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  1. I use avant browser to block pop-ups and spybot too.
  2. I would also like to know what, if any, is the best FREE anti virus program? Or is it just better to get a paid version.
  3. Holy crap batman! I joined the Coast Guard after high school, just finishing my 4yrs now, and am looking at get a Aircraft powerplant and airframe rating, cause i love working on things so much. Thats not definet though, its so hard to decide what to do with your life. <_< But when u find something u love doing, then thats what youll probably be most successful at
  4. Well the whole reason im selling it is that im goin to be goin to school and wont be able to pay for it. Its not final on the mitsu though, i was originally looking for another honda.
  5. 2001 civic ex coupe, selling it hopefully for a mid 90's eclipse.
  6. I wouldnt say volvo are the most reliable, i have heard numerous times that they are the safest, mainly because they use a full frame and not a uni body? Its a proven fact that japenese cars just last longer, and require less maintenance during thier life. I would second the suggestion of looking for a olds or caddy that an elderly person has owned. 1. good leg room 2. reletively low mileage 3. good condition 4. decent gas mileage 5. one of the more reliable American made cars.
  7. dont know what brand your looking at but i have the corsair xms pro pc4000 and cpu id recognizes it as pc3700, even thought its running at 260fsb 1:1. So i would get some pc3700 it should reach pc4000 speed fairly easily.
  8. Im 23, just finished 4yrs in the Coast Guard and now im trying to decide what courses i want to take in college.
  9. Was in my water cooling system for a month works awesome, its setup for intels 865/875 chipset and includes all the mounting hardware and has chrome fittings. cost $45.00+ new im selling for $30.00 plus shipping.
  10. Nice setup, just spend as much time on the wires as u did everything else and it will be perfect.
  11. I have both the a7n8x deluxe and the p4c800-e deluxe, both work great with zero problems. Had an abit board, thier flagship p4 board(max3) which had the famous vdimm issue, not sure if they got around to fixing the problem or just kept ignoring it or not.
  12. bigred i dont know if you've seen this yet, but i thought id post it. http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-11/504...Ford_Bronco.jpg
  13. That site is real, although even if i was rich i wouldnt buy a computer from there.
  14. silver heatspreaders, $140.00 or best offer.
  15. You would have to use parts that were bought no later than November, and provide reciepts as proof. Then if u win 1,2, or 3 you have to give them your case and whatever pics u have of it so they can use it for advertiseing. Its the most retarded contest in the world.
  16. What exactly does the cert mean? That they certify u as having completed the work?
  17. agreed, i have my 2.4c running at 3.2 right now, and it was at 3.0 easy with the stock cooler.
  18. Take a look at this insult of a contest http://www.compusa.com/casemodcontest/ Make sure u read all the rules.
  19. As for the temps, make sure u have the latest bios, and i recomend using a temp probe thats touching the die as youll get hella better temp readings than the build in asus probes.
  20. What kind of radiators are they? If theyre the swifty ones then that could be part of your problem as theyre not all that great compared to others. Also it usely takes a day or two of running the comp for the thermal compound to cure, that will usely lower your temps 1-2 deg or more. How are u measuring the temps? If your using your mobo temp sensors make sure u have the latest bios update. I would recomend using a temp probe though and finding out the temp of the water, that will give u a really good idea where the problem is at.
  21. can u say "condensation" and "fryed computer" in the same sentence . yah theres no way youll hit those temps with a mini fridge. Keep in mind the air in the fridge is at what 30F at best and then your goin to stick something in it thats is generating heat=more work for the compressor. <_<
  22. Putting your v core up as high as it will go is a good way to put un due stress on your processor. i have a 700mhz oc on my 2.4c and its perfectly stable at stock voltages. What kind of radiator do u have? and what kind of fans are on it? I usely like to stay away from using T-fittings and 90deg fittings because the reduce flow rates.
  23. water cooling and air cooling will never cool something below the ambient temperature of the room its in. So even with bigger fans u probably wont see much of a difference. If u want cold temps then get a peltier setup, but the exos wouldnt be able to support a peltier very efficently.
  24. What was the ambient temp of the room it was in? My watercooling syster consists of a dangerden maze3,z-chip nb block, and polarflo gpu block, eheim 1250 and dual Bix radiators. Even with all those blocks and my 700mhz overclock only hits about 25c under load. Any wcing setup that consists of good parts will cool better than any of those premade setups.
  25. all though those are some decent air cooling temps take a look at the rig nuclear is cooling though. Temps are very subjective too, they very greatly based on alot of factors mainly ambient temperature, proper application, and the tool used to measure the temp. I think youll see better temps with the dtek setup, just get the eheim pump, if i had a child i would stake his life on its reliability . I would also get atleast 10ft of tubing, its not that expensive and will probably save u from additional trips to the hardware store if u make a mistake.
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