and buy an action, barrel, trigger, stock. Then go from there but just ended up starting with a rem xcrii. Dropped timney trigger in, kahntrol brake, HS precision stock. Vortex vipre scope. Ended up shooting real nice. The brake makes the difference in shooting 20 rounds in one sitting and being enough or able to shoot longer. Sucks being next to it lol. I have a .308 with a different brake on it and this 300 win mag has less kick. May swap barrel out at some point for a proof research or a custom barrel from a local shop.