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Aquamark 3 Scores


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What This Thread Is For:

For OCC members to post and brag about their Aquamark3 scores. Having all the scores in one place should help other see where their system compares to other similar systems.



1- One post per person in this thread. ? If you upgrade or get a different benchmark, edit your post.

2- This is for Aquamark 3 scores only.

3- If you wish to discuss a system, score, etc start a new thread.

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40,768 with current setup. lol when that ship blew up my computer was getting like 10fps and i was like what the heck!??!?!?!

hell yea when that ship blew up my card was on its knees yelling mercy!!..


my card got 41381 ------------->click here for compare


thats a $150 card owning stock 9800 pros.. anyways... not bragging, just love good deals.

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