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  1. Oooh. My latest purchases... Nikkor 70-300mm VR A cheapy fan from Tesco, bought whilst it was raining lots. Because I was somehow too hot Fabia vRS Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition Tales of Monkey Island (all episodes) Fallout 3 - Point Lookout & Mothership Zeta And just now... GTA4
  2. I like the sound of this... 1. Give it back in my pants 2. Muddy effect in my pants 3. Sober in my pants 4. Downfall in my pants 5. Leggy blonde in my pants 6. Sea mammal in my pants 7. Dancing with the one-legged... in my pants 8. Elusive emotion in my pants 9. Quicksilver in my pants 10. Hey you in my pants 11. Black winter day in my pants 12. No closer than a stranger in my pants 13. In the circle in my pants 14. Before I forget in my pants 15. Batcat in my pants 16. Eyeless in my pants 17. Scorpion in my pants 18. Engineering in my pants 19. Dirty in my pants 20. Danny the dog in my pants 21. Solsbury hill in my pants 22. Tomorrow in my pants 23. Through the window of time in my pants 24. Disposable heroes in my pants 25. Under the plaintive sky in my pants 26. Choose or be chosen in my pants 27. Breeding thorns in my pants 28. Trigger in my pants 29. Set the world afire in my pants 30. Dreaming in my pants 31. Blue eyes in my pants 32. Shine on you crazy diamond in my pants 33. December flower in my pants 34. Life in the fast lane in my pants 35. Message from a self destructing turnip in my pants 36. Eleven ways to end the pain in my pants 37. The hands of small children in my pants (OH DEAR) 38. Madness (is all in the mind) in my pants 39. First snow in my pants 40. Lunar strain in my pants Had to go to 40, because some of them really amused me!
  3. Fallout 3 Sapphire 4890 1GB, as it seems this 4870 is showing graphics corruption in Fallout 3 and I am too impatient to wait for the replacement :-$ 8GB Class 6 SDHC
  4. Followed by Hans Zimmer - Pirates Of The Caribbean: At Worlds End - Up Is Down B:) Which is going to be followed by Hans Zimmer - Pirates Of The Caribbean: At Worlds End - Drink Up Me Hearties B:) B:)
  5. Toad The Wet Sprocket - Dulcinea - Windmills Followed by Zero 7 - Simple Things - In The Waiting Line
  6. Ta. It's a D80. edit - Ok, I will expand on that a bit more. I had just woke up lol Nikon D80 with a Nikkor 50mm f1.8 and B + W Kasemann MRC (oh hey, them's my initials!) Circular Polarising filter.
  7. lol yes yes. He is a silly beast A bit of a funny one in his old age! He wouldn't harm a fly though. Actually, that's not strictly true... he snaps at flying things lol He's eaten Bee's a few times in the Summer's and got himself stung! He's never gone for another pet though. He just likes to follow them around. One bizarre thing he does do... if he see's the washing basket heading toward the washing machine, he'll leg it to his food bowl and start eating as quick as he can (it's right next to the washing machine). Then when it looks like it's all done and the washing basket is heading toward the back garden, he'll grab a mouthful of food (with no intention of eating this lot) and run toward the back door... leaving a trail of food behind as it falls back out of his mouth lol very funny to watch him do that trick
  8. Just a few pictures from earlier on today of ye olde dog and tortoises, in the back garden Sun is good.
  9. Oh Fair enough! I've just never seen that kind of thing happen before. It's quite neat.
  10. I had no intention of this showing what it's showing. I was just messing about with the camera. I'm not even sure the effect really existed. It may justbe something odd going on with the camera, but it ended up being a fairly cool picture. If you look closely at the time of the picture, you can see the clouds have a sort of rainbowish outline to them PP consists of a 50% reduction in size, unsharp mask and slight level adjustment (to make it darker!) Oh, and if anyone knows why this might happen / if it's a real effect la de da, I would be interested to know!
  11. Steam: Two copies of UT3 Black. One copy of Penumbra Collector Pack.
  12. The Fugees - The Score - Ready Or Not To be followed by Killing Me Softly (With His Song)
  13. You're quite likely to suffer from rounding errors trying to do it that way. Try 1.00001 - 1.0 for instance. The result won't be 0.00001 as you would expect. It'll be 1.00000000000655e-05 = 0.0000100000000000655. Using that algorithm with 10.0123456789 gives an answer of 15 here because of this. I think the best way would probably be to convert the double to a string, find the decimal point and get the length from the first digit after this point (index of point + 1) up until the end of the string.
  14. No, it doesn't. The D60 doesn't have an internal focus motor either. The D80 does... and I'm sure with the recent(ish) release of the D90 they should be dropping in price? The two command wheels + top LCD readout on the D80 is great
  15. Afraid not. I wish it did have that option though, just for if a lens lacked VR. I think it's the Sony DSLR's that have that built in to the body.
  16. Oh yeah. I downloaded these about 4 hours a go and forgot about them I'll do that now. Thanks for the reminder.
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