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  1. I have used Hyper-v, VMWare, Virtual PC and Virtual Box. However I use VMWare exclusively now.
  2. Could be worse, with my WRX I can barely squeek out 26 if I drive 65 very very very responsibly. Gas mileage/prices, the bane of all auto enthusiasts.
  3. I agree with Puck, get a smaller bike. No one will look down on you, if anything more people will respect you (especially those that ride). I started on a 1975 CB750 that I put back together 4 years ago and moved up to a Triumph Speed Triple (1050) 2 years ago. I nearly killed myself on that CB750 a couple of times. There's a reason some countries require 2 years on a 250 before you can even buy/ride a bigger bike.
  4. While I wouldn't say don't get a motorcycle, I agree with ekiM. Have you ever ridden before?
  5. I've been reading this thread with some interest (parts of it have been very comical). In all honestly if your looking for a track car that could also handle daily driving duties I would looks at a Mazda Miata. Sure it has the image of being a chick car. But it is small, light weight, RWD, balanced and has a strong frame to handle additional power. It has a huge performance following so bigger brakes, suspension, bushings, power adders, etc. are available for it. The reason I would want one is because there are kits to drop in everything from a Ford V8 to a LS motor, once you become comfortable with the car. The final reason to get one of these is that they are dirt cheap. But in all honesty you won't because more than anything you are interested in looking cool to other people, not really doing what you want or getting what you want.
  6. I agree, I prefer the sedans as well. However for practicality reasons at this stage in my life I needed the hatch. Maybe in a few years I can trade up to an STI sedan without the goofy wing.
  7. Traded in my 2004 Accord for a 2011 Subaru WRX in May. Man I love this car! Now if I could just keep my mitts off of it...
  8. Well I'm not sure what time it is over but I'll post mine up. GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P What I like best is the USB 3.0 and SATA 6GB/s. While all the PCI-E would be great I don't think I would ever use it to its full potential.
  9. I have but one fear going IPS. Ghosting. While I have been using LCD's for years I have had two Samsung 940BF's for about 3-4 years now. These puppies were praised to be some of the quickest LCD's on the market for awhile there with 2ms response times. That being said after reading reviews on new "gamer" LCD's featuring 120hz technology I guess that's all their really good at, gaming. I hate decisions like these!
  10. How does the mount work? It says it has a 100mm by 100mm mount but I don't really see it in the pictures. Possibly the center piece pops out?
  11. Good morning all, I feel it is time to finally upgrade one of my 19" LCD's to something a little newer and bigger. While it will be painful to break up the pair I want something a little bigger. While I would love something huge I would like to stay in the 24” range so I can continue using my stand (which means it must also be VESA compatible). I’ve done a lot of research but I’m just a little confused and there aren’t a lot of reviews either. I use the monitor for work/school (network admin) but I also enjoy watching movies and playing games on it as well. While I’ve read that IPS panels have great color and contrast they are not great for gaming as they lag a little. Any ideas where to start? Thanks!
  12. oldfett


    The Kawasaki and Suzuki models had a reservoir you filled and it mixed it for you. I'm looking at getting a 1972 Suzuki GT550. Not as much fun nor as high strung as the Kawi triples but you can ride it leisurely and not have to worry about seizing the engine up.
  13. oldfett


    Widowmakers baby! At lower RPM's they were docile, if you could call it that, hit that torque curve and from what I hear its like taking a punch to the gut. I did look at the z1000 but I wanted something 2-3 years old for lower insurance. Although if Honda follows its game to bring the cb1100f and cb1100rr to the States I may have to sell a kidney...
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