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  1. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/intel-...phics,2253.html Good read
  2. I'm having trouble copying files on the same hdd. At the moment im copying a 10.6mb folder to the desktop and it has an estimated time of 9 hours!?! This has happend multiple times before, and im not sure whats going on. The hdd LED isn't even on... Any ideas ? Thanks, g1ng3r
  3. Ye, it was only released on PS3, and it is such an amazing game. It's one of those games that you'r not sure if to pick it up or not. But I am soooo glad I did, it's bl00dy brill :thumbs-up: My Review Graphics - 9.5 Sound - 9.5 Gameplay - 9 Story - 9.5 Overall - 9.4/10
  4. HAHAHA!! yeah, no reason to leave now...just the gf
  5. Yes! http://hardwarehome.wordpress.com/2008/11/...-market-leaked/
  6. Im using AVG Free atm, it does it's job fine. (Thats the only reason why I use it) Trend Micro is nice, used that before. Kaspersky is the king here, I wouldn't buy it...but it's worth the price. The only reason I don't use Kaspersky as I hate all programs that display anything while im using my pc, for example, 'You need to scan your pc bla bla bla'....no I don't...I'll do it whenever I like! thankyou mr.spammeplease. Anyway, it's your choice, and I would advise you to go with Kaspersky as they make top products.
  7. Well, my Q6600 is only clocked @ 2.6GHz, and my pc is silent...only a slight noise from my GPU fan. Temps change alot with my room temp. Without heating on a cool day i get about 26-34*c idle, and when my room is warm/hot its more like 36-40idle. Turning up the CPU fan gets it to about 25-30*c on a warm day. :thumbs-up:
  8. g1ng3r

    Which One?

    Well, I have owned a X360 and a PS3. And I'll tell you straight... I would go with the PS3. pros -Graphics and Picture Quality. The menu's, games and BluRay all are very all feel top-notch. -Great exclusive games -Free online -My personal fav. controller -The PS3 hardware is more advanced than 360's, including a whole lot of options -Amazing design / Build Quality Really, since I bought my PS3 I have been soooo happy. Whilst only owning the 360, I always had the erge to read into the PS3's latest games, and look online how much the console is again But when I purchased it I was happy with my choice, and never ever regretted it. Hopefully this has answered you question :thumbs-up: Games to look for btw: -Uncharted (Trust me on this, its unbelievably good) -Metal Gear Solid 4 (Again..BUY BUY BUY) -Ratchet and Clank Future Tools of Destruction (Absolute blast to play!) -Grand Theft Auto IV -Resistance 1 and 2 -Call of Duty's -Motorstorm 1 and 2 -Gran Turismo 5 Prologue -Little Big Planet -Burnout Paradise
  9. The GTX 295 has some nice benches, I personally would go with the GTX 295...as selling or re-using the 'old' 280 would be much easier. The only thing that bothers me is that no current card on the market can run games easily like Crysis / GTAIV (mainly because it's badly coded) etc. They really struggle at 1920x1200, and still drop below the 30fps mark. So im waiting for the next 8800 breakthrough. hopefully the GTX3**? Shader Model 5.0 ? DX11 ?
  10. oooh, Maybe it can be for xmas "hint hint to whoever is reading this in my family" XD
  11. Hmmm, sorry about that... It seems mine is a older version, but there is no need to pay for it on mine. It removes everything it finds. I'll try and find another program later.
  12. Keylogger http://www.logixoft.com/download-en.html Enjoy! And remember, don't be too hard on whoever you catch going on "adult" sites...because we have all done it sometime
  13. XoftSpySE http://www.paretologic.com/xoftspy/se/newlp/xray/?uid=hp6r6 Amazing little program, finds everything you don't want on your pc (inc. Keyloggers) Im pretty sure its free, as iv'e been using it on my second pc for years now Hope that helps!
  14. Hope it all works out and you get it soon, coz im looking to buy that laptop also I would like to see what you think before i click the purchace button
  15. WOW! I LOVE THAT LAST PIC!!!! Nice, neat and cool looking. Looks almost rendered
  16. X6800 nForce 680i mainboard GTX 280 (Single/SLi/3-way) Passive water-cooling solution on the CPU DVD-rom WD Raptor drive The results: * PC in Idle = 197 Watt * PC 100% usage (wattage gaming Peak) = 530 Watt (SLI) * PC 100% usage (wattage gaming Peak) = 749 Watt (3-way SLI) I recommend a 1000w PSU if your going to be using multiple opticle drive / hdd's. Crysis - Max possible Settings 1920x1200: 1 Card = 21 fps 2 Cards (SLi) = 35 fps 3 Cards (3 Way SLi) = 51 fps COD4 - Max Possible Settings 1920x1200 1 Card = 62 fps 2 Cards (SLi) = 105 fps 3 Cards (3 Way SLi) = 143 fps 3DMark Vantage 1 Card = Score | GPU Score = 8K | 9K 2 Cards (SLi) = Score | GPU Score = 10k | 14K 3 Cards (3 Way SLi) = Score | GPU Score = 21K | 23K So yeah, 3 way sli looks great, costs an arm and a leg and can play crysis in all its glory. But remember this, not all games will scale well.
  17. I am always visiting Gametrailers to watch new videos, but the past 2-3days the videos that are streeming (not fully downloaded) lag like mad, looks about 3 fps . Sometimes even lagging the whole Firefox window. Once the trailer has completely finished downloading, when I play it, it runs perfectly. Has anyone got any ideas what this could be? CPU: Q6600 G0 @ 2.6GHz RAM: 3GB Dual Channel DDR2 @ 800MHz GFX: 8800GT 512MB (Running 175.19 Drivers)
  18. http://www.i-am-bored.com/bored_link.cfm?link_id=32670 Thats great
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