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  1. steve burnell

    BT Infinity Super Fast Broadband

    I know this is probably late but you can set a monitor for your connection up here https://www.thinkbroadband.com/broadband/monitoring/quality
  2. steve burnell

    screen keeps going black

    hey guys, long time no post.... how's everyone?? little problem has developed with my display, every now and then it will just flash black and then back to normal screen is a samsung 22" (can't remember the model, no label on the back!!) only has vga input and windows only states generic monitor graphics card is a brand new asus gtx 1050ti 4gb (non powered) not overclocked. best i could buy with my budget and it does what i want it to, reasonable performance for the price. the two are connected via a vga cable to an dvi-d converter i've tried my old hans-g 15" and this worked ok for the 30mins or so it was connected. drivers are all up to date and system is running smooth with no problems apart from this. has anyone else had a simalar problem or would you say the monitor is on the way out? many thanks steve
  3. steve burnell

    HP Pavilion M6-1064CA

    most likley the bios as you have said, slap your old cpu back in, make sure it boots, update the bios and slap your new shinny cpu in, see if it boots simples
  4. steve burnell

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (ETA Nov 4, 2014)

    Been playing this on the PS3 and it also suffers with lag on the video side, particularly when you die. Seems to just stop for a second or two then shows the killcam or press X to respawn
  5. steve burnell

    Quick Giveaway

    Count me in plz
  6. steve burnell

    Firefox 20 Wont Retain Settings

    should be on this option
  7. steve burnell

    Firefox 20 Wont Retain Settings

    In settings, privacy tab, use the pull down for custom settings and make sure the box for "always use private browsing" is not ticked Took me a while to figure it out
  8. steve burnell

    What I did today .......

    started my driving lessons, anyone in the england area beware!! pmsl
  9. steve burnell

    COD Black Ops 2 Discussion/Problems

    not run into this on the pc version as yet, but will post if i do. now i've moved up levels and unlocked more of the weapons and perks etc... the amount of customization is amazing. i am really starting to love this game, although another problem i'm finding is actually aiming with any sort of accuracy with any weapon, ive watched kill cams after ive been killed and just dont understand how other people have such a good aim lol, maybe its just me or (blaming my hardware) my mouse thats the problem. Never had a problem with the other cod games but this is just something else!! using the asus laptop in my sig and a hp mobile wireless optical mouse. tried using my sons rig he has a microsoft laser 6000 mouse, and its the same just dont get it
  10. steve burnell

    COD Black Ops 2 Discussion/Problems

    Had a bit more time to play this ( off work sick lol ) does anyone else find the maps on the multiplayer to be very cluttered and quite small? Not enough sniping areas and just down out rubbish to play on? Kill streak rewards are just not that good either and the whole unlock tokens for the weapons and perks is just annoying
  11. steve burnell

    COD Black Ops 2 Discussion/Problems

    Not played it much to be honest, been playing the single player missions But the little I have played, pretty much the same as mw3, annoying campers and people who have just too much time on their hands to be that good lol, player lagg seems to be a little issue ATM though
  12. steve burnell

    COD Black Ops 2 Discussion/Problems

    Got it yesterday, so far so good. Looks better than mw3 graphics wise Still has annoying short levels Zombie part of the game is very good and fun Wish they'd not split the game up into main, multiplayer and zombie modes, being able to select from just one main menu without having to select, wait for int to quit and load the part of the game u want to play Seems it will need a few updates to sort a few probs I've run into, mouse lag, graphics errors etc etc... Overall they've done quite a good job on this one
  13. steve burnell

    Build For My Son

    well the parts arrived on monday!! built the machine, not bad at all, got it booted using just the 4 pin 12v it is a little sluggish but i expect that to be because of only having the 1x 4 pin 12v connector, got a converter being delivered and ill see what its like after not done any benchmarks or anything yet just been transferring files and installing stuff. kids very happy with it not he can play the games he wanted lol
  14. steve burnell

    Build For My Son

    I'll check tomorrow when the parts arrive
  15. steve burnell

    Build For My Son

    yeah i changed it again to a 2x2gb kit of Corsair