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  1. ok thanx guyz.... very helpfull so i hope i can gather up 1000€ working this summer and get my righ up in the fall... ill probably also get a pair of 60 gig raid hdds to get rly fast speeds... SATA is the rite choice rite? Ide are old now i suppose?
  2. well i dont know my budget... but its not high so for what i know ill begetting a +3200 (btw hpw much does it oc normaly to?).... then ill be getting a X800XL pci-e, (i think cuz its good but not too expensive, the X800XT is is like 100 buks more!!!)... so now i need a pci-e mobo and good ram 512x2 (i would need so help on that too...btw ) .... so ya a good mobo less than 200$...... thanx
  3. ok so im back to AMD... i was looking at teh prices and the 3700 san diego is like 300$ so its probably the farthest reach (lets pretend).... so which athlon 64 du u guys suggest? and while we are at it... for a goood mobo what are the suggestions?? no asus? (cuz thats what i have now)
  4. hey guyz.... well its a while i dont come here... and a while i dont keep up with the evolution. Well i wanted a new PC... Last time i checked (2004) AMD was lagging behind rly bad (i have an AMD btw), in every way, it oc less and was less powerfull than P4 (2.4c.... was crazy). but anywaz, now i think im getting a P4 (unless u guys tell me that AMD leading now... and its better to get AMD). I went on the intell website and i got lost, there are like 4 types of P4... normal, EE-HT, D, EE (dual core).... its a real big mess and i ddnt understand which is the best one for gaming and overclocking. so id like some advice. I dont want this to a another war over what is the best, just suggestions. I wana oc but no crazy so something that is already good to start with and is good in oc... and not too expensive... got the picture? so any suggestions?
  5. Ximo

    Stuck In Hl2

    ok heres the trick... there is a room right behind the room with the turrets, where there is the ammo box... it has an opening on each side but small and there are glass windows that are unbrakable... set up the turrets in the center of the room so the guards wont reach them... then you start shoooting... oh and before brining the turrets, put all the boxes and barrels in front of the openings so that the combine get stuck and cant enter easily... so the turrets will not fall and u help them out... if u do everything right its rly easy to pass the part!!!!
  6. ya but i spent 300€ and if i sue them or fly over there its gona cost me more than 300€ so even if i do get my monay back i would have spent more to get them back, so it wont do me any good!!
  7. ok i have already posted somehting like this previosuly but i still did not want to get my money back from them. Well my story is that i paid 300
  8. Ximo

    Far Cry

    dude if ur stuk at the catacombs... ur screwd!! wait till the lst lever... u have liek 15 trigents shooting u, and no place to hide + 4 jumping ape . creatures shooting u with an assault rifle!!! i passed the catacomb level with no problem and i had to use cheats to beat the last elver after i spent 4 hrs trying to beat it!! its creazy....!!! get ready man n good luck!! remember to always use the granade launcher its the best weapon!!!! on the big rifle! btw.. i have a 9500 pro (with is pretty much as good as a 9600 pro, maybe a bit better) and it i can put the details mroe than normal (with 1024x1280) and it lags if i increase the detalis...and i have 512 ram.... du u guys thing its the videocard or the ram?
  9. Ximo

    Ut2k4: Mouse Lag

    thanx that worked!!! :D:D:D:D:D
  10. Ximo

    Ut2k4: Mouse Lag

    3 times..... vb
  11. this is the onlycase where 10thgrade math is useful
  12. Ximo

    Ut2k4: Mouse Lag

    no but it happens only in single player... and it the mouse works perfectly in other games and it lags only when i see ppl on the screen!! :S
  13. Ximo

    @msn.com Email

    thax for the friendliness fxxp, it will get u far in life! keep it goin ... cmq i wanted to change email and someone already has the email i want to do with hotmail so i was tryin with msn.... and i a friend got the msn email with messneger too but i cant get it to work! it gives me only hotmail!
  14. Ximo

    @msn.com Email

    that complicated? but i already have fiber-optic internet i dont want 56k!! so im screwed in other words?.... or could i get somone that has msn to make me an msn email?
  15. Ximo

    @msn.com Email

    i wanted to get an @msn.com email, not homtail.... but on msn.com i cant get it, its always making it @hotmail.com.... .... i stayed there 1 whole day searchin thru msn.com x
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