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  1. If you had another power supply to try than try it. I'm leaning toward a new PS.
  2. Did you take off the thermal compound that they give you with the new HSF? Usually those are crap.
  3. I fix these for a living. Try a new Drum unit or check your transfer roller. If it was a bad fuser the toner would come off the paper but you'd still see the toner on the paper.
  4. This sale still on? I'm not at home and I wanted to get Bioshock.
  5. $1 (you asked) and in the furture... to avoid people posting $1 NAME A PRICE!!!!
  6. WOW so posts that are just over a month old are a no no?!?!? Geez... I guess I just won't post, cuz ya know there are thousands of people out on the web that might be looking for help and just might have happen to find my post helpful (a month old or not)
  7. My suse installer automatically changed the partition on my windows drive and installed suse on the spare space of the HD. Both OS's work just fine. I'm sure installers on other Linux distro's will work just fine. (just be careful)
  8. Godda agree with that, my wireless network worked right out of the box (errr right off the ISO!! ) The updating is ALOT better than in FC.
  9. Sorry I've missed this. I've been away.
  10. robbie

    Wtb: Ram

    If he don't want it I'll take it. Rob
  11. I have ALOT of small drives. Hit me up if you want.
  12. And remember, Ex . is the best .!!!
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