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  1. The problem with high core clock speeds is heat when you start pushing 8c 16t. You can find the best core and push the limits with by core overclocking but 5.5Ghz is most likely not going to happen unless you are planning sub zero cooling. You are running 8 cores in a package that originally was running 4 and trying to push that thermal load through the same surface area. You just cannot dump enough of the thermals through the IHS and into a cooling solution fast enough to stay out of trouble. Running AVX offsets are great but the end result is that core clock speed drops putting you in the same performance boat you started with. If anything push for 5.2Ghz on the best core and run the other cores at a lower multiplier.
  2. Thanks for the write up and link back to my look at this card!
  3. That is an old rig. I retired my X58 i7 920 system this year for a family build and put the i7 4960X together with the Rampage iV Black Edition and it is just thumping along!
  4. If you afraid to damage the GPU then the shunt mod is not for you. However the links noted above are a pretty good start. The overclocks you are running are pretty solid clock speeds. Not sure you would gain enough for full time use to make it worth your while.
  5. The RTX 2070 is a better performer in just about every test I ran! official and unofficial.
  6. The Founders Edition cards are the NVIDIA built cards that follow their design specifications. Basically their take on what a high end card should be. Now as to whether it is worth the price. That is up to you. Now the fact that you cannot run SLI with this card is a downer. My guess is that they made the decision to not cannibalize their upper performance space. But for $499 (FE Cards are $599) you will see a huge upswing in performance compared to your GTX 970. The key here is what resolution do you game at? 1080 or 1440 are perfect for the RTX 2070.
  7. Thanks! Still a bit warm but 5Ghz on 8 cores is pretty impressive.
  8. Thats why you use whats on the driver disk to start and upload after that! I hear the same about all motherboard manufacturers.
  9. I have not had any problems with them and tend to beat on them pretty hard
  10. He could probably get away with a very solid Ryzen 3 build if money is tight. A B250 board and 1300X should do nicely.
  11. Looks like a solid build. Im using the Z370 platform for my Video card test rig and it is an improvement over the Z170 rig I was using.
  12. Thanks Dave. BTG has really tanked at this point!
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