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Yes because my enemies actually had decent scores while the ones in your game didn't.




Still nice job though! (Damn 1887's so cheap in that game!)


I had someone snipe me with those things on the Scrapyard stage halfway across the map, not even aiming through one of the airplane hulls... <_< He just slightly turned when he saw me run in, fire, and turn around to go after someone else.


Makes me debate if I should even go prestige ...just get to level 67 and get those 1887s akimbo.


Tad over powered for shotguns...


You're correct, they are overpowered, but strangely, havent had any problems beating them with any other gun. Just got on prestige 2 and I dont miss them at all.


Here are some more:



That's me getting a chopper gunner in FFA





That's my overall Highest kills ;)





And that would be my highest kills without death.


Also, here's my highest XP:



That's all of my best in Mw2.

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I won't be able to see those screenshots till I get home but I ended up going Prestige. I'm not as lucky ("skilled") with those 1887s as some are, but I don't regret going Prestige - I've become quite good at the Famas. I used to HATE that gun before and refused to work on it ...but I think it may be my new favorite gun. I can usually rack up over 20 kills just using that gun, no killstreaks.



If you want a high kill count, play that Rust stage with max players. Freakin' A - that is just mass chaos. I was level 3 Prestige so had no killstreaks to unlock but one dude kept getting the AC-130, Harrier and Chopper Gunner ...finally nuked at the end and ended up with something like 246 kill count or close to that. Only got 86 kills myself ...was 3rd best I think. I don't mind getting my butt stomped but the Flash Bang Spammers need to go ...map woulda been a lot funner without the idiot pre-school toddlers spamming those things. You can easily get off at least 2-3 kills on that map in the time it takes to throw a grenade so why would you even waste your time doing it ...stupid. Not to mention, if you need to flash bang on that map - then you should just quit.

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Here's my best score in Crysis Wars


205 kills & 66 deaths (my nick was Pampers Hunter xD )




Now some tri kills


2x with a weapon & the other one with a grenade




3 kills with a C4 xD




& the last by exploding a vehicule (it has killed me too lolz )



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I forgot to screenie but I just got first place for the first time in a MW2 Domination match! I went 14-2 in the means of kills, too :)

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akimbo 1887 is like cheating


other team suuuuccckkkeed


i made a performance video also

How do you guys keep playing all these sucky people? Is the competition really that light on the PC servers?

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Do kill streak perks count towards player's kills or just toward score points?

If you are talking about MW2 than it depends. Everything counts towards a player's total kill count. But not everything counts towards adding up a Kill Streak.


Kill Streaks:

- Emergency Air Drops and Care Packages do not count toward the "streak"

- Everything else does (Predator Missle, Harrier, Chopper Gunner, AC-130 and Sentry Guns ...well not sure on the Sentry Guns)


So in other words, if you get 7 kills to unlock the Harrier you can use that to get to 11 to unlock the Chopper Gunner. But say you get an Emergency Air Drop and one of the boxes is a Harrier ...than those kills won't count toward you getting to the Chopper Gunner kill streak.


Emergency Air Drops are random 3-4 boxes that could be any of the kill streaks (up to AC-130 i think is the limit) and Care Package is 1 random kill streak.



it seems you took the same mindset that im right and everyone else is wrong

I just don't see those kind of matches on XBox Live and I have quite a bit of time invested in it. There are far too many good players for one person to just completely dominate everyone else like that. You'll sometimes see 1 team get completely destroyed but then pretty much everyone else on the other team has an awesome KD Ratio.

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