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  1. The Snarf

    Overclocking 1700+

    You can find all the information you need by http://www.ocinside.de For unlocking and overclocking your pros by hand...
  2. The Snarf

    Overclocking 1700+

    Do you have a Tbred core ???
  3. The Snarf

    Aquamark 3 Scores

    23310 ....
  4. The Snarf

    Which Xp (name) Of Cpu

    Well i have my own computershop so i can change it whene i like it's so easy I have a hall of fame in the shop B)
  5. The Snarf

    Which Xp (name) Of Cpu

    Thanks for all the help and link .... Temps different story i have try two; Watercooling en Aircooling... watercooling full load 62
  6. I have a Xp 1700+ @ 2405 MHz. T-bred B core 1,75 Volt, but wat i wil know is in wat for Xp (name) kan i give him Some say 3000+ other is saying 3600+ i don't know it anymore.. According to SiSoftware Sandra in am must faster then a 3000+ plz help
  7. The Snarf

    Overclocking Not Possible?

    Only solution >>Buy a New Mainboard<<
  8. The Snarf

    Overclocking Not Possible?

    I think that your mobo is not locked so that meens that when you ar clocking to 140 or 150 your PCI and AGP will increse too in speed .... I hope your xp1700+ is a Tbred B Core if so you can try to set you fsb to 166Mhz. and you Vcore on 1,7v or 1,8v.. (beware for your temp it will get higher).. If he will boot just do nothing only look how high you temp is .... (mbm 5.0) Then run CPU Stability (Test 6.0 or higer) CPUWarming only and see wat your temp is doing. (not higher then 60
  9. The Snarf

    Fans Running Backward

    He will run one time and then burn out I have try it
  10. The Snarf

    P 4 1.8 @2.8?

    2.5 no prob i did it last year (stock cooler) 2.8 or 3.0 in think you need to use watercooling but it is possible