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    Getting the Maximum from Crysis

    ======================================== Your Guide to Getting the Maximum from ========================================== ================================================== UPDATED! (16/02/2011) ================================================= I wanted to share my accumulated Knowledge here, so This Topic is Dedicated to helping you get the best graphics/gameplay quality out of Crysis, by using a combination of files and Tweaks. I will provide links to any resources, i will also try and keep my eyes peeled for notable advancements to update the thread. As you may already know, the CryEngine 2 is Extremely Customizable. By using a 'Custom Config' you can tailor the game to suit the performance range of your computer, but since the games been out for a while now, and many of you have uber computers, im going to focus on trying to get the best quality without compromise, so you can stress those Xfire 5970's or whatever beast your rocking under the hood :thumbs-up: High Quality Textures: Yeah, i know your probably thinking 'Wait this is Crysis..?' but i found a lot of textures lacking when you got up close. I noticed this most on Rocks and the floor, while crawling though brushes with a silenced SCAR. This first pack is Made by Rygel and should help to alleviate some of it. Here's Some Comparison Screenshots i managed to find: . . Download: http://www.fileplanet.com/194825/190000/fileinfo/Crysis---Rygel-High-Texture-Mod To install, simply extract and place the .pak files into ...\Electronic Arts\Crytec\Crysis\Game Please ensure to Delete the Nano Suit Retexture (zzNanoSuit.pak) as there is a Bug with it, and there is an excellent Replacement coming up. Recently Silent from Crymod released his new High Resolution Foliage Mod. This mod is simply superb at dealing with... well Foliage texturing (duh!) and it really makes a big difference throughout the game world. Also we have possibly The Most Sexy Nano Suit Retexture to date. Created by Lamarr at Crymod: . . ....................Download: ....................................................................................... Download http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EUMJUUYB ..................................... http://www.megaupload.com/?d=D9J6239J Same installation Path as before - ...\Electronic Arts\Crytec\Crysis\Game (all .pak files go here unless stated otherwise) IMPORTANT NOTE: you can use a simple "load order" trick, which is to remove the "zz" preceding the file name to counter any conflicts what may arise to a limited extent. As it stands you need to rename Rygels pack (zzTexturesupdatepart1&2.pak) to remove the "zz", this should let us use both packs together for best results. (If you feel comfortable messing around with things, use WinRAR to open the .pak file and delete the "Bushes" and "Trees" folders, along with any other conflicts from the archive. The idea is to delete files what you already have in Silents High Resolution Foliage Pack, so it helps to have both archives open to play a little spot the difference. It wont take too long and will ensure there are no conflicts. It will also help you to have a better understanding of how to mix and match things in a modular fashion should you spot something you really like to use for example.) Just make sure to make a backup copy of the pack your editing incase you delete something wrong by accident and have to download all over again Other Texture mods i Recommend: = Animated Assault Scope: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=H9P15YZO = Sniper Rifle Texture: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SUKVDGYG = SCAR Rifle Texture: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3PSBNCV1 Congratulations, You now have High res Textures for Crysis, and your RAM/VRAM usage has Significantly increased, but this is just the start! Custom Config and ToD: Now you need a Custom Config, and a ToD mod (Time of day) The config will take you beyond 'enthusiast' settings and the ToD mod will Enhance the Lighting of Crysis to something much more realistic, you will be shocked at how much of a difference it makes. Crysis WARHEAD Doesn't have nearly as much potential for graphical splendor as the original games does as ToD moding has been locked out. This is YodaStar's work: http://www.crymod.com/filebase_redirect.php?fid=480&ftype=extlink == Installing the Custom Config: 1- Extract the rar file on your Desktop for now. 2- Open the Ultra high config folder 3- Cut and paste autoexec.cfg to the game's main directory (...\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis) There's alot of tweaking to do with this config file, but its a good base config to work with, and ill cover the tweaking a little later, for now though you have a functional ultra high quality config along with the HD textures. == Installing the ToD mod: IMPORTANT NOTE: Ran into some problems while Testing a new TOD in later levels, some issues with it need to be Resolved (16/02/2011) Feel Free to use this version Until I Update the post with the New (much improved and simpler to install) one. *** VERY IMPORTANT!!! First make backup of your 'levels' folder (...\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Game\Levels) and put it in a safe place. *** You will also need to temporarily Remove the High Res Packs you just installed from {...\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Game} so place them with your backup of the 'Levels' folder for now. You will need the Crysis Sandbox 2 Editor, which you'll find on your game disk (explore the disk, its right in the 'sandbox2' folder) Once its installed open up the editor - it can be found in Crysis\Bin32\Editor.exe or Crysis\Bin64\Editor.exe - Okay ill try and put this into simple steps to follow: 1- To open a map: File --> Open --> Browse to Crytek\Crysis\Game\Levels and open the first one (ascension) 2- select ascension.cry and click open, Wait for the map to load up. (may seem like its frozen but just give it time) (ignore those errors which come up, unless you get loads of popups saying something about a layer texture format.. in that case make sure you have all the high res textures removed from the crysis\game folder) 3- To install a ToD: TERRAIN --> 'TIME OF DAY' --> 'IMPORT FROM FILE' --> Choose appropiate TOD (from the 'TOD's for singleplayer levels' folder) with same name as opened map. (make sure not to mix up the tod your installing, thats why you should have a backup!) 4- To save and export to map: FILE --> SAVE and when saving is done do this: FILE --> 'EXPORT TO ENGINE' (ignore any errors that might pop up) 5- Repeat this for each map and remember to import the right TOD for the right map! 6- Once thats done, you can quit the Editor and put your custom Texture packs back Congratulations! You should now have a Custom ToD for each Singleplayer map. (give yourself a pat on the back ) **NOTE** you will have to start your missions from the beginning (so no choosing a random save in a particular level, just restart the whole level basically.) == Moving on.. Shader Modifications by Xzero! Global Ambient Lighting/POM AF: This shader tweak is GOLDEN! Previously you were not able to use PoM (parallax occlusion mapping) which makes textures 3d and also have Anisotropic filtering enabled at the same time, resulting in Blurred out floors. Now however, thanks to the genius of Xzero we can have fantastic 3d texturing AND have full x16 Anistopic filtering, meaning beautifully detailed floors like this: Download: http://crymod.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=73616 Post-Process AA: This adds a custom AA Algorithm which has a nice effect of removing the sharp anti-aliasing in game. Download: http://crymod.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=75862 IMPORTANT NOTE: You must remember that the Edge Anti Aliasing we are using in the config is Incompatible with the FSAA which you have in the games menu options. The 2 are different So Please remember to turn it off in game so that it can properly utilize the EdgeAA. It's considered to be a "cheap" alternative to the FSAA, however it actually works very nicely and with Xzero's modified AA Algorithm it actually looks AND performs better too! SSAO Shader: Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) adds shadows under objects with relation to light, for that extra realism. Here is a comparison: ..........................Original: ....................................................... Xzero: .. ......................................................... Download: ..................................... http://crymod.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=77200 = Lens Flare Shader - ETA=Soon = Face Lighting Shader - ETA=Soon The Installation path is the same as before. Just Drop Xzero's files into: ...\Electronic Arts\Crytec\Crysis\Game In addition to this however you Must Delete the "ShaderCache.pak" file whats in there. Also Delete the "Shaders" folder which is located in My Documents\My Games\Crysis. Once thats done and you restart the game, Load up a level (not a quicksave or checkpoint) and you will notice alot of things like textures missing. Dont worry though, its normal! This is because the game is re-compiling the shaders, so once thats done (may take a minute or 3) you should be able to play the game as normal. (There are 2 more shaders i am awaiting for from Xzero, so when they come out you will have to follow the above procedure again.) Physics/Particle modifications by Xigmatek! Xigmatek's Xtreme effects 2 (XFX2) Is FINALLY out! and its as every bit chaotically beautiful as us Crysis moders could have hoped for. If you want to oogle over big explosions, fantastic physics, particles.. whatever just install this, as Xigmatek's the master of physics mods for Crysis bar none in my opinion. HUGE fan of his previous work and you should be too (take a look through his youtube channel, some very creative and insane physics based weapon mods in there!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIdVk1JwYsQDownload: http://www.mediafire.com/?b6m7ysompkp4ep4 See the Second Post Below for Tweaking the Config file!
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    Getting the Maximum from Crysis

    Sorry i've been away for so long again carls and derns, i lost my Internet for more than a month. On the plus side while studying in isolation from the rest of the world, i did spend my break times working on Crysis, tweaking up on a revised config and improvising with what i have. Xzero now officially works at Crytek, (woots for him!) and i managed to figure out what the severe performance issues with Xigmatek's XFX2 mod were being caused by. So expect another overhaul of this thread. sh4dow its never to late As for your question, Yes TOD is only a lighting modification, RELI2 (and by extension other TOD mods) Do not change anything texture related. I guess they could just be showing off how good their mod looks with new textures as well? hope this helps. Heya Wev! Unfortunately Crysis 2 is very limited in terms of what we can do with it. Theres not much out for it at the moment, though i'd like to add in a Crysis 2 section at some point if we do finally get the keys to cryengine 3
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    What is the scariest game you've played??

    lol you wussies. For me it's System Shock 2. Cryostasis is an excellent game (performance hogging aside) and the horror melds well, nice atmosphere and story Dead space on the other hand is just monsters jumping out at you ever so frequently and going "argle bargle bargle" ... *yawn* not even an hour or so in and i could always guess when the next "BOO!" moment was going to happen lol. Fear 1, Great game, solid story and implementation, though its more creepy then actually scary. Unless you count the moments when Alma shows up, she definitely has a way of sprucing up the place with a nice new Red theme.. I'd definitely recommend you Amnesia The Dark Descent though if your after a good scare. See it doesn't rely on copious amounts of blood & Gore, but rather toys with you, and since you dont have big guns to fight back with, it really hits you that theres nothing you can really do but run, which is how a horror game should really be! Edit: Are you kidding me?! how can you NOT think Wheatley is the most terrifying character Evar?!!
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    Yes, I agree, and know that there are much worse Wait's i've had, but it just seemed like the game was to come out much earlier *shrugs* .. ah well now the wait for Prey 2 and Colonial marines continues -_-
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    Global Agenda

    Just started playing the game today, and i gotta say, im very impressed! the character skills and armour etc customisation is great! heres a screenshot of my first character, She is a Recon class: She's such a babe! cant wait to level her up to 50 (which i think is the max) and slap some nice gear on her. heh, well anyhow, you can download the demo off Steam to give the game a try and tell me your thoughts on the game too! this IS an MMO but does not have any monthly fees so theres no reason not to give it a try! Oh and post a picture of your character too!
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    PC or Console Gaming?

    Nother PC Vote! Man i need to get off my lazy butt and finish that Tips, Tricks and Tweaks Thread :/
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    PC Games - Tips, Tricks & Tweaks!

    Hello all, I realise its been a while since i made one of these Big Posts but alas the pull of my Beloved OCC forums is as strong as always and I have Returned! Today i Decided to go ahead and make a start on this thread which will be Dedicated to Listing (as the title states) Tips, Tricks & Tweaks for many games. Some will link to my work (e.g Fallout 3 guide) but mostly it's just stuff i've found and picked up on over my years of gaming. More will be added to the list as i get time, and text/picture formatting will follow too, so bear with me, as it might look a little bland at the moment Lets get started! Post Layout: ------------------ ------------------ ------------------ ------------------ ------------------ ------------------ Graphics Drivers: It's good practice to have the latest drivers for your graphics Card(s) installed. New Drivers Include performance enhancements (as you can see above in H.A.W.X) and Fixes for games which you might be having problems with. I also HIGHLY recommend Downloading Nvidia Game Profiles, or ATi Application Profiles Regardless if you are running in Crossfire/SLI (more then one GPU in your system) or a single Card. These add Anti-aliasing Support (as an example) for newer titles which The main drivers can't always be updated to have upon every new games release. In Game Settings & Driver Settings: As a general rule of thumb, if a game has Graphics options for something you can also Set in your drivers, you want to use the IN GAME settings! Lets take Anti-Aliasing in the ATi CCC (Catalyst Control Center) as an example. You're free to Set the Type of AA used (Super-Sample, Adaptive Multi-Sample, Multi Sample) And any Filtering options, such as Wide Tent or Edge Detect, but should have the "Use Application Settings" Checkbox ticked, and use the In game Anti-Aliasing options. For Anisotropic filtering, the maximum setting you can apply is X16, now not all games let you choose how much you want to apply, and others only go up to lesser values such as X8 (or X15 for Fallout 3 as an example). So if you want to Max this feature out, then just set it to X16 in your Drivers and Leave the options off in game to make sure the drivers taking care of it. Note: Many popular games, work fine when you override the Anti-Aliasing from the Drivers, but i have also come across many cases where if you enabled AA in both drivers and the game, it would cause problems. So take this as a pointer, if you cant seem to get Anti-Aliasing working correctly, enable it via the game OR the Drivers, but not both, as it could possibly cause slight conflicts and/or performance issues. Troubleshooting Crashes: = Steam: Steam games can get corrupt from time to time, it could be because of a crash from an unstable Overclock, or a modification you made to the game files. Many times i come across friends who had to completely Re-Install Their Game, and often overlooked or Didn't know about a simple Feature which Steam Implemented. It's called "Verify Integrity Of game Cache" and Its Extremely simple to use. If your game is having troubles Crashing or somethings up, this is usually the first thing i'd recommend you do before anything else. = Go to your Games Library. = Right click on the game in question. = Click Properties. = Click on the "Local Files" Tab. = Select Verify Integrity Of game Cache, and let Steam Do its thing. = Once all files have been Verified, and corrupt or missing ones have been replaced, Startup your game, and hopefully it should work fine! If that's not working out for you, you can also try Deleting the ClientRegistry.blob file in your steam folder. = Games For Windows Live (GFWL) Ah good old GFWL.. NOT! Crashes are a common occurrence when dealing with games which use GFWL. You'd normally think that theres something wrong with your computer, drivers or the problem lies elsewhere, when all the while theres a high probability of it being caused by your GFWL Installation screwing up. Heres the thing, When you install your GFWL games, They usually include a copy of it with them, and automatically install it. Multiple copies will end up being installed over one another again and again. It gets worse when you combine 2 services, such as Steam and GFWL, Dawn Of War II did this, Great game, but it was a Royal Pain to Track down what my crashing issue was. So what i'd recommend you try is: = Install your GFWL games. = Update them with the latest patches Available. = Completely Uninstall GFWL From your computer. (including the "Redistributable" one) = Head to the Games for Windows Live Website, and Download the client. = Install It, and let it Update. = Restart your computer for good measure, and play your game! = Other things to Try if your game is Crashing: Overclocking: An unstable overclock will often cause your system to crash, hang, or act up in some other way. Make sure that your system is nice and stable by stress testing it (using Prime95, memtest etc). Better yet, to eliminate this possibility id suggest running stock and testing the game again. Compatibility Mode: Older games might have trouble starting up on your computer. I'll be adding some of those games later on, as sometimes you need to do very specific things for each of them to work. First thing you could try though is to run the game in Compatibility mode. To do this: = Right click on a shortcut or the main exe of the game = Click Properties = Click on the compatibility tab = select the "run this program in compatibility mode" checkbox = Try starting up the game with various options (e.g XP Sp3) from the drop down list. User Account Control (UAC) Windows Vista and windows 7 use this feature for added security, but like for most of us, its more a hindrance then anything else. Constantly asking if you want to do something, and making your computer feel slow and unresponsive. If you're playing around with moding your game, are trying to use a Trainer or in some cases Installing a game, theres a chance that UAC is getting in the way and screwing things up. Thankfully you can disable this feature easily enough, instructions: = Click Start. = Click on your Avatar on the top Right hand side of Start menu (This opens up the User accounts screen) = Click "Change User Account Control settings" = There is a slider, Drag it to the bottom so that UAC is completely Turned off. Click Okay to confirm. = Vista Users Require a Restart. If you're uncomfortable without using it for some strange reason, you can always turn it back on again. Hybrid PhysX: If you have no clue what PhysX is, or what it does, here are 2 excellent videos Showcasing PhysX in Action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x9B_4qBAkk . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONQfbGBtitY Now whether you think its a gimmick or not is besides the point. Personally i think it adds a nice touch of detail, though it wouldn't make me want to play a game any more or less without it. I used to have one of the old Ageia PPU cards, until nvidia bought them out and consequently dropped support for them, and later blocked Physx from working when a non Nvidia Card was detected in a system, which brings me to Hybrid PhysX. If you are running Windows 7 or XP (Sorry Vista boyos, it won't work due to WDDM 1.0), and have an old 8800 series of Nvidia card or newer, you can use it for PhysX in games where the technology's supported, while keeping an ATi one as your main card. Note: I recommend the following cards, Anything less will perform sluggish in games, and could actually hinder performance. Anything too much More, would be a waste of power, money and is quite simply put, OVERKILL. I've seen people using GTX470's as a PhysX card, Please don't be That stupid! remember that it's ONLY for PhysX, and not all games use this technology, so find a cheap efficient card along the lines of the ones listed below: 8800GT, 8800GTS, 8800GTX, 9800GTX, GT240, GTS240, GTS250. Installation: Just Fit your Nvidia Card in the PCI-E slot underneath the ATI one. I recommend that you download the Nvidia 260.99 Drivers, and Nothing newer. You don't need to upgrade the Nvidia Drivers, as the cards only for PhysX and you wont be seeing any performance increases by using newer drivers, unless theres a Major overhaul in a new PhysX Driver (which are included within the nvidia ones.) This method should enable you to run both cards fine without any need for hacks. If you run into problems, or are using Windows XP, or also happen to have an old Ageia PPU However, then i recommend you check out GenL's Hybrid PhysX mod which can be found here: http://www.ngohq.com/graphic-cards/17706-hybrid-physx-mod-v1-03-v1-04ff.html IMPORTANT NOTE: If you can't get PhysX to work in some games, but are sure its working fine in others, do a search for "physx" where the game is installed. Delete any dll files which pop up. As an example, to enable GPU-PhysX in Mirror's Edge you must delete PhysXDevice.dll and PhysXCore.dll from the games "Binaries" folder. Input Devices: Choosing the right control method for your game can completely transform your experience believe it or not! It's an important thing to consider and is often overlooked. Lets take the Devil may Cry games as a Random example; No doubt you've come across a few people who said things like "the controls for those games sucked!" then you find out they were probably using their keyboard and mouse! Most of the following is common sense really, but i thought i'd add it in anyway (hey you might learn something! ) Joysticks: Flight Sim/shooters, (e.g H.A.W.X) Really do come into their own when using a Joystick. Joysticks are relatively cheap to buy these days too since they haven't been a "Trendy" thing for a while, so pick one up and give your flight games another try! I recommend something from Saitek (i'm currently using a Cyborg Evo Force and love it! the x52 is widely loved too) Wheels: Racing games Play best on a Force Feedback Wheel, or if you don't have one use your controller! No-one should have to play racing games using their keyboard, it gets very uncomfortable fast. If you have an Xbox 360, then you can use the Wireless Force feedback wheel on your PC, it works and feels great, and also saves you having to go out and buy another wheel for playing on your PC. If you don't have one though, i'd recommend the Logitech G27. Controllers: The Great thing about controllers is that many game genre's play well using them! You can also get your Playstation and Xbox controllers to work on your PC without much hassle too! So you could save yourself some $ and start using your peripherals Cross Platform. Keyboard & Mouse: Ah yes, our most used peripherals! The accuracy of a mouse is unmatched, and you have a host of buttons to play with and bind on both it and your Keyboard. This flexibility means that its great for RTS, Shooter, and Straight up RPG games. Id Recommend Logitech, Razer and Roccat for their excellent keyboard and mouse products. Light Guns & Motion Controllers: Microsoft Wireless Gaming Receiver: 3D Vision: Recommended Utilities: = RadeonPro: http://www.radeonpro.info/en-US/ = SSAA-Tool: http://www.tommti-systems.de/start.html Recommended Links: = Find out if your hardwares up for it: http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/ = Excellent place for Tweaking your Game: http://tweakguides.com/ Games: Batman: Arkham Asylum: = Performance Tips: If your Nvidia Card doesn't have enough punch, or you don't have a Dedicated PhysX card, or are using an ATi only card, try setting PhysX to Low/Off as its a major performance killer. = Crashes: Crashes in Arkham Asylum Can be caused by Games for Windows Live, (see above in Troubleshooting Crashes Section.) = Misc: In Game Anti-Aliasing Fix for AMD/ATi Graphics cards: As you probably know, without an Nvidia card you won't be able to enable in game AA, and are forced to use the CCC, which does not work properly in this game the last time i checked. GenL (the fellow who also made the PhysX hack) Made this little fix which, unlike the one i was previously using, doesn't disable GFWL: http://www.ngohq.com/attachments/graphic-cards/2750d1271950287-batman-arkham-asylum-msaa-fix-batmanaa-msaa-fix-100422.rar Bioshock: = Performance Tips: = Crashes: (Dx9) = Misc: (MLAA, Sound) Burnout Paradise: = Performance Tips:(ssoa) (360Cont/Wheel) = Crashes:(desktop capture) = Misc: (no intro) ...................................... Vanity Pack Mod: .......................................................................... ENB Series Graphics Mod: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5-3-5_TQr8 . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8mQaKI5PQ4 ............ Link: http://burnouthints.webs.com/vanitypack.htm ............................................................ Link: (coming soon) Crysis: = Performance Tips: Try Disabling the In game Anti-Aliasing, and use an Autoexec config, With EdgeAA Enabled. Its Much less Demanding then the In game MSAA, and you will also be able to Fine tune how your game runs with many different variables (See my guide). = Crashes: make Sure you have your game Updated to at least version 1.2. Crysis can also get a little touchy if your running Overclocked, so Tone down your clocks just incase this is whats causing the crashes; You could also try using the 32bit exe to see if that makes any difference. The last level of the game is known to have crashes and run extremely slow, To fix this, the only thing you can really do is run the game in DirectX 9 mode. = Misc: If you Hear a Squealing sound while Starting the game, and in menu's, don't panic, as its basically because The game doesn't use vertical Synchronisation in these places, so your cards rendering at hundreds (or thousands) of frames per second, causing this noise. You can stop it in most cases by Enabling VSync In game. = I made this moding guide, its geared towards people with Extremely good rig's, but theres a few things you can pick out if you dont quite have the hardware. It Currently needs further updating, as some of the Download links need to be sorted and the "TOD" modifications Should be left alone for now, until i can get word from Crymod about updated versions (i will update the thread as soon as i do get word back) http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=172883 Dragon Age II: = Performance Tips: = Crashes: = Misc: BioWare were awesome enough to Release a High Resolution Texture pack for us PC Gamers: http://social.bioware.com/page/da2-patches Fallout 3: = Performance Tips: = Crashes: = Misc: I made this guide, which you can check out for a multitude of Excellent enhancements for this game (a few links have gone down, but i'll fix that) http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=176964 Halo: Combat Evolved - Custom Edition: = Misc: Since it's old, you may want to disable Anti-Aliasing in your drivers to play it if you have problems starting the game. The original Halo is (in my honest view) still the best out of all of them by far. The custom edition can be Downloaded for Free. Custom edition basically allows you to add user created content in, so there are hundreds of custom maps and Even Single-player Campaigns which you can download for the game. Here is a "portable" version of the game i uploaded, you should be able to unzip it and run it anywhere fine: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PSOE2M54 In addition to this, i uploaded a collection of the Finest Multiplayer maps available For this game. You can of course find them all at www.halomaps.org, but you'd have to sift through probably thousands of them () and i hope i can get as many people as possible to download this pack, so we can have more people play amazing maps, which deserve recognition, as most people don't even know about: Part 1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GRS2LXFM Part 2: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=J28UQLKE = You can Also Download the CMT Singleplayer maps. These are golden, they're still in BETA stage though, so will probably change at some point in the future, but download all the Version 2 ones you see anyway! You basically have the whole Halo Campaign here, with added goodies, from extra sections in levels, to halo 3 style weapons and gear. Link: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?pg=1&sid=35 Installation Instructions: Just unzip and place the Map files into your Halo "maps" folder. Note: The more maps you have installed the longer the game will take to start up as it Registers the maps. Left 4 Dead 2: = Misc: Addon's For L4D2. Tired of playing the same set of maps again and again? You should Head over to: http://www.l4dmaps.com/files.php?cat=6 and download Addon Campaigns to play with your friends. There are some Excellently done ones here, i Recently Played though "one 4 nine" and was Simply Amazed by it! Installing them couldn't be simpler either, just Download, Extract and Double click on the file and let Steam Do the Rest! Split Screen Play on PC: If you have Xbox 360 controllers to hand, or are using a Microsoft Wireless Gaming Receiver (See input devices), you can try this out. Download the following Text file: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3RWBLSCQ - and watch this Video on YouTube for the rest of the Instructions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nlp1j9u3T1Y Mass Effect: = Performance Tips: You can enable Anti-Aliasing VIA Graphics drivers for this Title, as there isn't an option for it in game. = Crashes: = Misc: A Great place to go for tweaking your Mass Effect settings is Tweakguides: http://www.tweakguides.com/ME_1.html (i have worked on graphically tweaking my game with settings mostly found in this guide, in addition to others, which i'll post later on.) Mass Effect 2: = Performance Tips: You can enable Anti-Aliasing VIA Graphics drivers for this Title, as there isn't an option for it in game. = Crashes: = Misc: Here is my updated (version 2.0a) Mass Effect 2 Mod, with many features added. Also comes with a Text file which you can read the changes i made. As always make a backup of the file a mod replaces, just incase you want to go back to the vanilla (unchanged) game, why you'd want to do that though is beyond me! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=V8Q4TKYO Installation Instructions: Just extract, and Place in your Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked Folder, Overwriting the Coalesced.ini file. Need for Speed: Shift: = Moding: . . Please bear in mind that i've only just started this post, and theres much to add as i go along. For now, I'm Hungry and tired, so im going to post this and come back to it, probably later today.
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    Mass Effect 2 details??

    We have details and a Release Date for the upcoming Arrival DLC people! A deep cover agent is missing in Batarian space, after reporting evidence of an imminent Reaper invasion. Shepard must travel to the edge of the galaxy, rescue the agent, and discover the truth behind the Arrival. Uncover new research and 3 new achievements in this spectacular new adventure for Mass Effect 2. Arrival will Arrive.. heh on the 29th of March (this month) cant wait!
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    Best Monitor Size for gaming?

    I game and Work on a 26" and I think its great because its big enough to watch Movies and play split screen comfortably, but not too big so i dont end up moving my head Waaaaaayyyy left and right while typing or Playing alone Good luck with whatever you choose though! ^_^
  10. SenitaL


    Your Rig should be MORE then enough. Might not have DX11, but if you upgraded your GPU you'd have an extremely solid build for the new Load of games coming out. Nothing else needs to be upgraded, and tbh the 285 is still an excellent card. Just like Locutus said, http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/ is where you want to go, its even listed in my latest guide whats still a work in progress (Tips Tricks and Tweaks)
  11. SenitaL

    PC Games - Tips, Tricks & Tweaks!

    Thanks for the suggestion SPatrol, I actually reserved that second Placeholder because i was going to add in some support info for Pre-2000 games, current ones i have tagged are: Starsiege NFS: III Hot Pursuit Diablo 2 TRIBES Ill see to the earlier fallout games, though id have thought them to work fine since they're part of that Fallout pack from Steam. Anyone have any other old games they cant seem to get working right under a new system?
  12. SenitaL

    PC Games - Tips, Tricks & Tweaks!

    In popular games this is true in most cases, but there are many games i've come across which cause issues when settings are enabled in both places. Be they BETA games, or not very well known games, or Even newer titles which have yet to be included in the CCC Drivers or Application profiles. I think i'll have to further work on the wording of the Anti-Aliasing section.
  13. SenitaL

    PC Games - Tips, Tricks & Tweaks!

    hmm Waco, im Referring Specifically to "Morphological" Anti-Aliasing, Not the different filtering options (wide tent, edge detect). I don't think the 4870 series of cards has this option available. It was introduced with the 10.10a drivers, and only the 58XX Series and new 68XX Series of cards have it, at least to the best of my knowledge.
  14. SenitaL

    PC Games - Tips, Tricks & Tweaks!

    Yes Driver Settings Do take Precedence. Say for example you're running a nice enthusiast rig, You want to max out all the settings in CCC/Nvidia Control panel and leave Anti-Aliasing to Application controlled, but your free to set the Filtering to Edge Detect and change the Type to SuperSample, which gives the best image quality. Forcing AA Through Drivers has more of a performance hit though (even if it's slight in some cases), so its really best for games which don't natively support AA, Mass Effect, Borderlands etc. Personally i have Everything maxed out in the CCC, but don't like to use Morphological AA, as it has a big performance hit and makes the screen look a little odd (kind of fuzzy in some places) It has a neat effect of shaving off anything pointy though, so even text will have a rounded effect to it Also i Force Anisotropic Filtering to X16 in drivers, Not many games offer the option, and those which do i just leave them turned off and let the driver take care of it. Hmm, i really should add this info to the post, i was going to elaborate on it further anyway Lol yeah, it's going to be a pain up the royal *** but hopefully i can pull it all together, im Still working on the basics (layout, formatting, and later for pictures & videos etc) thanks for the vote of confidence though! =)
  15. SenitaL

    PC Games - Tips, Tricks & Tweaks!

    Second Placeholder, (lots of work to do! )
  16. SenitaL

    PC Games - Tips, Tricks & Tweaks!

    Placeholder (just in case!)
  17. SenitaL

    Mass Effect 2 details??

    Dust off your copies of Mass Effect 2 people, because we have one BIG DLC heading our way, it's called Arrival, and Will be one of the Main DLC's which bridges the gap between Mass effect 2 and 3 (i believe this is the last, though there could be one more). No word yet on when its out but usually when Bioware Release Screenshots itt means REALLY soon, heres the 2 Screenshots released so far: Also on a further note I have a new V2.0 Of my Mass effect 2 Mod out, Here is the link for it if you want to give it a try, which i highly recommend! (it also comes with a Text File listing all the changes made. I'll also be creating a thread soon for general PC game Tips, Tweaks and Tricks, so keep an eye out for that!) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=V8Q4TKYO Enjoy!
  18. SenitaL

    SSD Drive vs PCI SSD

    Non SSD Drives are locked to 5.9, stupidly enough. WEI is just a number Nubs look at to be honest, quite pointless, If that number bothers you so much you can actually hack the text file what shows the score lol. It annoyed me too so i went and changed the score of my HDD from 5.9 to 7
  19. SenitaL

    Sapphire 6990 Reviewed

    ohohoo, i cant wait for the MSI Twin Frozer Edition if we do get one ^_^ Nice Review as always Coke!
  20. SenitaL

    Tribes Ascend

    I know you can Get and play TRIBES and TRIBES2 For free now, ill check back and update my post with some links (hopefully if i find any lol)
  21. SenitaL

    Metro 2033

    Excellent! I've been meaning to start a little thread asking something with regards to M2033. If there are Any people who live in Germany, could you possibly let me know if you find a copy of the German Collectors edition what you guys have over there? I'm after one but its Damn near impossible to find a copy. I think other then Amazon.de i haven't seen one Regards - an Obsessive collector of Collectors edition games
  22. SenitaL

    Tribes Ascend

    TRIBES has an absolutely MASSIVE fan base still active and very much alive across all 3 games. Also throw in the Starsiege Community too which is directly linked to TRIBES, I cannot believe so many of you havn't played either game, Shame on you!
  23. SenitaL

    Tribes Ascend

    Lol yeah its a frame from the video i was going to snap but did a google search and found someone else already had =P Also TRIBES Vengeance Doesn't really get much recognition as its Multiplayer lacked the soul of a true TRIBES game, that said i Do still play it every now and then, and the Singeplayer Story Aspect of it is Excellent. Hi-Rez Studios' Global Agenda already has a little bit of a tribes feel in it, so im hopeful they can pull this off!
  24. SenitaL

    CryEngine 2 at its finest

    Gah! thanks for spotting that one out! I totally had no idea because i've seen a picture what looks just as good with TOD work, better shading, more bushes, and more motion blur, the effect of which looked SO much like the picture above that i was sure they were both Crysis shots lol.
  25. SenitaL

    Shogun Total War 2

    heh thanks for the suggestions I'm currently playing Red Alert 3, Cities in motion, Dawn of war 2, and Sins of a Solar Empire Trinity edition is still on my To buy list, though one of my Friends who''s into RTS games said the UI was too icky with it so i probably wont spend too much $ on that game. I used to play Star Trek Armada and Armada 2 as well, great games, As for Starcraft, i fully acknowledge them as great series of games, but to be honest the gameplays just Toooo fast for a "novice" to the genre. I DO however want to get my paws on the CE for Starcraft 2, so there wont be any doubt that i'll play through the game