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  1. Single Link wont work because the monitor doesn't have a built in scaler.
  2. Hi guys, I'm thinking about purchasing a PS4, but I don't know how I would go about connecting it. With a PC, I would just plug it in and that would be everything, but ironically enough the consoles seem to be a bit trickier due to their limited amount of outputs. The reason I need help is because I have a Korean IPS monitor with 1440p resolution. The only connection is a Dual Link DVI port, and a standard DVI cable won't work (I have tried before). How can I connect my PS4 to this display, or do I have to go out and purchase a TV just for it to work? I'm not familiar with scaling/converter boxes either. Is there any way I can use my PC as one with the purchase od an additional card?
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    Nice to have you!
  4. Congrats to the winners, he just added them it seems!
  5. Enjoy the holidays regardless of what and who you're celebrating with.
  6. What I got? Have no clue yet. But for my brother I got him a pair of Velodyne headphones. For my mom I got a Nokia Lumia 920 in red.
  7. And of course I had to send two emails because I forgot some details in the first one. I'm just awesome.
  8. Games like Witcher 2 and Mirror's Edge for around $5 is ridiculous. I'm not even a big fan of singleplayer games.
  9. Thanks, but unfortunately it looks like the damage is staying. All im wondering is if replacing the screen would be a solution to the touch problem?
  10. Hi, my friend recently was talking to me and he told me that he dropped his phone in the water. The phone itself works fine, it turns on, but the touchscreen is not responsive. The capacitive buttons work fine (as in, they vibrate, but there's no actual way to tell if their functions would work). Basically what I'm asking, as I have limited knowledge with phones (especially the Galaxy S3), is what would work in fixing it. Could I buy a screen replacement and pop that in? Or would the problem be more underlying?
  11. Got the mobo, but picked up some cheaper 8GB memory. Thanks IVI <3
  12. Hi OCC, I've got most of the stuff figured out for this build, but I haven't kept up with processors so much, and I was wondering what could be a good memory and motherboard combination with the Core i5 3570K? Microcenter has a sick deal for this processor.
  13. Thanks, I thought so but it's nice to get some confirmation. Also I've edited the OP so that it's easier to read. edit: also a shameless bump disguised as a normal post (but at the same time it is a normal post HAHA)
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