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  1. Mine came in yesterday, loving it so far. Not that huge of an upgrade over my Galaxy Nexus though. The phone actually sits quite nicely in my hand(s) despite the larger size
  2. Its probably because youre brown... Not being prejudiced myself, you just know theres people like that. :/ Hahaha he's pretty average for South Florida. If anything it's because he's French
  3. Are you guys going to submit to a background check for this online transaction? Or have it registered in a federal database?
  4. Corsair always treats their customers properly
  5. Unfortunately I spend an obscene amount of money on Monster every month... I need to quit Has anyone tried Bulletproof coffee?
  6. Went to buy some Etymotic HF5s, got some Sennheiser IE60s for only 140 instead
  7. At least now they actually have to filibuster in order to filibuster. I'm glad now you have to keep droning on to make your point
  8. Now I wont have to hear Leafs jokes from Habs fans for awhile, it's great
  9. It's not bad in London; buses are running and post-secondary institutions remain open
  10. Will you be jailed alone or with Bubba?
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