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    CASE: generic gateway CPU: AMD phenom II x4 @ 1.8ghz MEMORY: 4GB DDR2 GPU: HIS 4890 1gb MOBO: generic gateway
    PSU: OCZ 500w modxstream LCD:19" gateway 1440x900 OS: Windows Vista x64 or x86 (can't tell the difference)
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  1. Oh? Is that all you were looking for? http://www.amazon.com/Heavy-Duty-Retractable-Chain-Stainless-Cable/dp/B00416DLOQ Here is a quick ghetto solution. Attach the key ring to something stationary in a place with some space where you can lay down excess cable. Now run your headphone cable to the key ring and attach it to the key ring by tying a knot around it. From there, run the cable 4 feet and tie another knot. This is where the pocket clamp will be attached. In doing this you should have made it so that you can real in your headphone cable at your desk and create a 2 foot cable loop, but at the same time you can expand it to have the extra 4 feet of cable. this is neat, I may do this
  2. The braided cord is neat, but it isn't really what i'm looking for, i have my computer like three feet next to my bed in my room, and as much I love to with the headphones turn around and jump onto my bed and listen to music. I need like a clever clip or something like it
  3. So I keep running over my headset's cord, a problem I'm sure everyone has or had. It's put me through 3 headsets already, over the past few years. I'm just looking for advice on managing this problem so it's minimalized, any advice?
  4. honestly anything i could lose won't be that important, because what i absolutely need i will put on a usb drive, it's just going to be a bit of effort to get it all back into the new computer i think the way win 7 and likely win 8 upgrades work is, they simply detect for a copy an older OS then perform an install, such as a custom(clean) install based on what i've gotten from googling around so long as it detects my os just fine and i can specify which hard drive, i would imagine what's important is just that i get the os running on my new hd
  5. ok well i was thinking about saving it for backup, if that's all i use it for, it won't age while i run my computer anymore once i have the os on my computer? i will be running it from a dl, and i think it needs to be able to detect vista on the old hd can i specify during the install which hd i want it on, and i'm assuming it won't kill any files on the old hard drive, or would i unplug the old hard drive somewhere inbetween the install
  6. well i'm pretty much done with the old hard drive at this point so i'm not looking to hold onto it after i transfer from it
  7. I wanna start off by saying hi all, it's been a while since i last posted. It seems like nowadays ima bein one of those guys that waddles in every four months to ask a question or two. Anyways, here's my situation. I'm fairly certain I have a dieing hard drive (lots of random blue screens, crashes and what have you) and my computer has gotten generally bogged down. I feel like now would be a perfect time to revive my computer a bit by putting in a new hard drive with an OS. I have a 1 tb hd ready to put in, and my school is now providing students with free versions of both win7 ultimate and win8 professional. First and foremost i wanna know if it's possible to put in the new hd, install the os onto it without affecting my old hard drive? while it isn't the most important thing, I would like to keep from reformatting or deleting anything from the old hard drive because I want to transfer some stuff from it. I have it in mind that I would download the OS onto my first hd, and then begin the install and pick the second hd as the target for it. Secondly the win OS's that I have available are all upgrade versions, will this be a problem with what i'm trying to do? I have Vista, but for some reason at some point it stopped being registered, so I don't know if that'll be an issue either. Lastly, i haven't looked into win8 at all, and don't know much about win7 ultimate either, which would be better for gaming efficient computer
  8. back after disappearing for forever I loved the game, so if no one else wants the key I would be more than happy to take it. I'm not all to crazy of the possibility of restarting a wiped character, though, so I'm not in a hurry to get into it.
  9. slow time at lvl 40, any boss i meet it tends to render them incapable of reacting to an onslaught of sword thwacks, which kills them eventually
  10. A cybergate rat, this guy gives me something called YouTube,speed v .2.6 I download it because he says its cool now I have someone who is messing with me through a remote access tool
  11. disregard the problem has solved itself
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XdXY_HTvfU bloodline champions is a game that plays like a combination of a moba and diablo the most common game type is a 3v3 3 minute arena games, the game devs focus completely on skillbased design, their are no random number generators, and no mana or resource systems the heroes in this game are bloodlines who are all presets, there are no builds to worry about, no turrets there is also a conquest game mode, and a capture the flag variant referral link if you join through this link you get 5000 extra blood coins, but honestly i like referral rewards check it out and add me under: skwerl
  13. so i've been thinking about setting up project, building up an entertainment machine for the living room/TV right now as far as hardware i've got a quad 1.8ghz cpu, a crap motherboard, like gb of ram what exactly should i get for a cheap but decent entertainment/media machine
  14. molotovdaskwerl

    Diablo 3

    because they are interested in buying the games, it's these small details that so painfully deters them as far as i'm concerned, diablo 3 isn't the kind of game that mod support would be beneficial to the experience, because it's kindof like a mmo dungeon runner, and when people are playing different mods, you split up the community the auction house is also a really healthy decision, if not a bit "distasteful," it still is a good addition the only thing i see wrong is the requirement of an online connection to be able to play, that's just A$% backwards
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