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  1. My favorite race car ever is the Gulf 917, you sir stole my idea. It's ok though, yours is turing out much nicer than mince would have
  2. Thanks for letting me know. Literally the same link but it works now.
  3. I made it out of a rattle reel and an older style bell alarm clock. So I guess I didn't "Make" the clock part of it as much as I just ripped it apart and change how it works. The video shows how to make it from start to finish. This will probably interest the fishermen here more than most people but if the other people would throw me a like on this video or subscribe it would help me a lot. I'm gonna make more video's but for now this is it. Not begging but the community here has always been good to me so I figured I would start with my friends. Oh and I video taped it was a potato... soooo yeah. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81SiAKpUDas Comments and Suggestions would be great. I know I need to use a better camera but I thought about that way after I started.
  4. I realize this but no one said I couldn't be selfish. MEEEEE
  5. Are you sure it's not a workstation card? Though the higher Product should indicate a more powerful card in the same series it could be something like a firepro card couldn't it?
  6. Can't wait, even if I don't win I like seeing how excited the comunity gets during the contest. I'm still loving my D15 from last year. I could use a new SSD this time around ;D
  7. Well it's nice to see them actually paying someone to be creative rather than just taking their designs It's nice that the competitors get such a nice case labs case to work with too
  8. Those are pretty neat but I will stick to old silver coins.
  9. They are vaporware. AMD is circling the drain.
  10. Make sure your memory isn't causing the crashes just to make sure that it isn't an issue I suggest running it slightly under it's rated speed for now.
  11. Two years ago I dropped 60 pounds in 9 months. I just made up my own high protein diet and worked out 5 days a week.
  12. I can't remember what revision of that board my wife's rig has in it but it has been an absolute peach. OCs like a champ and has always been super stable. Up to you though, both are good company's. I like the bios just fine personally but I tend to be happier a with the older style simple bios setup over the newer fancy UI's everything seems to have.
  13. Yeah intel, I found an actual big inside my processor that I was busy voiding the warranty on. I can't imagine you would get anything but a click.
  14. Back when computers were still mechanical, literal bugs in your computer were an actual issue. As for captain, it's more of a hygiene issue.
  15. It's a breezy 72f here in mn with low humidity. Nicest day of the summer
  16. I upgraded today, seems to be a pretty nice upgrade from windows 7
  17. I bet a Xeon would run all that extra bloatware like a champ!
  18. Z97's boards don't have enough lanes to run two cards at 16x, so what most manufactures do is offer a board where the Top slot is meant to run at either 16x or 8x. If you have two cards the default is to run them both at 8x (I believe) because current gen cards don't require enough bandwidth to even really need a 16x slot. Most of them choose the bottom slot to always run at 8x. If you want to run the card in an 8x like ccokeman said you will have to put the graphics card in the top slot. I would listen to him, he really knows his stuff.
  19. It's possible that the board is meant to do that, try installing into the top PCI slot. I know many boards offer a 16x slot and an 8x slot If that doesn't fix the issue I'm not sure if I would even worry about it, I don't think even a Titan would saturate an 8x PCI slot. Also, you built that thing pretty darn fast
  20. Lang is the manufacture, Swiftech adds a bracket and resells for profit.
  21. I'm still rocking P55 and to be honest I will still probably wait another generation or two to upgrade. The performance gain are there I just don't do anything that requires that much extra horsepower. Excellent review as always.
  22. I meant to link the g1 sniper, I really liked the one I did a build with. Excellent onboard sound card too.
  23. I haven't used those boards personally but ASUS makes top quality boards. I would go with whatever fits your budget. If you ever plan on doing an SLI setup the z97 is the best way to go. Other than that performance gains will be very small from one board to another. I specifically linked the g1 gaming as it I better than the G3. The G1 is slightly narrower than a regular atx, but it does support overclocking even though it isn't a z97 Good luck, I hope some other members join in the conversation too
  24. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128760&cm_re=sniper-_-13-128-760-_-Productis a cheap board that supports overclocking, no need to spend extra on a Z97 unless you go for better cooling. You will be heat limited on your overclocks anyways. Their really isn't an issue with GTX 970s and their 3.5GB of ram. The card isn't limited by it and other than being dishonest the 970's kick ass. Either PSU will work fine, even if you go with an SLI setup assuming the PSU has enough plugs the 650 whould be up to the task of dual 960's (though the 970 is probably a better option). Processor wise, the old gen probably wont drop much in price.
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