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  1. What the ., EA actually succeeded with the launch. I still remember preordering BC2 and not being able to play for almost a week as all the servers were down. Hitboxes are .ing awesome compared to BC2, I've had no problems with them whatsoever whereas in BC2 I had multiple shots per game that should have been kill shots but weren't. Jets are a blast and being in a tank with a friend and taking 10+ flags in a conquest map is about as epic as it gets. I've had 0 problems with Punkbuster and the game has crashed once, and even then I think that was my fault. Really, what the hell EA. Honestly I couldn't be more happy with BF3. Awesome graphics, smooth gameplay and hell of a lot of unlocks and stuff to do. Awesome! Did anyone else notice that in Operation Métro, rush, the first section is completely bugged? You fall through the ground and have to suicide to get out. Didin't bother me much though as it simply lead to that those few people who made it to the MCOMs were able to plant and noone defused, and hence it continued with the next section which was completely playable. They'll probably fix that soon though. I still can't wait for MW3. Survival mode seems pretty awesome as does multiplayer. I feel sorry for the fanboys who feel the need to be restricted to one game; they're missing out
  2. not to mention the low pings. If you aren't a host in mw2, a "good" ping is 100-120. That means full bars. A proper ping is 50-60, for me at least.
  3. No, it's not. A little update: i tried today installing windows with the raid array and everything worked fine. Will today do stress tests on all components to see if anything is broken.
  4. I wanted to have more storage space and security, so I decided to do raid 5. I bought three additional 2tb drives , a total of 8TB. I also have a 128gb ssd. I also reformatted my ssd for a fresh install of win7 ultimate x64. I create the raid 5 array, then install windows. 2 minutes pass, boom, BSOD. I try to reinstall windows, it bsods during install. I remove all hdds and try to install with only my ssd. It also bsod's. I have previously had lots of bsods, most likely gfx related. I have not had a bsod in months though. It is late so tomorrow i will change gfx and try to reinstall. Do you have any other ideas in case the gfx is fine? I am currently clueless, it worked fine before I reformatted and put in the drives. Specs Ati 5970 I7 930 Gigabyte ud7 4x WD 2tb hdd Corsair nova 128gb ssd Corsair ram Sorry if this is unclear, really tired right now..
  5. Both. I .ing loved playing in squads with my friends on bc2, but the lack of proper hitboxes and the constant baseraping on thr majority of maps eventually turned me off. Riding in a tank with 3 of your friends or steering a helicopter with your joystick as you scream in the microphone where the enemy is located is about as epic as it gets. With no intent to brag, I am awesome at cod and always enjoy getting nukes/ chopper gunners/ dogs. Just generally being called a hacker by kids is always great fun. However, cod rarely innovates and therefore it always ends up getting boring after a certain amount of time. I don't know, maybe the compete feature in cod elite will make things interesting, but I doubt it. Basically, BF3 for epic teamwork and MW3 for the same excellent formula I've always enjoyed. Spec ops was superb in mw2 too. In the end, I think bf3 will last longer, but the bf series still never managed to achieve the thrill of fast-paced action cod gives you. Bf is enjoyed in a completely different way. I've since long stopped being irritated by people who claim cod sucks. I would probably hate it too if I were getting constantly owned. Besides, the narrow minds of fanboys and their flawed arguments are always amusing to listen to By the way, is the bf3 alpha worth playing? I got the invite but have been busy with other stuff so I haven't had a chance to play it. I also have access to the closed beta as i preordered medal of honor, the piece of . of a game.
  6. I have a Gigabyte UD-7 which supports Raid 0,1,5 and 10. I currently have one 2TB drive which contains all my essential, REALLY important info. I recently bought three identical 2TB drives. I intend to do raid 5 after reading this guide. First and foremost I want minimal overhead but also security. Now, on to the questions. 1.When creating the Raid Array, am I to transfer all data from my existing hard drive to external ones first and then create the array of four disks, or can I simply add it to the three brand new disks? 2.Is raid 5 the best option for me? 3. I've read the manual on how to create the array. It states that I need a floppy drive. Can a USB drive be used instead, because I haven't had a floppy drive in years.
  7. Jump4h

    Media Players

    iTunes for music, VLC for everything else.
  8. How would I RMA it since I live in Finland? Sorry for being a noob, but I really have no idea about these things
  9. I'll check the XFX website, thanks. I have: -Reinstalled windows 3+ times -flashed BIOS on the card -Increased cooling significantly -Reinstalled drivers too many times to count Yet I still get microstuttering, many times only 50% load on the GPU and unstable FPS. I have a 9800GT lying around. I won't be able to do Nvidia surround, no, but I can do 3 monitors in extended mode. I still haven't gamed much in triple monitor due to the numerous bugs in the games and also because you get a headache in half an hour of gaming with three 26" monitors
  10. I'm gonna sell my XFX 5970 Black Edition and instead buy a GTX 580. Why? -Crossfire performance -Bugs regarding scaling -Random crashes with triple monitor. Now, I bought it about 1 year and 2 months ago. The retailer's warranty was 1 year. I've read about this "Double lifetime warranty" thing. Does it apply only in the US or abroad also? I live in Finland.
  11. Compromise* Not sure if I should do this, but I did : D
  12. Way to go at being an ignorant fool. My friend has the G930's and they're, if not the best, in the top three. They sound good and the range is excellent. Too good for my taste. While we were playing a game my friend went to the bathroom and took a . and did not mute the microphone. My friends were laughing and were disgusted at the same time
  13. Battlefield 3 is an obvious winner.. I really liked BF2 but hated BC2 for its hitboxes; lets hope that BF3 fixes that.
  14. My skype crashed about 10-50 minutes ago. Didn't really lag my computer, just stopped responding.
  15. Jump4h

    E3 2011

    The intro did impress me a lot. Otherwise it seemed like the same old stuff. I didn't know Far Cry 3 was in developement! I really liked the second one so this should be awesome Im also really looking forward to Hitman: Absolution but they only showed a CGI trailer.. as did Assassin's Creed.
  16. Yeah, you're pretty much right.. I myself buy cod games because I actually enjoy them (to some extent) and I get them really cheap but a lot of people I know buy this just because their friends play it.
  17. You get everything you got before free.. elite is a merger between facebook for gamers, competitive gaming and extensive stat tracking.
  18. That completely turned me off.. No dedicated servers means hosting on local computers which means hacking on the PC which can't be stopped by IW. The lag isn't that negative for me as I nearly always host (benefit of a good internet) but still dedicated servers would be so much better. This game keeps disappointing me more and more.. I'll still buy it though, the spec ops in MW2 was awesome and the co-op here should too.
  19. I don't really care about anything else, but that leagues thing really intrigued me. I've played some ESL but that often really requires a lot of time, which I do not have. If you simply can challenge someone and the service automatically recognizes the victory/loss I might actually pay for it. It will probably be something like 5€/ month, so I doubt so many people will be buying it.
  20. 1.85. Still growing, should be about 1.90, which is like the greatest height ever Not too tall enough to get back injury but still relatively tall.
  21. I'm not really impressed by that trailer.. Seems to me it will be the same as before. Which in it it self is good, I guess. No one really expected anything groundbreaking.. They just better add some co-op like they did in MW2.
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