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  1. Buy a good pair of headphones and a cheap desk mic. Something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Technica-ATH-AD700-Open-air-Audiophile-Headphones/dp/B000CMS0XU/ref=sr_1_14?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1330882448&sr=1-14
  2. My e8600 machine with a 1tb drive (thats awfully close to full). My brother uses it, but it stays on 24/7 and seeds/download torrents and acts as a shared network drive.
  3. SMeeD

    a CoD4 Montage

    Nothing happens for the first 1:30. That intro was way too long and boring. If it were some random youtube video I'd have closed the window 30 seconds in to be honest. The rest of it wasn't that bad, but after the intro I didn't have the patience to watch beyond 2:30.
  4. You should be fine at 50%. I've flashed ROMs onto my android phones at well below 50% and as long as you know the update isn't going to take forever I wouldn't worry about it.
  5. SMeeD

    EVE Online

    Eve is great if you can figure it out. I played it off and on for years before I finally figured out what to do. You really need to find a good group who do 0.0 PVP. I've got a guy in Goonwaffe and I don't think I'll ever play another MMO that doesn't allow scamming. I manipulated a guy into giving me his carrier, a few hundred mil and a bunch of ships totally around 2b. The best part is in the end he still thought we were friends the whole time.
  6. This is a little OT, but I haven't overclocked since I built my e8400 machine. I just put together a 2500k rig last week. I understand you can't overclock with the bus speed anymore, so I take it the multi and vcore is all you have to adjust? Is it really that easy now?
  7. I had a fascinate (Verizon's version of the captivate) and it never gave me any trouble. It was a little sluggish until I installed CM7 though. The worst thing about those phones is Samsung's crappy software/software support.
  8. I checked these yesterday, but I just checked them again and as I was doing it the little white cable decided it wanted to live a free, independent life. Soldered it back on and all is well. I'm glad I don't have to recable the whole thing but I should have noticed that yesterday, haha. I guess my thread subtitle was accurate. Thanks for the help and Ill keep the recable info in mind for the future.
  9. Yeah it splits internally and passes through the top of the headphone. I guess 4-wire is the way to go. I saw hardnrg did the Y split but I assume thats tougher to install for K701s.
  10. After years of use, the left driver of my K701s is starting to cut out. I think its the cable but I'm not sure because it seems to cut out when flexing the cup in and out. I know a couple others here own K701s, has anyone else ever heard of/run into this issue? What are the difference between a 4-wire and a balanced cable? Which is the easiest to install? And thank you nvidia freak, Im copying your cable setup because I'm broke and yours looks good.
  11. You could starve your family and only feed them under the condition that they play computer games while they eat. They'll magically start to enjoy computer gaming. It's simple conditioning really.
  12. Hahaha. I would have told this guy to get bent and then just ignored him. That schmuck is just trying to guilt trip you.
  13. Wait, no peanut butter jokes this year? I think we're slipping.
  14. Seriously. If you're missing this show, you're missing out. Also, its nice to have Conan back. I miss some of the old bits he had on NBC, but I think in time he'll get back to what he had before.
  15. Can you sell it to a drug dealer so they can get a prepaid plan and use it as a throwaway?
  16. Im glad the Boomer diet seemed to work for ya. I spent a couple weeks eating nothing but bland food like chicken, turkey, rice and water to cut some body fat..... Sugary and salty foods tasted AWESOME after that. A blueberry muffin was like god baked into a pastry. Maybe your taste buds become sensitive after a while.
  17. Im trying to take a few steps in her shoes... She's probably upset because she's having doubts about your character. She's probably disgusted by the thought of being with the type of guy who sleeps with prostitute. She was probably shocked/shaken to hear that you could be that type of guy, even if you know you honestly arent, and even if it was out of character and you deeply regret it. Maybe she envisions you railing some nasty ho the next time you two fight. Can you change how she feels just by saying a few magic words? No, that's not how women work. You can stand there all night telling her how badly you regret it, throwing logical arguments at her about how "it doesnt make sense for her to be mad" and you'll only upset her more because women don't rationalize their feelings that way. The best you can do is show her. When she brings up the subject, be sweet, change the vibe and the subject. If you honestly feel that she's got no right to be mad five years after the fact and that you dont deserve to put up with her ., break it off. IMHO her problem isn't really with the actual act that happened five years, but how it reflects on you as a man. I didnt really read the thread after the first page so I apologize if this has all been stated before.
  18. There should be a "Not knowingly" option! Maybe I have a counterfeit, I just dont know it haha.
  19. Compare the gun in screenshot 1 to screenshot 2
  20. How's Mafia 2 compare with the first game? I really enjoyed the first game a lot. Does this one fill its older brother's shoes?
  21. I had a saitek for years, it still gets daily use from my brother. Ive got a model M now, its older than me and I dont think it will ever die.
  22. SMeeD

    OnLive Goes Free!

    Haha, does onlive have a MUD I can play? It seems to be the only type of game suited for a service like this.
  23. SMeeD

    Hey OCC

    ... dont touch the llamas?
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