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  1. I miss those days. Seems like a lot of the fun has been taken out of overclocking as I'm approaching my new build and doing research. No more days of grease pen unlocking tragedies and being dumb enough to buy a Koolance EXOS
  2. No only two of them are monitors then a 32" and 52" TV going around the room. I wouldn't be trying to game on all of them at once.
  3. That would save me a bunch with the memory and I don't think Id need two 6950s since I believe one can support 4 monitors and I don't see myself needing that much power for along time. Thanks for the suggestions.
  4. Its been a long time since Ive posted on here but Ive finally got some free time and money and need to upgrade my rig. Ive had an i7 920 d0 sitting in my closet for close to a year now thats been begging for a home. I realize my timing is horrid with Sandy Bridge but I just want to get the absolute best I can out of what Ive been sitting on for all this time. I already have a Corsair AX750 and the hard drives Ill be using. Aside from that I was looking at the Asus Rampage III Gene with GSKILL Trident+ 2000mhz 6gb . I have no idea what to get graphics wise. I will be running at the least four monitors and just want to be able to take pretty much any game I can throw at it for the next few years. Cooling will be stock for the moment. I have an old Koolance EXOS unit I'll be gutting and building a new custom wc setup into. Just looking for some good suggestions for a graphics card(s) and anything better for the mobo/ram in those price ranges. Thanks in advance.
  5. I haven't gotten in nearly enough snowboarding trips this season so Id be down for a few more months of the white stuff.
  6. Yeah why get in a huff over a similar thread made 3 years ago when there is 10 i7 build threads each day containing nearly exactly the same info? Also, I love this video
  7. I almost bought one when they had them on thinkgeek until I saw the dimensions. The one I saw was 16x12x6 and I couldn't think of anywhere in my car where I could make it look nice at that size :angry2:
  8. I got smashed one night and decided it would be a good time to put a new screen in my ipod and a new hard drive in my computer. Surprisingly the ipod screen went off without a hitch, but the hard drive install wasn't so lucky. The actual install went fine but right when I was about to close the case I saw a male and female fan connector sitting next to each other. I figured I accidentally disconnected it while installing. Turns out they were both hot and I ended up killing everything running off that rail of my psu. Live and learn I guess.
  9. First off Id change the 930 to a 920 cause you can easily get a 920 to 2.8ghz. As far as playing the whole waiting game it never really works out. By the time fermi is out there will probably be something else on the horizon that you should "wait for". Myself Id go higher end now but thats just me. Id also recommend getting a separate smaller drive for OS/APPs and keep the 1tb for storage. That way you dont stand to loose an absurd amount of data if your OS takes a crap. Other than that everything looks good.
  10. There was an available firmware update so I did that this morning. They really liked the idea of actually having a print/file server so Im piecing that together as I type. As for a new router do you have any recommendations? Im trying to research as much of this as I can on my own but my bosses aren't the most patient people in the world.
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. Our email is handled by the same company that does our website so you think just a print/file server would suffice? The networks pretty much just used for printing autocad drawings so got any suggestions hardware wise? Moneys very tight right now so I don't want to make them spend anymore than they have to.
  12. I work at small company that designs, manufactures, and installs sprinkler systems. Since Ive been working here they've been having issues with their network. About once or twice a week everyone will start getting Limited or No Connectivity messages and wont be able to get on the internet or do anything else on the network. Restarting the router fixes this but they'd like to get rid of the issue all together. I'm the only one there who knows anything about computers and have become the pseudo IT guy. I haven't done much with networking other then setting up small home networks and throwing a LAN party from time to time and haven't had too much experience troubleshooting. Here is the network hardware wise: AT&T 2701HG-B DSL Modem ---> Linksys BEFSR41 Router ---> Netgear JF5524 24port 10/100 Switch ---> Netgear FS605 v3 5port 10/100 (for our other building) Any ideas on where to start?
  13. Its right in the middle of my back so I wont be able to grab a good pic at the moment. Ill see if someone will take one tomorrow but heres the original sketch for now. The actual tattoo has a few changes and is a lot cleaner but this is the main idea.
  14. lol I have one that should go on there
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