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Wavemaster Case Mod

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My son's birthday is coming up fast and as promised he's getting a new PC. He's always wanted me to build him a custom case so last year when OCZ announced that they would have a PhaseChage for around $300 I decided that I'd build him a case similar to mine with a PhaseChange.


Well that was 9 months ago and I still haven't seen this OCZ frozen wonder :angry2: ....so the plans have changed.


I had set aside a set amount of funds for his new PC so with time running out I had to rethink the entire project and get to work on it fast. Since I still wanted the guts of the PC to be somewhat of a surprise the only thing I discussed with my son was the case. There just wasn't going to be enough time to build a complete new case before his B-day so I told him to pick out any case he wanted and I would mod it the best I could in the little time available.


To my surprise he decided he wanted a CoolerMaster WaveMaster case......I love this case....I still think it's one of the best looking cases ever built and CoolerMaster....no matter how hard they've tried....has never been able to top it (My Opinion). It's not perfect though...I built a PC for a friend with one and although the craftsmanship is first rate the PC just doesn't cool very well. In short the airflow through the case, as designed by CoolerMaster, S*cks :blink: Going to need alot of work on this thing to get it to work with the guts I want to put in it :lol:


Here's the setup.....Please keep in mind that I was going for the most bang for the buck so I put together a lot of different hardware combo's before I finally decided on this one.


Case: CoolerMaster WaveMaster (I found a brand new one still in an unopened box on E-bay that I picked up for $80)


CPU: AMD 64 X2 4600+ Socket AM2 (Yea I know....the Conroe's are coming! the Conroe's are coming! Well I'll never be able to afford the fastest PC on the planet so I'm willing to settle for just fast.....besides as far as I know the only dual GPU card setup available at launch was going to be the ATI's.....freaking expensive!....and now you probably can't even have that since Intel had their childish hissy-fit and pulled ATI's license when they merged with AMD....the only other option is the nVidia 7950....also freaking expensive!)


Mobo: ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe (nForce 590 SLI-Dual X16 PCI-E)


Memory: Corsair DDR2 Twin2X-2048 6400C4 Pro 1Gigx2 (NewEgg was out of the standard 6400C4...so I had to get the Pro version)


Video: 2 EVGA 7900GT (These were recertified by EVGA to not have the memory problems that some people were having and repackaged by EVGA with the full warranty.....NewEgg had them on sale for $199.00 ea....guess I'll find out soon enough if they aren't right :glare: )


Sound Card: Audigy2 ZS


Hard Drives: 2 Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3320620AS (Perpendicular Recording Technology) 320GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s


Power Supply: PC Power and Cooling Silencer 610 EPS 12V


Water Cooling: All Swiftech-CPU/GPU/Pump/Resevoir/Radiator(all copper)/2 Panaflo's/Tygon tubing 1/2"


Time to go to work B:)


Here's the case.




I stripped the case down as far as I could without removing rivets (yet) so I could figure out how to mount the radiator. (the case is upside down)




In order to fit the radiator in the top of the case all the ports that are in the top of the case have to go...which would leave a big hole in the top....so I'm going to just cut out most of the top and replace it with an aluminum plate that will also double as the fan grills (when it's done)




As you can see the front plate that holds the case door won't sit flush on the case because it sits on part of the aluminum plate.....so I'm going to have to cut it to fit around the plate.....time to fire up the vertical mill :lol:




Here it is after the mill work....now it fits around the plate nicely




That's as far as I am so far...but this build is going to go fast so I'll have more pics real soon. B:)

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i hate you Fueler lol... i wish i had a bloody workshop... i'm having trouble finishing my case because i don't have anywhere to do the work unless i put plastic sheets EVERYWHERE and rig up my own paint fume extractor :wacko:


i love the WaveMaster too, but don't have one for the exact reasons you mark it down for - the cooling... that's why i have the Tt Tsunami instead for the 120 back n front...


that radiator setup looks familiar hehe


you know what... with the case stripped down, it looks alarmingly similar in build to your own cases anyway :)


looking forward to seeing what you get up to with this case, although i'll also be slightly annoyed that you will have knocked up three full case mods (media server, car pc, and now this) in the time it's taken for me to do like 80% of one case mod :lol:

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that radiator setup looks familiar hehe


You noticed that huh :lol: Yea it's out of my son's old case :lol:


i'll also be slightly annoyed that you will have knocked up three full case mods (media server, car pc, and now this) in the time it's taken for me to do like 80% of one case mod


Well I hate to tell you this but you're going to be even more annoyed......I've started Nerms case too! B:)

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you should make Nerm a case that looks like a clown car with a clown horn on it






I saw one done up like a clown.......jeeez it was hideous.....looked like a square Ronald MacDonald. :lol:


Found a little time to post a few more pics....so here we go.


I taped up the top of the case with masking tape so I could draw out where I want to cut. I wanted to make the opening big enough that the radiator could be installed and removed from the top of the case without having to remove anything else. (besides the hoses and coolant :blink: )




I drilled a hole at each of the corners then whacked it out with a jigsaw.




I left just enough of an edge (about a 1/2") all the way around so that the plate could be bolted to the top of the case.




Now here's where the real fun begins :lol: I used the fans as a drill guide and drilled the mounting holes for the fans. Once that was done I was able to draw out where the grills would be whacked out. I used 4 different size slots for the grills to make them look a little different.




Here's the grill plate, fans and radiator all assembled. If you were wondering what the little squiggly thing in the middle is.....I couldn't just run the slots the full length of the radiator because they could bend too easily but I didn't just want a straight line across the middle... so I tried to match the curve of the front of the case as best as I could and I also off centered it a little.




Gotta go again....grass needs mowing <_<

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