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  1. http://www.localghost.org/projects/amdpr.php ofcourse this program isnt 100% accurate. some dude over at hardforums wrote it up in a few minutes, but i know there are others out there. my clock rate is at 2650mhz (212 x 12.5)(air). my new psu will be in next week, my current one is having crazy V fluxes with a vcore past 1.75v. *edit* ohh and rein lower you ram timmings and up the voltage on it, higher fsb is more important then timmings. use memtest86 to determine stability.
  2. you dont like your BIOS or it just doesnt have OC abilities?
  3. Ya, get watercooling. I gonna get a mobile 2500 as soon as I sell my 2500 barton (1 prospective buyer already) and with my watercooling, it would be cool to hit 2600Mhz. real cool! And by the way, is the 2500 or 2600 barton mobile better? dunno which is better, i guessed the 2600+ and its running 2650mhz (on air!) at only 1.70V lol, once my new psu gets in i will let you know the full results. the math and reason would say that the 2600+ at the moment is the cream of the crop from AMD when it comes to their bartons, i have heard some talk about a 2800+ M but forget where i read that.
  4. i just went a head and sold my 2600 barton (standard) for 50 bucks to a buddy. imho i think these Mobiles have taken the crown of being the greatest o/cing cpus to date, and they are cheap.
  5. its 266 with a little higher clock rate then the usual bartons so the ratings match. but yea you can change that like any other cpu out there. the mobiles have a 100C max temp rather then the standard 80C which is pretty cool stuff when you come to think about it.
  6. i wouldnt say that.. i have seen 3 posts of ppl with 2400+ that are angry because they can only reach 24**mhz.. where as my 2600+ M was running 2500mhz at only 1.65v. if you have the extra 35 bucks i personally would suggest the 2600+, satisfaction assured.
  7. sorry i was going to post a full personal review here once i get my new psu and find my max stable. my socket temps ofcourse never went over 40. DIOD was at max load at 2650mhz was only hitting 58c. this was on a swiftteck mxc*** or something with a 92mm 70cfm fan. its not that the mobiles run cooler but they have a much higher heat tolerance.. normal at 80c highest recommended by AMD where the mobiles are 100c max. which is really sweet.. i know a lot of ppl running these at 1.9+ on air with zero problems..
  8. Got my Mobile 2600+ @ 210 x 12.5 (2623mhz) and gets a rating of 4060+. Running stable and only at 1.75V.. am getting a new psu because what i have is causing instability with higher Voltage. Just though i would let you guys know of my o/c results. these are amazying chips, i cant imagine a better deal, even when looking back at all the great o/cing cpus. ohh and this is on AIR.
  9. we talking about max o/c or max zero artifacting 24/7 o/c? . my pro has run 488 : 388 .. not for long though lol.
  10. that is a misprint on newegg. its 1.45v for all B-mobiles. your board will support that with no problems. will be getting one in a few weeks.
  11. and another vote for the vga cooler.... use the atitool by W1zzard to find out your max stable 0 artifacting o/c http://atitool.ocfaq.com/ (it is a great program) and here is the development thread for it. http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=693352
  12. better cooling.. you need. "Yoda" serisouly, it seems like you have reached that limit where more V-core = more heat you cant cool. i.e. my cpu wont run 2200mhz stable at 1.75v because of heat but has no problems running it at 1.725v. either get a better hs or a stronger fan. my 3 cents,
  13. doesnt make any sense, is it something to do with the board? please explain.
  14. can you return the ram? i mean you spent more money for 3-4-4-8 is no fun... atleast cas 2, i mean you have pc4000 running at pc2700 speeds with extremely loose timmings.... i would try and return the ram for store credit and get some pc3200 cas:2. also run it at 1:1 ratio. i have never seen a proper cooled 2500+ that couldnt reach 3200+, i have seen a couple posts of it crapping out at 3000+. GL.. you'll have it figured out eventually..
  15. or it could be that ram, you want pc3500 or 3200.. 4000 is just way to high and may not like to run at 3200 speeds. also usually 1.9v is way too much for a barton at 2200.. my 2600+ wont run 2200mhz stable at 1.75v but doesnt have a problem with 1.725v. start from the beggining, with stock voltage, if your not getting a stable o/c at 2800+ then up the V a little and so on, dont just jump to 1.9v. i have a swifttech mxv*** with a 78cfm 92mm fan and my Barton could never stay stable at 1.8v ( and i have reattached my hsf 20 times atleast). i also dont think your getting the right temp readings.. install MBM5(mother board monitor 5) and get your DIOD reading instead of the socket reading. my socket will read 42 degreas but my CPU DIOD would be running 70 degrees (with extreme overclocks)...
  16. i read somewhere that there is a scam right now of ebay .. someone selling saffire 9800 pros... but i heard this from someone else who had no proof, well only because i didnt care and didnt ask. just fyi..
  17. when you got your 9800pro even the OEM usually come with a dvi-vga adapter.
  18. i would spend $700 instead and get some pc3200 and a 9600XT .. then you wouldnt have to upgrade in the near future. ohh also why do you need a dvdr/w? i mean i wouldnt get it unless you feel that a couple cdrs just isnt enough.
  19. i have that hs w/ a 5200cfc fan 92mm.. im so unimpressed with this hs. i have reattached it over 10 times with ceramique and as3. my old old aero 7+ was a much better performer.
  20. Leadtek Winfast 2000 XP Profesional.. like 65 bucks.. best one out there.
  21. everyone seems to be saying that.. except everyone who has flashed their card with the XT 128mb version have gained noticable more points in all benchmarks, when using the same clock rate. took me all of 2 minutes to flash mine and everything has been sweet since. i was all against it until the 128mb version was released.
  22. 9800 pro @ 422 : 382.. 24/7 use. VGA silencer for cooling
  23. yea i doesnt if your not planning on playing any dx9 games.
  24. you will really regret going nvidia when more dx9 ps2.0 shader games come out.. get this: http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....y=BROWSE&depa=1 just a deal that cannot be beat atm..
  25. havent posted here in a while. here is my current desktop as i write this..
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