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Yeah this is Disturbing...


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I love these kind of things, because think of how good it'd feel to be rid of one of those ya know??

I never get grossed out by videos for some reason no matter how bloody or gorey. What's odd is in real life when I see myself bleed alot I get light headed, and I gave blood once but was nervous the whole time but wont anymore because the second time I went the nurse couldn't find my vain and was moving the needle all around in my arm to try and find it....from then on I decided noone is going to have my blood, sorry :P


That horse must feel so relieved!

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I never get grossed out by videos for some reason no matter how bloody or gorey. What's odd is in real life when I see myself bleed alot I get light headed
I've got a /facepalm story related to blood and lightheadedness.


I was carving some wood with a razor knife a little too aggressively one day, of course because I'm a clutz I managed to cut myself...

(may have had something to do with the fact that I had been drinking a bit as well)


I sliced very deep into my thumb, it didn't bleed right away, (dunno if anyone has ever experienced that but its cool, seeing the blood slowly seep out of the wound) it must have been like 5 seconds before it started bleeding.


Once it did start bleeding it REALLY STARTED BLEEDING!

I'm usually calm about cuts and wounds (never get lightheaded I can take quite a bit) but this was like fauceting out of my thumb, I started walking towards the house (I wasn't running surprisingly) with my finger wrapped in my shirt and then I got a tiny bit lightheaded.


When I got to the house (this whole incident happened in the garage) I opened the slider door I realized that my shirt was saturated and that I was dripping blood (I was a little bit more lightheaded by then) , I unwrapped my thumb and did the only thing I could think of at that point; I started slurping the blood from my thumb so that it would be all over the carpet.


Well the the mouth has a finite capacity before you need to swallow, I had to swallow a mouthful of warm blood, it wasn't bad (I'm weird I lick my own blood off of my wounds usually rather than stain my clothing but this was too much) at first but then my stomach started churning.


For some reason that made me really queasy, I semi-stumbled into the bathroom and turned on the faucet to wash my cut.


I was still pretty lightheaded, once I washed the blood away for about as second I could see that I had a flap on the the top of my thumb.


It was essentially the whole top of my thumb from just above the joint to the nail, I rinsed it out again (it was stinging, hadn't really "hurt" until then) and turned to the closet to grab some gauze to compress the cut.


I grabbed the gauze and leaned against the wall holding my thumb in a large wad.


I was kind of lightheaded so I figured I would slide down the wall and squat down still holding my thumb.


I was sitting there for about 5 minutes, I was still light headed, my stomach was still churning a bit from the blood and my back was starting to go cold (as if I had lost a lot of blood).


I was sitting there thinking oh Fu.. oh Fu..! I'm going cold... I think I've lost too much blood.


A minute or so latter I was feeling colder but I wasn't lightheaded anymore and after checking my thumb had stopped bleeding.


I was still being overly paranoid wondering why I was so cold.


Then I put my hand behind my back to see if I still had feeling in my back.



I put my hand behind me...







and then realized...
















I was leaning against the A/C vent the whole time, it was on low so it took awhile for the cold to penetrate through my shirt...




I did a FACEPALM that day for at least 5 minutes, I could not believe what I had just done...


Still to this day I question my intelligence after such blatant idiocy!

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