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  1. Hope to win something Good luck everyone
  2. Merry Christmas & happy holidays guys
  3. Hope to win some thing from this X-mas event Thanks OCM
  4. Nooooooooooooooooooooo, I have won the Speaks but I didn't have time to PM because I was busy very with my school work ........................ At least they could have sent 4 emails for the winners Damn Hope to win something next time Love OC even though I'm not that active on the forum
  5. My favorite Corsair product is H100. At the moment I have a Corsair H50 looking forward to upgrade to a H100. I like the design of the H100, 240mm radiator with dual Push / Pull Fans hands down
  6. Here's mine http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=14602063 I'm having a hard time with my Crossfire setup, Every time I try to start GPU-Z (or any software which can have the details about the graphic card), I get a BSOD There for, I did not include a GPU-Z Screen shot BUT, I did a screen shot which certifies that I have a Crossfire Enabled system. I hope that I won't be disqualified because of this. Thanks OCC
  7. Well why don't you buy 2 64GB SSDs & put them in RAID0 rather than buying only one 128GB SSD.
  8. I just bought a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Nice phone
  9. Yes you will see a big difference. I had 3 WAY SLI GTX 260 & now, I havea 5870 OCed. games are much more smoother than before (with 3x260GTx or even with 2x260GTX)
  10. I just bought a Gigabyte HD 5870 I had a 3 way SLI GTX260 & now I have a HD 5870
  11. Cooler is the V6 Turbo (with dual fans) & there's V6 also (with a single fan)
  12. If you do it right away, they could do a exchange. Or else as Paul said, you will have to RMA it
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