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  1. selling my 1 gig 3200ll corsair xms pro with the led lights on top match set with the samsung tccd chips. this memory will runn 268 with relaxed timings matched set 2x512 (cas2 2-2-5) 190$ solid pm if intrested
  2. There is nothing wrong with pallies as they are now. people just dont understand the role of the pallie and how to use it correctly. shamans ha i spam rank1 command and they purge untill thereo ut of mana, or if there smart they wont do that jsut use whiper roots and try to spam flash of light to get them to earth shock, once they have no mana GG they either wolf up or die. ive found the best all around build is protection with reckoning and repentance, with just enough in ret for command and the last 8 points in holy( i do mis concencrate and free crit heal every 2 mins but hey i can kill mages now ; p ) To many pallies go for the cookie cutter ret build and try for lots of damage, but they have no hp and a very small mana pool. i win most duels because i can out last with a 6k base mana pool in plate Shamans are only overpowered in PVE as they are a better suport class than pallies for groups, but 1v1 there cake if you know what to expect
  3. blah im only a cleanse bot in instances, outside i run around with 27% crit and tons of strength, thou my mana pool sucks i one hit casters alldaylong
  4. Well its been a really good week for me on WoW, first i get my tier2 epic pallie helm judgement crown off onixya, and my guild just downed Ragnaros. heres a lin kto the nath forums pics and loot about 5 responses down http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.a...mp=1#post118549
  5. http://wow.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?witem=16955 its the tier2 epic paladin set the stats and graphics on all tier 2 sets will be changed next patch, right now it has place holder stats. i aslo have a few law bringer peices. my pallie is progressing nicely. im ret/holy spec, with my pvp gear i have a 26% crit rate, and pve gear 5400 base mana
  6. just got judgement crown off onixya. the place holder graphics sucks big time its a stinking tiara
  7. dunno i havent turned it on since release weeek, i can update before i ship if need be
  8. selling my playstation portable, 3 games needforspeed underground, tony hawk remix, gretzky hockey, pelican carrying case, neoprene blue pelican sleeve, pelican screen protector, and a external battery pack that can charge the internal battery twice. all the odds and ends that came with the psp spiderman2 head phones etc. it also has a best buy 2 year PSP. barely used maybe 5 hours if that looking for 250$ solid firmware version 1.5
  9. ok its socket T (775 pin) 1 meg cache 3.0 p4 OEM
  10. http://www.newegg.com/OldVersion/app/ViewP...-116-205&depa=0 1 meg l2 cache
  11. 3.0 socket T P4 100$, never overclocked
  12. wts 20gb firelite hard drive 90$ http://www.newegg.com/OldVersion/app/ViewP...-162-601&depa=0
  13. I've got the gigabyte 3D rocket cooler PCU22-SE. its rather large but wieghs nextot nothing i was very shocked. it does a great job at cooling right now my 3000+ 939 is running 2500mhz and idles at 39c loads at 45.
  14. ive built systems off both boards and the asus bios is horrible, the msi k8n neo2 bios is much more streamlined and easier imho to oc with, not to mention i was able to push the MSI board further on the bus than the ASUS.
  15. gskill your get the pc3200 tight timmings and the ability to overclcok very far, and they use the newer tccd chips that dont mind high voltage
  16. well ive been building up systems left and right for my friends. i call them the 1 grand wonders as thats about the average cost of the systems ive been building. thats including a 6800gt and everyone seems to be very pleased and the d3/hl2 performace is stellar. just go with the 3000+ and be sure to get memory that can handle high clock speeds
  17. well the PQI pc4000 will do 1t at 240 but nothing higher, and well the corsair 3200xl just wont do it period. i have been eyeballing some gskill as i need 2 gigs of matched memory, and my corsair is using the older tccd chips. btw at 240 i was getting better memory scores with 1t than with 2t at 260 never knew that made that big of a difference
  18. if your on a budget the 3000+ if you want to spend around 70 more the extra multi from 9 on the 3000+ to 10 on the 3200+ get the 3200+. ive built two systems this week based off both the 3000+ and 3200+ and the 3200+ was a lil easier to get up to 2.6ghz
  19. hey nuc man i have not been able to push a 1T on any of the Athlon 64 systems when overclocked even with my tccd 3200xl memory. am i doing something wrong ?
  20. the cooling is a TT venus 12, i was a lil worried about the vcore so im going to drop it down after a small break in period. this is the speed i tryed out of the box, after windows installed at stock speeds i jump the bus to 260 and went to town . ive actually had the PQI 4000 runing 275 in the other 3000+ system i built this is pretty good stuff for the price
  21. i built another system for a friend using the 3200+ whinchester, k8n neo2, 1 gig PQI PC4000, Evga 6800gt 400/1100, and this is what i was able to pull off for a stable overclock 2.6GHZ pretty darn impressive for a 200 dollar chip. so far this is 6 hours prime95 stable, man ive got say 939 is the way to go for a 6bit based athlon system
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