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  1. I canceled my zune pass a month ago, and what do i see, a nice charge for 15.00. either way, i call, first person says ok, let me transfer you to tier 2, it finally gets canceled, apparently it wasnt going through. Either way, they said they don't do refunds no matter what, except if its reviewed. I ask who i can call to dispute this, they say M$ billing. I call M$ billing, they ask for last 4 of cc, ok, and they said i need to call zune, told her i already did, she said all i can do is try again. I call zune, tell them, i call, ref number and all, they tell me that "im not in charge of billing, call back there Monday." Anyone know a MS customer complaint email. At least the craper was canceled.
  2. um, it just isnt working at all, what should i start doing (linux noob)
  3. Ok, it apprears as beryl is not working. I go to go ahead and launch it, it lauches, let it go to its window manager, and it switches back. How do i stop this?
  4. Anyone up for playing, its a great game, and i feel like playing, Eh, idk, i hope it works
  5. A small innocent child, happy as can be, enjoying the day.
  6. D40 Crew Signing in. Stock., h Either way how many nikon users are there here.
  7. in rig 1: Amd x2 3800 at 2.8 stock volts 2gb of pc 4000 mushkin 7800gt rig 2 : amd 4000+ DTR x600 laptop 1gb
  8. check the cables, check the OS, and check the powersupply voltages, while under load. I am willing to bet it is a power surge issue, or something to do with the game/OS. Has this happened since, it may have just been a quincidence.
  9. My zune broke, charging circuit broke, says its charging 24/7 and decided to bulge so much to break the dang thing. Eh, i also get the charging battery signal 24/7
  10. Permanent Capacity Loss versus Storage Conditions Storage Temperature 40% Charge 100% Charge 0
  11. I have a HTC wizard (8125), and i know i can do the sim address/number transfer, but all the texts are saved on the device.
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