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  1. A friend of mine recently bought a house, and tried to setup his gigabit switch. While technically it works, he does not get gigabit speeds when utilizing the wall ports that were put in when it was built. I don't remember the details, but the way it was wired is why it limited him to 100mbps speed using his gigabit router. So yeah, I agree it is probably the wall port.
  2. I basically do the same thing you are Silk, except my main router is a wired one. Modem->main router->switch->cable to Wireless router acting as an access point into a LAN port on the wireless router. Its been a while since I set it up, but I think I configured the wireless router before putting it into production, by disabling DHCP, and just configuring the wireless portion of it. Then after it was configured, I connected it up as an access point, by plugging the "uplink" into one of the LAN ports. This way, my main router does all the DHCP/Firewall/etc, and the wireless router just broadcasts the same network over wireless.
  3. I got a chance to put the video card back in my system last night and so far it seems to be working fine. I downloaded Furmark and let that run for about 10 minutes to see if it would stay stable using the stability test. It ran without any problems and seemed to top out at around 92 degrees celcius according to Furmark. I'm now thinking power supply is not the issue, but maybe it was getting quite warm. I rarely ever turn my system off, usually just leave it at the desktop, and when I started having the instability issues, it had been on for about 4 days straight. I'll have to keep my eye on it and see if it starts to happen again after having it on for a while. And yes, I have downloaded the lastest drivers...as well as tried one set of older drivers when the problem came up initially.
  4. The only game I play is WoW, so that is hard to say. While at the Windows desktop, everything appeared to be fine, however I didn't test out any videos or anything 3D, but video would become unresponsive within 2 minutes of launching WoW. At this point, I have not tested temperatures. BUt I do have a 120mm fan blowing directly across the video card.
  5. I'm running dual 6 pin connectors direct from the power supply into the video card, each connector is on its own line back to the PSU. The power supply is modular, so I just had to add one more from the power supply.
  6. I recently purchased a Geforce 275 gtx to put in my system, and it was fine for the first 4 days playing games etc, no problem. However, today it seems that the video was locking up while playing World of Warcraft numerous times, sometimes just barely after launching the game. After a few reboots and not having much luck, I put my 8800 gts back in to see if it was related to the video card, and after putting it back in, the system is now stable for the last few days. I have not overclocked anything. At this point, I'm thinking it might be lack of power for that video card. I have a Corsair 520 watt modular power supply running 1 optical drive, 1x 300 gb sata hdd, 2x 1 tb sata hdd, tv tuner card, and Geforce 275 gtx. When I bought the power supply, I didn't have the 2 terrabyte hard drives, or the Geforce 275gtx. Processor is a Core2 Duo E6550 Anyone got any ideas which I should try first?
  7. LobbDogg

    Patching Games

    Try going to the command line and launching the patch from there. These patches were downloaded from the vendor right? and not some other 3rd party place that could have tampered files?
  8. As a bit of an early Christmas present, I got 2 hockey tickets to go see the Oilers play. They are great seats too, lower bowl behind the players benches. Normally these are reserved for season ticket holders, but my future brother-in-law was able to snag them for me.
  9. Are we on the set of The O.C. ? I would wait it out and see what happens, its not worth ruining your friendship with your buddy over a girl. Especially at your age, there are tonnes of ladies out there and lots of time.
  10. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is by far my favorite, we watch it every year and it still cracks me up. I'd say Bad Santa comes in 2nd.
  11. You should get her a Intel Quad-core CPU. If she isn't into computers, get her a new power drill.
  12. How is Remote Desktop not hidden? As long as each machine is running XP Pro then it'll have it already there. There is no system tray icon for it. But if you don't want to use it still, then VNC or one of its flavors is probably the best choice of free software.
  13. I've got a FTP site running, but I've got a dilema in how to allow access to a folder outside the home folder. So for instance.... home folder is d:\ftp other folder to access is d:\other How can I have people access d:\other when the home folder is d:\ftp? I looked at virtual directories, but I can only seem to utilize them when the folders are within the home folder. This is IIS running on Win2K3 Server. Any ideas?
  14. So what was the problem? and how did you fix it?
  15. I don't think it would really be worthwhile personally, and instead, maybe get another 320 gig drive and RAID 0 that combination? This would probably be cheaper and still give you a performance boost, as you only need to buy 1 drive as apposed to 2. I run 2 raptors in RAID 0 and to be honest, if you RAID 0 a couple other fairly quick drives, it will be somewhat comparable in speed, of course the raptors will be quicker, but not enough to justify buying 2 expensive drives IMO.
  16. You won't find anything to use at WD's site, they have nothing to do with the RAID driver. Something I have found is if when making the floppy disk, if the files are not in the proper file structure, then sometimes it'll throw an error like this at you. For example, having the driver files on the root as apposed to in a folder. I came across this often when creating floppy disks for Asus boards. If I didn't have the files in their folder and maintained the file structure, then the setup files wouldn't know where to look. I hope this made sense, kinda hard to explain.
  17. Yeah its hard to say exactly, and you did say you tried the BETA drivers for the RAID controller, so that may be part of the problem right there. and like dingeling said, no 3 drives in a software raid from windows. I haven't tried to do RAID in Vista yet, I just installed it on a single drive myself.
  18. I think that is one thing that just about anyone who has written an essay or letter or whatever has been plauged by at some point or another.
  19. I've got a 06 Civic Coupe and I love it, best car I've ever owned. However, I've never even seen a Scion available to drive where I live so I cannot comment on that.
  20. This past week has been an average of -35 degrees celcius (about -31 degrees farenheit), and lots of snow that just keeps piling up and never goes away because it stays so cold. The streets are somewhat slippery, but then again sometimes it'll stay slippery like this for months or even the whole winter. Yet everything is normal here and I guess we are used to it. I find it funny when people are cancelling school and whatnot when the temperature drops just below freezing point. In the winter we consider 29 degrees farenheit a very very nice day that doesn't come around too often.
  21. It sounds like they might be hot swappable drives that need to be plugged into a SCSI backplane.
  22. Are you leeching off your neighbor's internet connection? or do you have your own connection to the internet and wireless router or access point?
  23. LobbDogg

    Guy Smash's Ps3

    what a waste of perfectly good electronics. That sort of thing could provoke someone to go over and kick him in the bag if the viewers were extreme gamers.
  24. 1. Use the Windows Easy Tranfer program that is included with Vista, this will transfer the settings and files for certain users off a Windows XP computer, as well as any other files stored throughout the computer. 2. Yes 3. It shouldn't 4. Some files may not open with newer versions of software (ex MS Office 2007 saves its files in .xml format), but it will open older MS Office documents. Some programs may not be compatible unless upgraded to newer versions. Basically the standard things to look out for when it comes to running a newer OS.
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